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What Can We Expect in the Telecommunication Industry for the Next five Years

What Can We Expect in the Telecommunication Industry for the Next five Years

As you have seen in the last few years, telecommunication has become a fast growing, dynamic ecosystem, expanding swiftly across a diverse line of product, technological innovations and service providers. We believe that there are many new and emerging ventures that could continue to offer strong growth all over the telecommunications sub-markets.

2016 is an excellent time to think about what tomorrow has in store for the telecommunication industry. Following the trends is vital as it can help companies see potential demand and utilize it for their benefit. Here is a peek at what telecom trends will dominate this year, and in the near future.

M2M Technology

The amount of connected devices is expected to double after eight years up to 50 billion worldwide, as stated by the trade body for mobile operator research. If such estimates are right, then the communication between these connected gadgets is going to explode. Later on, companies and consumers will have completely networked settings by using social media platforms as their common software. In fact, the UK government has targeted about 53 million smart meters in businesses and homes by the year 2020. The key element to this is the usage of M2M technology given that the meters will communicate via a central data center that sends messages and information to the power companies, which will then inform the user regarding their energy usage.

Cloud Computing

Cloud will get significantly more important this 2015. It is predicted that its biggest advancement will be due to companies embracing public-cloud programs. The arguments over on-premise versus cloud is likely to diminish as skeptics realize that legacy, hosted or on-premises solutions are unable to compete with fast innovating huge selection of services available in the market. Weak attempts to hold companies back from switching to cloud-based programs are bound to fail as there is an ever-increasing demand from business owners and employees for mobile access, cross-product integration, and enterprise-spanning cooperation. In this manner, the impressive flexibility of cloud engineering works on unique significance.


Being one of the biggest and most revolutionary segments of telecommunication industry, wireless will see major changes for this year. Wireless network providers are likely to experience the difficult task of supplying more coverage, full capacity and superior quality without increasing the tariffs of the end-users. The key to meeting this issue effectively in 2016 is increased performance. Operators will release technique of modernization by upgrading to LTE and choosing more successful architectures. They will consider adding capacity by means of deploying a cell splitting and metro layer. The subscription to TD-LTE is predicted to reach over 1 billion and will be responsible for more than $230 Billion service profits.

Big Data

While data management is a crucial part of productive business operations, only a few business executives and managers understand where their data is at any moment. On top of that, the large amount of information that is being gathered and stored overloads software and infrastructure. The important thing is to find more practical ways to manage the data. For this, cloud deployments and Big Data analytics will continue to be hot trends in the telecommunication sector.

The real problem is not about acquiring huge amounts of data, but it is what you do with data that really matters. The expected vision by 2020 is that businesses will be able to get data from any source, utilize relevant information and assess it to obtain solutions, which enable smarter business decision making, time reductions, cost reductions, and new product development by combining high-powered and big data analytics. Meanwhile, major data centers are thriving as they are making significant investments in the practical usage of power and cooling products, so they are really consuming less energy than other businesses.


These are just some of the things in the telecommunication industry that experts predict to happen in the future. Understanding these trends in technology is crucial to navigate successfully in this new world and to find out where the business opportunities lie.  

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