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How to Win Employee of the Month Honors?

How to Win Employee of the Month Honors?


Many companies grant Employee of the Month incentives as reward programs to motivate corporate workers to work harder and become more productive. Employees are recognized for sterling accomplishments in their respective fields or attaining a feat that spelled overall success for the organization.


It is very important to keep workers encouraged. This provides them a lot of confidence to reach full potentials and deal with challenges. Daily demands in the workplace remain priorities. The truth is it is not easy to come up with creative activities that will compensate workers the best way. Sometimes this becomes difficult due because of budget availability.


Recent research studies conducted by human resources specialists revealed that an increasing number of employees in many corporations worldwide feel neglected or overlooked. This is one of the main reasons why employees quit their jobs. Many managers and employers are convinced that rewards and appreciation of work matter most to employees. Unfortunately, even business owners with very good objectives do not have time to commend employees who deserve these accolades.


Tips for Employees

If your company maintains an Employee of the Month program, here are some tips on how to garner this much-coveted award:

Ì     Find out the rules and conditions governing nomination of qualified employees. There will definitely be varying criteria and requirements which depend on the corporation and the type of industry. Familiarize yourself with the policies and other matters related to the awards.

Ì     Focus on strengths but look at weaknesses as well. In other words, perform better on areas where you will reap more dividends. However, be very cautious so as not to exceed your limits. Do not forget that your ultimate objective is to come up with an impressive performance.

Ì     Be courteous and pleasant at all times. Keep in mind that managers and colleagues alike choose to work with employees who are optimistic and dynamic.

Ì     Be loyal to your organization. Stand by its ideals and promote the company fairly and positively.

Ì     Support your peers. Come to work punctually and comply with all deadlines on time. Prove t everyone that you are a dependable employee. Be helpful to your co-employees, clients and suppliers. Take the initiative of working on a task without being told to do so.

Ì     Understand the values, mission, vision, and philosophies of the organization that hired you. Always set a good example to all those in your company.


Be a Good Leader

The capacity to lead successfully depends on various key skills. You ought to acquire to assume leadership roles in the workplace or any situation for that matter. You can only become a good leader if you have integrity. Only then will people be willing to follow you. Be responsive to the needs of people around you. It is important to understand the needs of your peers. For instance, some individuals appreciate trust more than resourcefulness.


Develop clever discernment or perception. You must be aware that subordinates perceive you as a leader. Try to observe if people are comfortable with your presence. If this is the case, it means that other persons have a positive perception of you. Be candid enough to ask what people think of you. The feedback is important so you can make the necessary adjustments. This honest communication will help create an atmosphere of trust and understanding.


Strive to improve limitations and delegate work to capable colleagues. It is not correct to try doing it all. Your peers or co-workers are there to complement your talents. For the meantime, work on your weaknesses with the goal of enhancing your leadership capabilities.


Learn to be Assertive

It pays to be assertive. However, this has to be achieved without hurting the feelings of your co-workers. In short, you can be aggressive but respect yourself and other people as well. Experts claim that assertive individuals accomplish career goals faster than people who lack self-confidence and forcefulness.

You need to understand the perspective of assertiveness. Find out if it will work in your culture or working environment. Make sure that you work before you make any changes in your attitude, style and approach. This is an important consideration since this strategy may not work all the time. A more quiet and gentle style may be more effective. At the same time, think of the implications of being assertive.

It is also important to fix your targets and adhere to these goals. It is not practical to change your mind from time to time. Being assertive does not mean that you have to be distant to your peers. On the contrary, it is important to socialize a lot so you strengthen your relationship with colleagues. Meeting and mixing with people will make it easier for you to overcome obstacles in developing effective working relationships. You have to be candid with people. Assertiveness will come out naturally for you.

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