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Is Gaddafi Responsible for His Own Nemesis?

Is Gaddafi Responsible for His Own Nemesis?

With the fall of Gaddafi, the 42 year autocratic regime in Libya has been ended. This tyrant ruled the country mercilessly gagging windpipes of his strong anti- party members. Those who opposed him were either killed or marooned. Gaddafi is responsible for his own downfall. There is a barrage of reasons behind his destruction.

Gaddafi- Tyrant Leader to Torture People

Gaddafi tortured his own citizens by using bullets and gun powder. He was an autocrat leader with hard rock heart with the least sympathy towards general persons and sufferers. He didn’t do any constructive work to develop the nation. This political leader came to power using the slogan for democracy. He swore that Libya would be the best place for people to live with equal rights without monopoly. He dreamt of creating Jamahiriya which seems to support democracy through the equal power distribution among general citizens. All political leaders must compete in the election and they will be representatives selected by people to control the administration. In reality, this tyrant leader didn’t fulfill the dream of trillion people in his country. He didn’t support or give assistance to his opponents who criticized him. Gaddafi tried to integrate all Islamic states with Arab emirates to form a strong union. He requested major Arab countries to build up pan Arabism union for more integration.

Gaddafi Lost Connection with Arab World

Kuwait decided to stop aviation service to carry passengers to Libya in protest against Gaddafi. This Arab country wanted to dethrone this violent barbaric political leader due to his aggressiveness. He never allowed other foreign countries to start any development projects to change the ambience removing poverty, unemployment, infighting and civil war. Advanced European nations warned Gaddafi not to go far to destroy the diplomatic relationship. This aggressive tyrant didn’t listen to the voice of people. He killed many innocent people including women, and children. Therefore, the possibility of uprising in Libya during his tenure brightened up.

Wrong Decision to Capture Chad and Created Tension

Many critics and experienced political leaders opine that Gaddafi was reckless to handle Chad way back to 1973. The conflict started in Chad over Aouzou Strip. Till 1994, the autocratic government of Gaddafi held the sway over Chad. Rebels became uncontrollable to wipe out regime of this bad man. He is the severest enemy to destroy the peace in Libya. Many Arab nations started deploying and manning weapons to rebels to fight for justice. It caused prolonged disturbance in different pockets of Libya.

Despotic Dynasty Ended with Death of Gaddafi

Gaddafi forcefully ruled his countrymen. His despotic regime or dynasty has been leveled with ground due to the NATO’s terrific air strikes with countless sorties to remove all barriers to destroy Gaddafi. His presence must contaminate the air in Libya. This mindset didn’t grow overnight but general innocent citizens had to count days of misery, destruction and humiliation in the hands of this tyrant. His fictitious plans and hypocrisy isolated Gaddafi from people. Well, other political maneuvers in Philippines, East Europe, and Iran against tyrants were not as forceful as it happened with Gaddafi. In the case of Marcos in Philippines, military stopped firing when the total mass was seen exploding in protest to replace their tyrant leader. Shooting spree claimed heavy casualties and injuries to destroy many rebels in Indonesia during the regime of Suharto dating back to 1998. However, people were very much energized to move for freedom from the yoke of slavery. However, in Libya, anti Gaddafi members had to struggle for convincing general people to go against this political leader. People were scared and nervy to go outside their houses to remonstrate.

Gaddafi lost connection with other European nations

France, Italy and other countries in Europe never showcase leniency to indulge this despotic leader. His death must start a new era for creating the ambience to build up the nation on strong foundation. His demise is the foundation stone to people in Libya for leading peaceful lifestyles.

Media was totally against Gaddafi. Media associates continuously published reports with snapshots of destruction done by this leader. He was ostracized because of his aggressiveness and whimsical attitude to put the country on the heated furnace.

American Predator Drone Wiped out Gaddafi with Hellfire Missile

American troops had to be engaged in skirmish with Gaddafi in Libya.

Pentagon suspected that this tyrant in Libya was plotting to manufacture very powerful nuclear bomb to air drop it on American cities.

He also proceeded to United Arab countries to build up Pan Arabism union.

All these futuristic plans are devastating for US to bear. In spite of warning this leader of Libya, there was no positive rejoinder from him in the case of non-proliferation of nuclear treaty.

So, way back to1986, US force was very aggressive with new plan to smash hideouts of this despotic tyrant.

America is the powerful country and its objective is to save the world from terrorism and vandalism.

Libya went so far to challenge Pentagon by doing hidden research for creating self-made/indigenous nuclear bombs to rule the world.

Even Gaddafi attacked Chad to hold sway over the uranium rich areas. Chad is affluent in uranium which is one of the most vital components to engineer nuclear bomb.

American troops were ordered by White House to pounce upon Libya. Discotheque bombing in Berlin in 1986 jolted US administration to react promptly by sending US force to capture Tripoli and other important cities of Libya.

America launched nocturnal air strikes with missiles and bombs to wipe out the underground bunkers and basements of troops of Gaddafi. More strong air strikes and severe attacks were launched to weaken the confidence of commandos of Gaddafi.

America is the key participant to destroy. US defense minister claimed that American superfast Predator (drone) backfired Hellfire missile to blow the convoy in which Gaddafi traveled. Sirte was cordoned off and blocked by NATO force. Gaddafi was seen to go outside to visit the areas which were captured by NATO. This tyrant thought that his troops somehow managed to possess sensitive pockets in Sirte which was the stronghold to Gaddafi.

During his car trip, American Predator targeted his vehicle with lesser guided missile to smash the bullet proof convoy. Gaddafi was struggling to overtake captors by throwing arms and using his legs. He was armed but he was totally knocked down by NATO and American force.

In some recorded video clips and snapshots, it was shown that head of Gaddafi was dotted with couple of bullets. His dead body was dragged to the city of Misrata for final burial.   


In the absence of Gaddafi, there must be new rule and regulation in favor of people. However, experienced journalists and political big bosses think that this defeated ruler supplied arms and ammunition to few regions including Sirte where tribes were aided by Gaddafi. So, mild resistance from Sirte can cause disturbance in Tripoli and other regions.

The newly formed government should tackle all nonsensical activities for better governance with unbreakable unity in Libya.    

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