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Challenges in Estimating Development Costs of Mobile Applications

Challenges in Estimating Development Costs of Mobile Applications


What will it take and how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? Mobile applications differ widely when it comes to development expenditures. A recent survey of some leading mobile app development firms regarding costs revealed median cost is somewhere between $37,913 and $171,450. However, this can even increase to $500,000 or even higher. It is possible to request for price quotations from various firms but there are also cost drivers to take into consideration.


Time needed in mobile development is made up of a slew of features, functions, intricacy and integration. You can ask proficient mobile software engineers for a comprehensive itemization of features and functionalities. This will help obtain the most current estimate based on prevailing market conditions.

Estimation of development time for the final design is made as soon as the phase of User Experience is finished. This is necessary since the ultimate design impacts the process of complete development and final product. Time also varies a lot. It can be 150 hours for simple applications and more than 600 hours for convoluted mobile apps. Aside from design, project management is considered plus an hourly rate to compute the development quote.

For mobile designs, the number of hours required come primarily from the complexity, interface and screens needed. The usual range for a mobile app design is from 70 until 100 hours (UX design) and 60 up to 90 hours for User Interface visual design. The standard deliverables consist of user flows, screen flows and navigation, annotated wireframes, clickable prototype, and layered Photo Shop Documents.

Types of Applications

Costs depend on the type of apps that you want to create. The apps with fundamental functions are easy to develop and the most economical. These are ideal for small entrepreneurs with limited budget. Business apps are more complex since these are concerned with database management systems and entail loads of content management. There are also apps that take advantage of the existing software that enhances user experience.

Pricing Considerations

So far, the challenges have not changed although the costs will definitely vary. There is a big difference between hiring a freelance developer and an established development and design agency. At the same time, an app that needs a back-end server or one with integrated Application Program Interface (API) against a standalone platform can differ significantly. It is essential to look at the factor of startup businesses or new ventures. A lot of startups focus heavily on apps which is another aspect to think about.

Budget accuracy is a serious concern. There is a distinct difference between considerable successes which means that the project was completed within the original budget and those finished with more than the allotted amount. Experience in developing an app is also a big factor. In most cases, successful developers have a past performance of more than five years in creating mobile apps.

Hiring Apps Developers

These innovative programmers should have the competence to understand the application, conduct exhaustive research and assessment related to market needs and build prototypes of applications supported by remarkable graphics designs. Is it a rewarding career or a high-paying job? There have been accounts that these technology buffs can earn a whopping half-a-million dollars in one month. These may not be the usual rates but rare opportunities that happened to a few lucky souls who ventured in apps development. One research market revealed that more than 50 percent of developers, who responded to the survey, received a compensation of $15,000 while 30 percent got a measly $250.

You can also create your own apps. It is important to create a particular niche or forte that will concentrate on a specific age-group. Improve current programs that may not have important features that end users need. Your apps can be greatly interactive. It is possible to fit into one of these categories. What will be your next step?

Prepare a detailed inventory of tools that you will need in this process. If you want to be good in formulating applications, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur. You will have to function as the manager, researcher, designer and marketing expert. Likewise, your skills should include the capacity to tell the difference between what works and what does not work. Make sure to have a formal accord with your service provider to protect the interests of both parties.

Conduct a comprehensive research and discover the plus and minuses in the apps store. As a responsible developer, it is important for you to devise ingenious solutions and original designs.

Begin by making an assessment of other solutions to learn from the best apps and improve poorly-designed programs. This will be a more effective way of reducing the costs of developing mobile applications.   

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