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Recreational Activities to Foster Fellowship among Employees and Increase Productivity

Recreational Activities to Foster Fellowship among Employees and Increase Productivity

Employees are often stressed because of too much stress, heavy workloads, schedules, and pressures from managers. However, these can hamper productivity of workers and profitability of the entire company. Employees need to be happy and contented despite these demands. Otherwise, unhappy workers will not be able to deliver the performance required for a successful organization.

However, it is not that easy to create a workplace filled with people in high spirits.

How can management create this atmosphere?

It is not always about increases in salaries, incentives and employee awards. Some employees leave their jobs if they do not feel appreciated or there is no compelling reason for them to remain in the company. Another possible reason is the absence of recreational activities that will motivate everyone regardless of position.

Motivation through Leisure Activities

Inspiration is a critical factor that can ensure efficiency. Employees lacking in enthusiasm become bored easily because of mind-numbing routines. You will not have the eagerness to manage challenging tasks due to lack of drive. Fortunately, there is a creative way of circumventing these boring schedules or assignments. In this modern world, the process is called “GAMIFICATION.” 

What used to be very serious tasks such as report-writing or contributing insights for policy changes can be made recreational (GAMIFIED). This makes an ordinary exercise more enticing to employees. As a result, it will motivate them to work even harder. The technique entails the use of special elements like rewards, badges, rankings, and other gaming components. Thus, the tedious assignments turn out to be more appealing. There are Enterprise GAMIFICATION platforms such as GAME EFFECTIVE can be integrated with current Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management apps. These will make it less difficult for workers to become familiar with the process. 

There are other fun activities that can be done at work such as a Corporate Spelling Bee just like what kids have at school. The words can be more complicated so employees will prepare hard and the competition can become tougher. Another terrific team-building game is called Bonding Belt. It lasts from 15 minutes to ½ hour and promotes interaction between co-workers. The objective is to get from one point to the other as one team while glued together as fast as possible.

A third activity is described as Being There. It helps employees handle distractions and attention span effectively. The game can create awareness of the world and professional surroundings where an employee lives. The aim is to determine how being there or being present affects peer relationships and actual careers. There is no limitation as to the number of participants. The game can be played for 20 until 40 minutes. It will be based on the number of players and questions asked by the moderator.

Ergonomics and Fitness Exercises

The average employee spends most of his or her eight hour schedule in front of a computer at the work station. This is not only unexciting. It can even lead to long-term injuries especially if your posture remains incorrect. This is when the correct form of ergonomics becomes important. Ergonomics should also effective recreational pursuits and workouts that employees can perform even while sitting behind their office desks.

The proper fitness facilities for employees will not only help them remain physically and mentally fit. It can also enhance their satisfaction level. The truth is many professionals make use of conditioning sessions for innovation and generation of fresh ideas. In addition, there are pleasurable and beneficial activities like yoga classes, weight management programs and massage sessions to further boost employee strength and productivity.

Team Building

Over and above recreational activities in a working environment is the key strategy to inspire employees to become more efficient. This is known as Team Building and is accomplished through tasks that can energize everyone and interact with peers. It can last for several hours to a few days depending on the HR Department’s program and budget allocation. Once the tem building activity is completed, management can look forward to an improved feeling of motivation.

Successful team building sessions focus primarily on skills required to put together a potent, motivated and prolific team within a company. Such programs can equip workers with strategic skills and motivation. Ultimately, it facilitates the creation of an extensive capacity and fine vision to uphold the future of any company.

Such programs should make use of practical erudition or role playing. This takes place when participants put into practice skills to real-life situations. It determines how information provided functions in such a scenario. These activities can be done in a typical classroom environment customized according to requirements of the business unit. Facilitators make sure to include the formulation of action plans and timetables as guide for the implementation of changes.   

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