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 Obama – Great President of US with Excellent Accomplishments to Build up Nation

Obama – Great President of US with Excellent Accomplishments to Build up Nation

President Barak Obama 

Honorable American President, Barrack Obama, is witnessing another election this year.

In different American states, the GOP nomination for presidential election has already started. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sanders, First Lady (Hilary Clinton) and other political candidates are extremely busy of hosting their own election campaigns to have more delegates for nomination at the upcoming presidential election on November this current year.

Republican and Democratic Party members spend lot of fund to promote themselves through electronic media. However, top five accomplishments of present American president must be highlighted to assess his performance during his 8 year long tenure.

Was he a successful American President?

To what extent, do other American citizens support this famous gentleman? 

Will the next president be able to rule this country magnificently? 

Well, it is a different assumption as the result of the upcoming presidential election can be predicted beforehand.

Wonderful Obamacare Plan

Obama has upgraded the healthcare system in America. His Obamacare program has brought more opportunities to the middle class and jobless people to get affordable treatment with medical assistance. His resolution was to make the healthcare less expensive with good mobility for people living in remote areas to get qualitative medical aids.

Approximately over 30 million uninsured people were brought under the new Obama-care program. So it is one of great jobs done by the duty bound and responsible president of America.

However, the Unifier is right now launching severe attack to condemn the fictitious Obama care plan designed by the president.

The anti-Obama rivals have built up strong forte with numerous allegations against this healthcare plan. Still, Obama has got excellent support from his native countrymen and other delegates from his party.

He has taken good steps vigorously to implement such a beneficial healthcare plan for homeless and middle class people in his own country. Affordable Care Act in 2010 reflects the vision of Obama.

$787 Billion Worth Financial Booster

$787 Billion  worth financial booster has been sanctioned by Obama to regulate the national economy removing the financial downtime. This special financial booster must fuel up small scale industries to stand resilient with good business expanding option. After the recession being over, more jobs were created by private sectors because of the timely pecuniary aids from the government. Investors felt vigorous with lot of energy to invest money in different sectors. The country’s economic infrastructure was reinforced and spoon fed with billion dollars. Obama did a wonderful job to restore the financial stability. Credit scores of general people start skyrocketing. Different money lending companies approved secured loans to debtors at reasonable interest rates. So, Obama tried to boost up young and aspirant businessmen to open new companies and subsidiaries without financial breakdown.

Wall Street Reform

Wall Street Reform in 2010 earned tremendous support from American citizens who wanted a fast change in the economy. Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform authorized and duly signed by Obama gave shelter to many weak businessmen to tackle the recession. The bubble burst when this Wall Street Reform was launched to strengthen up the foundation of the economy of the country dynamically. Obama didn’t allow capitalists and large business sectors to exploit people. Traders and financial sectors were directed not to do money laundering or any fake dealing to put debtors in jeopardy. Loans must be made more flexible with easy installment programs to manage excess debt .

New debt management programs were designed with the objectives of helping poor debtors with bad credit ratings to reduce the mountain of debt .

Terminate Osama Bin Laden to Remove Tension

Osama Bin Laden was a ferocious destructor with horrendous image to threaten up the whole world. He was a kingpin and his activities can’t be supported by any well wisher. This extremist was wiped out by American force during tenure of Obama. He ordered American force to detect this militant for termination. Abbottbad in Pakistan was the last resort to Laden. He was found by US force and he was believed to be killed. All secret files and documents were seized by American troops to end the war in Iraq.

Good Decision to Withdraw Troops from Gulf Regions

On the other hand, this maverick American President didn’t hesitate to withdraw American troops from Iraq and other Gulf nations after the death of Laden and Saddam Husain.

Obama Approves Trouble Asset Relief Program to Boost up National Banking Sectors

Obama approved a controversial toxic asset buying plan to boost up national banking sectors to have much more pecuniary strength. TARP or Trouble Asset Relief Program has been modified to enable the government of US to buy back stored products, and mortgaged properties from different banks. These toxic assets will be bought by the government and then these proceeds will be used to fuel up the banks for gaining more strength to keep vigorously alive in the financial market. Near about $2 trillion worth assets are left under lock and key in banks. Obama directed top brass to negotiate with more investors to make the joint venture to purchase these stored products. Investors will be given flexible loan amount to buy toxic assets from banks. Obama’s innovative trouble asset relief program energizes the private banks and other financial institutes to become stable.

Obama’s Great Initiative to Nominate Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Mr. Obama selected a genius as the Chief justice of Supreme Court in America. Honorable Merrick B.Garland has been nominated by Obama to become the chief justice to regulate the judiciary machinery in the US. He will be the 113th Chief justice of America. After the painful death of former Chief Justice , Antonin Scalia, Obama decided to nominate this 63 years old erudite experienced legal expert who is well known for his honesty, responsibility, razor sharp logistic eloquence and expertise to pronounce verdicts overlooking all social obstructions, racial profiling and class division. Mr. Obama admitted by saying that Garland is the perfect gentleman who has no stereotyped ideological bias. He is a man of letters with vast efficiency to analyze case history meticulously. He is a prudent gentleman with excellent academic background.

President’s Historical Visits to Cuba and Argentina

Obama’s visit to Latin American countries must be vital to US citizens. The president also empowered Joe Bidden( Vice President) to participate in this unique Latin American venture to wipe out barriers of establishing flawless diplomatic relationship with Cuba, Argentina and Venezuela.

Obama has had designed a plan to reinsert Argentina into the main network of e-global economy. There will be more lucrative financial aids for Argentina to establish modern schools, colleges and build up hospitals to improve the society.

Earlier, Obama didn’t prioritize the Latin American trips. However, due to gradual increase in cross border terrorism, gun running and violence, Obama has had to change his plans by giving considerable priority to the important official tour to Cuba and Argentina for removing tension.

Cuba and Argentina will be rescued from high voltage militancy and jingoism in a peaceful way.

So, definitely, Obama’s sojourn in Argentina and Cuba must be constructive with excellent futuristic approach to build up dynamic rapport with Latin American nations.

Obama is the popular leader in America. He has had superb convincing power with dazzling eloquence to impress people in the world. He has powerful impetus with leadership quality to govern the country without feeling lethargic.

Hats off to this eminent philanthropist and great president of America for his wonderful contribution to mobilize the all round development of America.   

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