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What Made these Global Top 25 Companies a Success

What Made these Global Top 25 Companies a Success

There are numerous companies in various industries nowadays.  It’s also overwhelming to think that these firms are in a good competition to make their businesses thrive.  There are promising features and measures that every company keeps to earn and make a profit.  We can look at these top 25 corporations and businesses individually and discover what makes them a winner.


1.     Exxon Mobil.

With a 41.1 billion dollars profit each year, Exxon Mobil has gained the rank in the top 25 companies in the global market.  The company believes that it’s important to balance the business making sure that they addressing economic growth, social development, and even environmental protection to sustain the business.  Today, it’s enjoying its place in the NYSE in the stock market with 4 billion outstanding shares.

2.     Gazprom.

This is a Russian company that provides energy resources to its country.  It happens to be the top gas energy provider for their country and has recently arranged a deal with the Europe’s EDF which is based in France.  With its advancement and continued success, it’s the next company to boost the global economy.

3.     Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

This bank is by far the largest bank in the world based on profit and market capitalization.  This year of 2013, it ranked first in Forbes’ Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest companies.

4.     Royal Dutch Shell.

This company has made it big in terms of profits and projects, because of its courage to develop plans and projects that other companies are too afraid to take.  One of those projects is the gas-to-liquids plant in Qatar.  They also have a new project of drilling oil from the Arctic.  This seems to be difficult tasks, but the company believes that the biggest crude sources are in the Arctic and they are soon to find out.

5.     BP Energy Company.

BP is considered to be the third largest energy company in the world.  Rebounding from a loss of 3.3 billion dollars back in 2010 because of the accidental oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they are once again on the rise with a profit of 26 billion dollars last year.  The company focused on how to generate cash and create projects to regain trust after that oil spill accident.  They have risen to more than 200 percent from 2010 because of their dedication.

6.     Volkswagen.

This corporation has been true to their beliefs and values and these are the reason that people are still giving them support despite of many car manufacturers that are thriving today.  They are vowing to be the top car maker by 2018 while still observing environmental ethics.  Their car innovation continues to suffice the needs of quality-driven individuals.

7.     Apple.

As more consumers prefers this brand in mobile technologies and laptops, the company’s profit and revenues have increased the world’s economy by about 1 percent in the industry of technologies.  It’s not new anymore to see the Apple Company raise some more ranks in the coming years.  They have developed incredible inventions to cater to their clients’ satisfaction.

8.     Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia have also gained a good rank in the global economy.  Their popularity have given them so much opportunity to gain more profits as they continue to serve numerous and big companies in their real estate properties.  Its profits moved up to about 25 percent from the 2010 list of profits.

9.     IBM

The International Business Machines or the IBM has not left any top ranks in the business world.  It is a company that has been big in innovations and manufacturing business and large machines for the whole world. 

10.  Nestle.

Nestle is one of the food company that have reached the top 25 global companies in the world.  Based in Switzerland, it has given the public the best dairy products globally.  It has a good number in the exports industry that maintains global economy in the area of food and nutrition products.

11.  Chevron.

Raising its company’s profit to over 26 billion dollars this year, Chevron has made it to the top 25 companies in the world.  They are also planning to put up an ethylene plant to gain more power in the world.  This planned plant will be based in the US and will provide a good expansion for the production of the new electric vehicles.

12.  Wal-Mart Stores.

While there are several legal cases against the Wal-Mart store management and workforce, this company still managed to rise from all the struggles.  These issues have made the company even stronger for the coming years.  They are considered to be the biggest retailer business globally and that made them part of the top 25 largest companies in the world.

13.  Samsung Electronics.

With the ongoing demands in mobile technology, Samsung Electronics which is a Korean brand is gaining popularity and profits around the world.  The continued innovation and development of this brand of mobile technology and even in home appliances is what makes this company a winner globally.

14.  Ford Motor.

This car maker has been popular for more than decades already, but is still proving impact on global sales and profits.  It’s net income and revenues have increased about 10 percent each year from 2009 until the present time.

15.  J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

As a significant part of the New York Stock Exchange, this company makes profit and donates to charities.  This is considered to be the oldest financial institution in the US and is making an impact globally.  With assets of about 2.4 trillion dollars and is operating in more than 60 countries, this financial firm has serve numerous consumers and businesses alike.  This is what makes them a global success.

16.  HSBC Holdings.

Their main purpose is to help other companies grow and profit while they also profit from them.  HSBC has helped millions worldwide by giving support and making transactions worthwhile with their clients.  While it operates globally, Europe remains to be their top key for income as it is based in Britain.

17.  Wells Fargo.

This financial firm has helped a lot of businesses with commercial fundings and has made a lot of personal financial support towards their clients.  Whether your needs are for investing, college education, or insurance purposes, Wells Fargo can always guide you.  And this makes them a popular company in the top 25 business world.

18.  Procter & Gamble.

Based in the US, this company has produced numerous products for everyday lives of people around the world.  This is one of the biggest brands in the market and grocery stores.  You can find their products everywhere, even in more than 70 other countries that they serve.  This corporation produces small products with greater influence in a person’s life.

19.  China Mobile Communications.

Mobile Technology is consistently having their huge influence in the lives of many around the world and China moves in with the trend.  It is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange, thus it can be considered one of the biggest company in a global sense.  It is the leading mobile services provider in mainland China in the boasts as the largest consumer-based network in the world.

20.  Citigroup.

This company has provided the need for banking consumers to operate and function in their available time, since this world is always busy.  They have pioneered the 24 hours 7 days a week banking and transactions.  Citi card users are satisfied and pleased with the services that Citigroup offers and this make them a winner in the global economy.

21.  Hitachi.

This Japanese brand has a good teamwork among its various departments to come up with the newest and promising products, researches, and developments.  Worldwide, it is recognize to have stayed on their company’s mission and vision to push towards global support in technology.  With over 4 trillion profits this year, it vows to provide more advancement to the world.

22.  AXA.

This insurance company is Europe’s second largest insurer company, but it is effectively expanding all over the world.  It’s still targeting more than 6 billion profits to add to their annual income in the coming year 2015.  Their dedication has brought them to gain a position in the top 25 companies in the entire world.

23.  BMW.

This world’s leader in car manufacturing and sturdy designs has never left the position in the top 25 global companies.  This company consistently offers their clients and consumers a unique experience and individual mobility.  Known for its quality cars and car accessories, BMW has set the favorable popularity and profits in their benefit.

24.  ConocoPhillips.

This US-based company has set standards to continue their struggle to success.  With about 26 percent increase in revenues, they have reached the top 25 global companies list in this year.  ConocoPhillips is gaining power and reputation to serving more individuals with the best possible deal.

25.  Siemens.

For years, Siemens continues to strive for excellence and distinction despite of the countless technology that is blooming in this age.  This German company is never tired of developing their products and services to get people’s attention and trust globally.  With the newest brands in the market today, people especially in Europe are still choosing to go with the reliable brand which happens to be a Siemens brand.

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