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Moral and Spiritual Sustainability in Business

Moral and Spiritual Sustainability in Business

Many company owners and employers have realized that making profit is not the only objective in business. Money is not the only bottom line in plain language. The welfare of employees, healthy working environment and satisfaction of customers are also essential goals.

More importantly, moral and spiritual sustainability have become vital elements in the world of business.

Essence of Spirituality

Spirituality in a business organization deals with personification of personal values such as moral uprightness and quality performance. Some employees and managers believe spiritual sustainability is proper treatment of workers. Still others say that it is more of participation in prayers and meditation. Some corporate individuals the word spirituality is better than religion since it connotes to values and ethics rather than religious beliefs.

Important spiritual values should not be limited to honesty and reputation but include respect, accountability, service, and justice. In terms of employee-customer relationships, company workers have the moral obligation to help customers with genuine solutions. Without realizing it, these actions can lead to boosting of morale and a feeling of trust within the organization. Fostering spiritual and ethical sustainability in the workplace can generate more efficiency and profits. Aside from this, it can lead to brand repute, customer loyalty and employee retention.

There is one study made by academic experts that disclose a relationship between ethical business practices and financial operations. Another published research paper in a reputable University in Chicago mentioned that corporate entities should define a commitment towards moral principles. These in fact should be part of important management components.

A business magazine circulated in Australia also reported that output improves and turnover rates reduced significantly if companies employ spiritual programs for employees. Spirituality, in short, can be the decisive competitive advantage.

Expert researchers say there has been a lot of interest in spirituality in the workplace. One reason is it helps a lot of workers to become more creative. For their part, companies need to offer more meaning and purpose in the working environment.

Profit-oriented organizations must not only provide high salaries and material incentives but opportunities for moral growth and personal development. Religious sessions can also help especially if there are devout persons among the employees.

Fundamentals of Morality

There have been numerous articles published online about the essentials of moral values, leadership and social conscientiousness. Even those in business should have a clear perception of these attributes. The problem is some people do not pay full attention to the real connotation of moral and spiritual values.

These standards may be described as core convictions that guide or inspire the attitudes and actions of human beings. There are some who cherish honesty in practically all scenarios while others give importance for loyalty or another virtue. Ideally, moral sustainability must originate from personal principles.

Again, money is not the only measure which means that businesses should not turn their backs on moral codes. Companies should conform to important guidelines which ensure fair treatment for all parties in a business transaction. Customers and suppliers should be given the proper respect by the enterprise. Moral businesses will flourish only when a decent profit-generating business plan is implemented and followed.

Moral sustainability begins with the proper treatment of workers. If this does not happen, customers will not get the same respects from employees. Mission and vision statements of business entities must highlight ethical rules and apply to everybody in the organization. There should be no exceptions.


Each stakeholder from the investors, board, management and down to the rank and file have a role to play in upholding spiritual as well as moral sustainability.  

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