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How to Achieve Success at the Workplace

How to Achieve Success at the Workplace


Success in the workplace can be determined by several factors such as corporate promotions, respect among peers and subordinates or attaining the highest level of job contentment. People can be very good leaders by achieving success in a working environment.


The Blessed Mother Teresa has a “Humility List” which can be your guide in becoming successful in your place of work. Mother Teresa has lived a righteous and benevolent life. She can be a perfect role model for ordinary people. You will not lose anything (and even gain a lot) by following her recommendations. Besides, it is always advantageous to grow in meekness.


Speak as little as possible about yourself.

In fact, it is better to listen rather than engage in an endless litany of self-admiration. Humility is what you need to achieve your goals. Arrogance flourishes in the hearts of people. This is what you need to get rid of. It is important to differentiate between good feeling and pride. Pride leads to self adulation while respect can fill you with serenity.


Keep busy with your own affairs and not those of others.

Stay busy at all times. Mind your own affairs and not the concerns of your peers. Perform all tasks assigned to you diligently. It is possible to learn using the procedures and equipment made available for all employees. Try to help improve current processes imposed by management. Get involved in new tasks and acquire more knowledge about your industry. Never intrude in the personal affairs of co-workers.


Avoid curiosity.

According to Pope Francis, curiosity has the tendency to move people away from the spirit of good judgment. This can eventually lead to confusion and distance from God. Too much inquisitiveness is not good. As the saying goes, “curiosity kills a cat.” People who are too nosy become speculative and go to the extent of anticipating outcomes. Curiosity helps people to consider other possibilities. You become more open to new recommendations and solutions. However, curiosity does not transform into actions automatically. You can be preoccupied with a single option which is not healthy in the workplace since you lose flexibility.


Do not interfere in the affairs of others.

It is definitely not right to meddle in the affairs of neighbors. Persons can feel depressed and disturbed by interfering in the concerns of others. It will just lead you to become a fault-finder. There is nothing wrong in giving colleagues some pieces of advice but it should not go beyond that. While it is true that you will see your officemates commit mistakes, it is not at all correct to intervene in their affairs.


Accept small irritations with good humor.

This simply means that you must give a positive response to minor cases of annoyance or frustration. Try to laugh off small disappointments instead of sulking and allowing these letdowns to bring you down. Laughing is one way of eliminating stress and expanding your social network since other persons will find you pleasant. Humor can enhance your mood and help you focus on daily tasks. It is also excellent food for the human brain and produces health benefits such as improvement of your immune system.


Do not dwell on the faults of others.

You should look at the good things that colleagues do if you have a sense of worth. It is possible to find your good side by focusing on the nice things that other people accomplish. Keep away from jealousy and insecurities since these can only provoke you to dwell to get pre-occupied with the blunders of others. Lack of confidence is one of the main reasons why people find faults in other individuals.

Accept censures even if unmerited.

Do not get frustrated if superiors or co-workers show disapproval for something that you have done in the office. First of all, nobody is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. The more important thing is that you learn from these errors. Never take these criticisms personally because these can only bring you down.

Give in to the will of others. In any organization, you will find persons who will try to impose their will on others. There is nothing wrong to give in to these provided it is not morally or legally wrong. A bit of humility in the place of work will not hurt. The more humble you are, the better you will become.


Accept insults and injuries.

Learn how to accept verbal insults and grievances. Do not allow anger to overcome you. Simply ignore the affront instead of returning it to the person responsible for offending you.


Accept contempt, being forgotten and disregarded.

Endure any act of disdain hurled against you. It can make you stronger. Do not afraid if you are ignored or forgotten. You will get the opportunity to be praised and given accolades.


Be courteous and delicate even when provoked by someone.

Courtesy is one of the implicit rules in any corporate organization. You leave a positive impression among other employees, bosses, customers and suppliers.


Practice these tips in humility from Mother Teresa and you can look forward to becoming successful in the workplace.

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