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 ISIS – A Self Styled Militancy Outfit Creates Global Threat – Find Reasons with Solution

ISIS – A Self Styled Militancy Outfit Creates Global Threat – Find Reasons with Solution

When the earth seems to be cracked in unimaginable heat in many torrid regions, American senators and political big bosses are masterminding their plans how to be victorious with invincible power to rule the country boldly. However, in-between the Unifier’s bombastic allegations against Islamic countries due to the visible involvement with militancy outfits remind people the nightmarish episodes of WTC blasts, bomb explosions in different American cities, recent massacre attacks in Paris and air bus hijacking in Belgium. ISIS (Islamic State Iraq and Syria) is a secret illegitimate niche for extremists with the severe jingoistic temperament to declare Jihad for worldwide dominance. They want to establish new regime with resolution of converting all religions to Islam. They are violent, reckless and barbaric with least humanity. So, Pentagon in the US has had to remodel its diplomatic strategy to deactivate ISIS agents. It is a global threat to all humans who want peace. This extremist group must have unbearable religious intolerance and racial profiling to showcase mercilessly.

ISIS – Extremist Group with Jihad to Spread Dominance All Over the World

ISIS rules its captured regions under feet. They use bullets and bayonets to demolish residential houses, kill children and force women to opt for prostitution/flash trading. This Islamic militant outfit has had pathetic stories of humiliation and defeat. Dating back to 2015, ISIS had to pack up their belongings to end the battle when they faced terrific obstruction in Kobane (town in Syria). In this small but important town, ISIS agents had had the unbelievable defeat experience when Kurdish troops raided air attacks with weapons. 

US Defense Activity 

American missiles didn’t fail to smash the targeted spots for destructing hideouts of ISIS. These extremists were bundled up by American troops and allied forces.

The repeated air strikes and surface to surface ballistic missile attacks leveled the major ISIS hideouts with ground. In the city of Tikrit, the continuous aerial attacks took place with the help of Iraqi soldiers. ISIS extremists were found backtracking home in fear. However, ISIS never sat in languor. They tried to lure some corrupted officers in defense of rivals to enter into the different regions of Yemen and Libya.

Paris Attack

In the last October, M al-Mahmod and Ahmad al-Mohammad collected two fake passports to claim Syrian citizenship. They started secret journey to reach Leros, Greek Island. They didn’t go to Leros on vacation. They were plotters with a pre-set plan to destabilize the administrative machinery in Paris of France. Therefore, they again left for France. They shook hands with their brethren in Paris and attacked white community members brutally.

  130 innocent people in Paris were blown in debris when countless bullets from self-styled and automatic light machine guns were backfired to hit some people. 

Prince Amir Bin Abdullahaziz Al Saud 

This heinous crime overwhelmed the world. US didn’t keep tight lipped. Donald Trump who is a billionaire and strong non-political candidate to fight for being a President in America has charged Islamic Gulf countries severely. He will not leave ISIS miscreants unharmed. New air strikes, carpet bombing and meticulous spying with surveillance round the clock will be started to destruct all existing hideouts operated by ISIS supreme.

Brussels Attack 

On last Tuesday, in Brussels, some ISIS commandos with destructive weapons entered into downtown of Brussels for instituting a blitz Krieg attack to kill common frequenters at rail way station. They also ripped through the airport spraying bullets to kill travelers mercilessly. This is a setback in the history of Belgium. Brussels is no longer a peaceful city as it is ridden in gun powder. Top intelligence squads in America have been called to do deep surveillance to spot the existence of such hidden ISIS hideouts. European communities opined that Belgium is not reinforced with sophisticated surveillance systems and mechanisms to catch ISIS militants.

Charles Michel, the honorable prime minister of Belgium has had nothing but couple of tear drops to shed in lamentation. He pre guessed such an attack from ISIS agents. Many Europeans think that right now every white member must do self-protection with much alert to face the music competently. They have also criticized the roles of so-called intelligence squads and defense to tackle these reckless miscreants to save the countries.

Are Europeans Becoming Unreliable to Threaten up Their Own Members?

Europeans must admit that the ISIS attackers are mostly white colored with citizenship in European countries. It is a tragic episode for Europeans who don’t honor their own people. To be frank, the last attack in France proved that Salah Abdeslam, an ISIS agent with the hand in doing massacre in the city of Paris, is actually French national with the birth place in Belgium. So, he is a white colored guy but he planned to destroy his own brethren using some automatic weapons. He jeopardized his own country at stake. It must be unbelievable to a neonate who is born in any European country. Wealthy and high profile European communities have requested government to tighten up the ways to resist the immigrants coming from other neighboring countries. Infiltration issue must be handled without showcasing unnecessary patience and leniency. Before issuing passports and visas to white community members, intelligence squads and custom officers must be very strict with meticulous investigation to cross verify all documents to identify the criminals on spot.

Europeans Need More Deeper Self-analysis to Brew up Strong Unity

Literary speaking, Europeans must renew their own glasses to do deeper self-analysis to track loopholes for self-correction. They must be united and much unanimous to understand their own problems. Hypocrisy is the bad element to eat into the society. Modern European people should have strong feeling of patriotism to protect their countrymen without self interest. European unions and higher authorities must try to detect possible reasons of involvement of white community people with different anti-national activities to destroy their own homes in explosion. Maybe, recession, jobless, various infighting, and political disturbance isolate few European nationals from their own comrades to join ISIS groups.

Maybe, ISIS terrorists are able to lure young teens by offering golden chances to earn money. These terrorists use sexual drive by tempting young Europeans with cute Arabian women.

These Europeans are young with least maturity to understand the dire consequences in the long run. Therefore, government and guardians of these morally depraved European nationals must be meticulous with new strategies to solve the problems through rounds of debates, discussions and table work.


Technology must be upgraded to do the accurate investigation and spot verification to catch rascals. Unidentified people must be properly interrogated and then permitted to live in any advanced European country. In this connection, local folks and educated society in Europe must be co-operative to assist the higher authority to trace militants.  

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