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The Future of the US Economy in 2025

The Future of the US Economy in 2025




Although there are a lot of factors involving a rise and fall of the US economy over the years, there is still hope for the best from the view of the economists.  One of the factors that greatly affect the US Economy is the unemployment rate and the industries that thrive each year.  In the recent US economic statistics starting from 2011, commercial sales and profits are gradually rising with real estate industry being the highest leader with about 13 percent of the total GDP of the US economy.  And the unemployment rate has quite fallen in numbers with only 7.7 percent from 9.9 percent back in 2010.  US GDP or Gross Domestic Product has reached a value close to 16 Trillion dollars and continues to rise this year 2013 according to the 

The US GDP represents about 25.30 percent of the entire world economy.  This measures the national income and output in a country’s economy.  In other words, it displays how powerful a country is.  The US is somehow still displaying a powerful economy in 2013 though it has decreased since the recession back in 2009.  However, 21 Trillion GDP of US in 2025 will decline to second place against China with about 25 Trillion dollars according to the summary of this site. 


GDP projections from PwC: how China, India and Brazil will overtake the West by 2050

Vist site

Due to the crucial decline of the US economy, China will take the number one spot as the biggest gainer in 2025.

The question is what are the industries that will help the US economy to continue to fight the decline in the coming year 2025?  Here are the lists of the industries or businesses that will thrive in 2025.

1.       Technology Sales Continue to Rise

In this modern technological age, there’s no question about the nonstop buying and selling of technological equipment.  In most cases, maybe this will be the highest commodity and profit per capita after the real estate industry in the US market by the year 2025 rising about 9 percent of the total GDP from 4 percent in 2013.  The increasing sales will come from large machines, such as MRI machines and medical robots in the hospital, and the rise will also largely come from salesthe smaller gadgets, such as smart phones and voice control computer keyboards.  It is predicted by some computer-producing companies that due to the demands of people and a drive to satisfy these clients will motivate more manufacturers to expand in their field of imagination and craft and increase the number of sales in 2025, thus increasing the percentage of GDP as well.

2.    Advertising Will Grow in 2025

As you can see now, every brand and business needs advertising.  Whether it’s through a TV commercial, a street billboard, or an internet marketing strategy, advertising will always be a part of every business.  If you forget advertising strategies for your brands, you might as well forget about your business growth as well.  Advertising, nowadays, is considered to be the fuel in a business that keeps it going with 4 percent of the total GDP.  Though its increase is gradual, it will eventually be one of the important measures that businesses have to take in 2025 and will increase total GDP of about 6 percent in 2025.

3.     Fashion and Clothes will Still Emerge in the Top Five List of 2025

Since the rebound of the US economy from the great decline over the years, the retail sales in fashion and clothes are also rising.  This kind of business will continue to emerge as one of the indispensable sales in the US with about 7 percent of the total GDP in 2025 from 4 percent in 2013.  More and more people are now becoming interested in fashion and style while still more people are expected to be widely interested in this industry in the coming years.  Exports of fashionable apparels are also gaining in popularity and profit for the US economy.  This is absolutely a great indication of booming business in the future in US sales or even in the US export industry.

4.     The Internet World Will be a Big Help for Future Businesses

The internet and online networks are in full bloom these years and it will be a big help for future businesses.  Exports are easier addressed online and small businesses will be able to thrive with online advertising and business transactions.  There are a lot of online shops to do a certain business, like eBays, Amazon, and Kayak.  These can be a great way to save from commercial rents.  Any business relating to technology, advertising, and fashion industry will be a good choice in the future of US economy as retail trade remains at 6 percent GDP in 2025. 

5.     Mobile Technology in Cars

After much address in traffic jams and numerous lost cars, car manufacturers will attach a mobile technology in cars.  This technology will promote safety among car owners and even the public.  The car’s mobile technology can give useful information to the drivers, like exact navigation, traffic updates, weather updates, and even social network updates. This is one exciting market in the year 2025 with a total GDP of 5 percent from a 3 percent GDP in 2013.

6.     Digital Assistants in Homes and Offices

Robotics are not new to us anymore, it has been gradually introduced.  In 2025, people will seek assistance from robots for cleaning the house or for entertaining visitors in the doctor’s office with a total profit of about 3 percent of the US economy in 2025 from less than 1 percent in 2013.  Voice-controlled robots can take orders and serve better with almost perfection than human hands.

7.     Computer Translators


The language barrier will never be a problem of an effective communication anymore.  When you transact online in a conference call, the computer can translate any language to any selected language.  This will become easy as global markets are already on the go.  More entrepreneurs can communicate anywhere and anytime in any language without having to learn a new language. US economy will benefit from these virtual translators with 1 percent GDP in 2025 from an insignificant number of less than 1 percent of GDP in 2013. 

8.     Virtual Reality Games will Be Popular


More virtual reality games will be produced in 2025 using the full immersion of the game directly into the brain, which will give the gamer a sense of reality during plays and this will increase profit by about 6 percent of the US economy growth in 2025 from only 2 percent GDP in 2013.  Gamers will be able to play their favorite sports and leisure like they are really in the game.  Businesses of this kind will boom in 2025 as more kids and even adults will search out for great ways on how to enjoy after a stressful day.

9.     Replacement of Carbon-based Fuel


In the year 2025, electric cars will be available for use.  Almost 30 percent of people will not use carbon-based fuels cars anymore that are harmful to the environment.  These electric cars will use energy from electricity to make it work.  You can even get your cash back for unused electricity from your car.  US GDP in 2013 for electric cars is about 2 percent of the economy and that is about 121000 electric cars have been sold today.  In 2025, US GDP for electric cars will increase to about 5.5 percent.


10.  Implantable Brain Chips

Implantable brain chips will be available to control electronic devices with just the brain waves.  You can text or call hands-free by just communicating with your brain.  This is quite expensive for a normal person, but the US economy will thrive in 2025 with its total profit of about 2 percent GDP of the economy in 2025,  because of these implanted gadgets.  In 2013, however, it’s GDP or sales is still insignificant in the US economy.  This will enhance the lifestyle of the people in 2025, since all electronic gadgets and appliances can be controlled through the brain.

11.  Ultra Fine Filters for Water


Energy resources are still important in 2025 with a maintaining GDP of 2 percent in the economy.  The US economy will have a big percent of sales in potable water to the public.  Ultrafine Filter System will dominate the world market for potable water anywhere in the world.  Exports of these Ultra Fine Filters will be a good business in 2025.

12.  Home Health Diagnostic Kits


As diseases increased, it’s proper to have your individual home health diagnostic kits for early detection of diseases, such as diabetes, heart attack, and cancers.  These kits will include tests for blood sugars, cholesterols, and urine analysis.  This will drive people to own their personal kit for their own prevention and detection of such life-threatening diseases.  With about 8 percent of the total GDP of the US economy in 2013, it is said to increase in 2025 by 3 percent as more people become health conscious.

13.  Space Tourism will Hit Big Time


As technology advances, travelling outside the earth will become more common in the year 2025.  People can travel outside the earth by space cruisers that can transport a group of people at the same time.  Those who can afford their own shuttle can definitely enjoy travelling outside the earth anytime.  The US economy in 2025 will contain part of this unique profit. People can travel to outer space in 2025 like travelling to other countries with the help of the advancement in technologies in the coming years.  In 2013, it’s not yet discovered so it doesn’t have any contribution to the US economy, but it will have a significant contribution in the US economy in 2025.  US GDP for space tourism will comprise of around 7 percent in 2025.

14. Nanomachines in Soldier’s Armor

These nanomachines in soldier’s armor will be able to protect the human soldier more from battle.   It can change a flexible fabric to bullet proof ones.  It can treat injuries and filter out biological and chemical weapons of any kind.  These will greatly affect the US economy as protection for the people is a priority with total GDP of 2 percent as a federal industry in 2025. This gadget is still being developed this year, 2013, so it doesn’t have any significant contribution in the US economy this year. 

15. Regenerative Medicine

Life Expectancy will be longer as people’s tissue and organ regeneration will be available and widespread.  The development of this industry can be expensive but life is more important than money, so people will have to find ways to get this done.  As more people search for ways to improve their health, the economy in 2025 will contain this health-related industry.


Though the industries that help the US economy will continue to thrive in 2025, economists present the reality that China and India will soon take over the US economy.  With China’s increasing trade in mobile technology, gadgets, and clothing industry, it will become bigger and more powerful in global trade.  India, on the other hand, will increase its country’s profit and economy through a good IT trade and development.  China’s population of 2.6 times bigger than the US, they will in cities and develop more businesses and these will increase China’s blossoming economy in 2025. 

The US public debt is about 10 triillion dollars as of 2013 based on the online US information site.

that discusses about the total US debt in 2013. This will gradually decrease in 2025 by about 11 percent, but will still be a big problem for the US economy.  US dollars will also drop down as the world’s currency. In recent statistics, dollar rate fluctuates in the past decade.  It increased by 27.6 percent in the year 2001, but it drops down 20 percent in 2009. 

In 2013, dollar rate increased again by 22.3 percent according to an economic US information site.  Economists, however, predicts another drop in the dollar rate to about 16.5 percent by the year 2025. The benchmark of the US interest rate in 2013 is 0.25 percent.  The dollar’s global reserve status will give the US a privilege to avoid risks of currency shocks, which will enable lower interest rates in the future. 

Predicted interest rate of US in 2025 will be about 0.20 percent. Central American Companies contribute to the US economy more than the small businesses around.  Energy companies, like Exxon Mobil, continue to dominate the list of highest profit per year in the US as found on this site. 


Vist site

Based on the latest trend of economy experts, small businesses in the US can help the US economy thrive, but will not really grow big against China’s small businesses.  Outsourcing which comprises a fairly big part of the employment rate, may affect the US economy negatively in the future.  Outsourcing companies have given away about 301 million dollars annually to other countries, like Asia or South America.  If this continues, it will eventually hurt the US economy in the future.

American small businesses, like clothing industry and online marketing will give a boost for the US economy.  Profits in 2025 for the US economy will come from different industries listed above, while small business will comprise about 2 percent in the total GDP in the US economy. With the US economy at stake, China is set to overpower the world economy, though the US will continue to produce more in terms of the industries and trade to create more power.  Chinese global trades today are increasing. 

In 2025, exports in Chinese Smartphones, for instance, will give China a high profit of about 7.68 Billion dollars which comprises about 8 percent of its total GDP. More exports are expected to grow from China, such as laptops and other technical gadgets, clothing, and even robotics which will comprise about 4 percent of the total GDP in China in 2025.  Europe will continue to have access in imports and exports industry of the US which will help the US economy to limit the fall of the entire economy in 2025.  However, the trade barriers that the US has put between other countries, such as in South America would contribute to the decline of the US economy in 2025. 

Total population in the US, based on the WHO studies, will affect the US economy greatly.  The current US population is about 318 million and it will grow more, but will lower the profits for US economy due to the increasing number of disease and violence in the US.  The US in the website data shows that child abuse, for example, costs the US economy about 94 billion dollars in a year and that is about 1 percent of the affected GDP of the US economy.  According to the WHO, if these diseases and violence will not decrease in number, the US economy will eventually lose its balance and fall in 2025.

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