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Five Unique Habits of Highly Likeable People at Work

Five Unique Habits of Highly Likeable People at Work


It is important to build harmonious relationships with your peers in the workplace. Developing great rapport will surely be helpful in development of careers, networking and socialization. This is the essence of becoming a likeable person in the workplace.


However, being liked by colleagues is more than just greeting and smiling at everyone you meet in the hallway. It is not simply getting a pat on the back every time you accomplish something for the organization. This has to be deeper. A likeable employee is someone who inspires, makes an impact and sets an example for others to emulate.


There are several distinct habits of highly likeable people in a corporate organization. If you decide to nurture these traits, it is possible to become among those who will be respected and loved by co-workers at all times. The following are the top five habits that you need to work on to become a likeable employee:


Likeable people will not hesitate to ask questions

Employees are expected to concentrate on their individual tasks. Focusing does not mean that you must not listen to what others say. Pay attention to the remarks and suggestions of colleagues. Do not simply listen but try to digest the message that a co-worker wants to impart. Ask plenty of questions. Take note of what others tell you. People will be delighted if they see you listening and seek a clarification. You will gain a lot of respect and admiration by doing this.


At the same time, you must be polite in asking and answering. Look at things from another person’s point of view. Smile frequently. It does not only lift up your mood but raises the spirits of persons you smile at. Greet each one hello and you will feel even better. The feeling becomes mutual and you end up making new friends. The bottom line is there is a sense of fulfillment that stems from doing a good turn. 


Likeable people show sincerity

Your candor and warmth will make you likable. Remember that nobody likes pretenders. Other employees will be attracted to those who are sincere since this is an indication that they can be trusted It will be hard to like individuals who do not show their real character and genuine feelings. Likable people also know and exemplify their true personalities. These men and women possess self-confidence. You turn out to become a more remarkable person if you strive to win people over. Make the choices that you believe will convince them to be fond of you.


Likeable people do not judge others

See to it that you maintain an open mind. Flexibility makes you easier to talk to. Nobody wants to start a conversation or become friends with someone who does not listen to the opinion of others. People will turn their backs on peers who refuse to hear the side of others. Maintaining an open mind is vital in any corporate organization.


Accessibility signifies access to fresh ideas and constructive suggestions. It is necessary to catch a glimpse of the whole world through the eyes of others to do away with inflexible notions and conclusions. It does not mean that you are compelled to believe what others think or ignore bad deeds. Quite the opposite, you must not pass judgment on human beings and things easily. Try to understand first the entire situation before forming an opinion.


Likeable people refrain from getting attention

As a rule, people despise persons who try to obtain the attention of others. Avoid developing a big and fussy personality just to be likable. It is enough to be simple, pleasant and thoughtful. Then, you will not find it hard to persuade others to like you. Talk in a confident and friendly manner. Prove that you are valuable buts stay away from bragging. Otherwise, this action can turn off your co-employees.  People will realize your attitude in no time. They will be inclined to listen if you demonstrate the correct mind-set.

Once you receive attention such as being honored for a splendid achievement, give credit to people who struggled hard to help you accomplish that feat. It may sound a truism but it pays off if this is genuine. By paying attention to people you work with and welcome their help, it only shows you are both grateful and meek. These traits are linked closely to likeability.


Ask for nothing in exchange for the good things you do. In case you want to ask for a favor, find a way to help others and then ask if you need something in return. Do this tactfully and without imposing your will on others.

Exceptionally likeable persons are more concerned with what they can do for others and not for themselves.

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