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Is Trump’s Presidency a Menace to the World?  – Comprehensive Analysis

Is Trump’s Presidency a Menace to the World? – Comprehensive Analysis

Donald Trump  

Donald Trump  

 Is Trump’s Presidency a Menace to the World?– Comprehensive Analysis

Donald Trump seems to be Tornado with dazzling profile to enchant his fans to a great extent.  He is now the selected American president to manipulate his cabinet of ministers  boldly.  He is the Unifier to demolish anything which stands obstructive to the wheel of progression.    His arrival has been evaluated meticulously by critics, journalists and top political  big brothers in  Europe.  What is the  world thinking of him?  Will he be destructive to  wipe out ISIS agents to establish  his strong regime replacing jihadists?  Is he still anti-Islamic and bigotry  with clandestine plans to remove barriers for the sake of bringing peace to the world?  To be frank, there are two groups which are giving new updates about the vision of America.  The analysis  must be  flawless  and  bolder to  scan the  profile of  this  dynamic  non –political  billionaire  who  has already  had the victory  over  Betty White .

Cross Check Profile of Unifier – Will He Be a Diaster to the World ?

Unifier is uncontrollable.  He is a sudden blitz krieg to change the world. He is a genius who  has immense capability to rule America.  However,    as many critics and political leaders criticized his activities earlier, they are still  giving few negative feedbacks.  They claim that Donald Trump is not a  cool person with intelligence to analyze the situation.  He  is a narcissist. He is a bad thinker with little knowledge about the international politics. He is over sentimental, harsh, aggressive and stubborn .  He doesn’t listen to what experts opine.  Still,  Donald Trump has won ensuring his position as one of the  toppers to have supremacy over the world.  Now, he needs a strong platform to promote his vision . He needs to tailor an innovative    plan which must add the speed and mobility to the development of the country.    However, anti-Donald campaign has brought back few allegations and  negative components to  ridicule  his  appearance as a president.

His Radical Views -  Anti-Islamic Sentiments Can Be Dangerous 

At  a press media  conference, one of the  Hollywood  celebrities  quipped that he  would  go to somewhere in  Europe if  he  has to need the guidance from an orthodox  chauvinist.  He is prone to racial profiling and radicalism.  Comments made by various foreign delegates and ministers are not appreciable .    Overall evaluation  about  Donald  Trump as a political leader  should be  cross checked through  data screening and content  reviewing  process.  Critics have many questions which  are  not properly  scrutinized to have  right  answers. First of all,  is his  anti-Islamic  sentiment  found as  a    spicy component to    motivate  young generation to  go  for supporting him.  The world is now a  furnace because  ISIS rats are not  lenient. They destruct cities, kill people and  behead children  to revenge against their  enemies.  In Syria, Iraq, Iran, and of course Soudi Arab, the demolition, carnage, insurgency and  violence  seem to explode.    Major militancy organizations are controlled by Muslims.  These extremists have captured many resourceful cities and towns in Middle East.  Mosul, Aleppo and Damascus are some of the areas which are highly sensitive  to terrorism.  Donald Trump has commented severely spoiling the images of Muslims. They are not fitted to the  civilized  world.  People need to part with the terrorists.  His fundamental view  has damaged the religious sentiments of many    people.    Even in his own country, he received terrific jolt due to his reckless anti-Islamic views.  Maybe, after his presidency, he will take few  cumbersome measures to annihilate Muslims ruthlessly.    Perhaps, he will  not  bottleneck the  flow of  Muslim immigrants to enter into  America. Immigration policies will be  reviewed and changed to teach  Islamic  nations  a lesion.  However,  his  supporters are not  frustrated  when  Donald Trump  made his caustic  comments  against  Mexicans and Muslims.  To be frank,  he can’t be a terminator to violate the rule of the Constitution.  He should be obedient and  obliged to abide by principles, ethics and law of the country.  So, his political activities will be put under the scanner to assess what he will do in upcoming years.

A Blow to Restrict Press Expected by Critics

Journalists  and  experienced  political consultants  expect the stern steps taken by  Donald to bottleneck the  freedom of speech  by  controlling the  press.  In America, media and  press  are empowered to  criticize  roles of  big bosses    openly  without  enhancing racial profiling,  sentiments and  violence.    Press should not be  stained in color of  jingoism, partiality, ethnicity and  racism.  Americans are appreciated for  freedom  of press  without hindrance.  However, Donald Trump has had not satisfied  journalists and critics because of his drastic decision to switch off the illegal activities of  wicked media    personnel.  New  libel laws  will  give power to eminent  people and  political leaders to  sue  against  corrupted  press  and media associates  due to defamation  in public.  They  can’t dishonor  honest  politicians by publishing  some  awkward  content which  is totally fictitious  and baseless.  First Amendment will be made  soon to snatch the  power  from media to write  independently.    With the enforcement of  libel  law ,  maybe journalists  will be accused  severely .  In Russia  over  30 corrupted  journalists were given  death penalties as  they  wrote something  destructive to  endanger  Putin’s  administration .  So  freedom  of speech  can be  blocked or  restricted by Donald  who is  planning  to  modify the  First Amendment  as well.  Trump has mocked journalists  by saying that media personnel must be corrupted,  and hombres with dishonesty. They  write  negative stories to harass  responsible political leaders. They are  scum, stupid and sleazes  in American society.  Libel law will make  Donald Trump to earn money by  registering cases at the court.

Many Smell Hidden Racial Profiling to  Expose with Coming of Donald Trump

Anti-Unifier crusade launched by  his opponents is exposing ill purposes of Donald Trump to oppress Muslims and  Mexicans.  Curiel episode in which Donald Trump was charged by the court for fraudulence and trickery magnifies the hostility of Unifier to restore.  His Donald  Trump University in America has not been accredited.  This fake university has taken million dollars from students to  complete  management courses.  This university has no power or authority to  issue certificates .  However ,  Donald  alleged that  Curiel is a man of  Mexican  blood  to  be over particular  at the time of scanning facts . He is a permanent hater with  strong  vexation  against  Donald.  However,  judges  of Supreme  Court  took exception to the comments given by  this political leader.  Curiel is not dishonest.  If he had  done anything wrong, the bench of  the jury and  people  would have searched for his recusal (abstinence from participating into decision making due to allegation) .  Donald  was  not able to  place powerful  facts  to  prove the guilt  of Curiel.    So , after returning to  political power, maybe Donald will misuse his administrative machinery.  His radical  views  will obstruct the  way to pacification in the world.

Oversize Ego of Trump –Problematic to the World

Trump has oversize ego which is a barrier to those who like to settle  many unresolved issues  in a peaceful manner.  He is an experienced realtor but he is novice in the political  field.  His unbreakable narcissism  sounds harsh and obstructive to  his opponents .    He prioritizes his own views and ideologies.  He    never allow s others to  speak against  him. He is  a dictator with his terrific zeal to  have  power  for dominance.  If he doesn’t have patience to  scan  the present political situation, perhaps it will be more  painful for others to have  peace.

Negative Impact on Global Export Market

Spiros Malandrakis, the experienced analyst, is very much worried about the futuristic position of export market.  Donald Trump will bring a sudden  blow to the  beverage  industry . He encourages the regional industries keeping  multinational foreign companies behind.  He will sanction more affordable loans to expand the domestic business in America.  However, foreign goods will have higher  excise taxes  to  create more space for national companies to grow.  His passive remarks about  globalizationis a negative point for international merchants to start investing in America.  New tax reform bill will be introduced to people of America. Even overseas jobs can be cut to facilitate educated youths.  BPO industry in India and other Asian countries can be damaged because of restrictions and obligations.


Donald Trump will have to repair his mistakes as much as he can. His hard and sordid  anti-Islamic ideologies and racial profiling may snowball into ethnic clashes.  Donald Trump should not encourage Draconian laws to rule his neighbors.  His presence should not be detrimental to global peace process. As a global leader, he must reset his profile correcting his follies to become a good Samaritan.

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