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How to Best Prepare for your Performance Review at Work

How to Best Prepare for your Performance Review at Work

Performance reviews or appraisals are crucial since these are part of the career and personal development of employees.

A performance evaluation is necessary before an employee gets a substantial salary increase and promotion. This process is also meant to measure the success of employees in terms of concrete and intangible objectives.

Importance of Reviews

This evaluation is a chance for managers and employees to discuss job performance, targets, and priorities in the corporate organization. This process is something that all employees must be excited about. It is an indication that you have more room for improvement. It is an incorrigible system that will work only if employer and employee are at ease with information being presented. It may appear as too much work with minimal returns. The program is difficult but it will be very useful if implemented properly.

Perform your own self assessment

Spend time to review your own accomplishments seriously. See to it that you look at both the positive and negative aspects. Try to put yourself in the shoes of an outsider or evaluator and ask the following questions:

What are the problems you have prevailed over and how did you achieve this?

What are the improvements you have gained since the previous review?

What are the areas that you need to strengthen? How do you plan to deal with these issues?

What are your meaningful accomplishments last year? What are your significant contributions to the organization?

How can you use your skills better for the benefit of the company? Identify all your goals.

This process is your chance to secure the feedback you need about your present performance and probably the basis of your future work.

You can opt for one-on one mentoring and extra training if these will be good for your personal growth.

Making Preparations

What is the importance of a performance review? How does it work? How will it help your promotion into a senior position? There is no need to get flustered.

Instead, be calm and mull over the entire situation. In any case, there are things to consider in preparing for the much-awaited performance appraisal. Start the groundwork on your first day of work in any organization.

Keep a record of your accomplishments, results, stumbling blocks, positive feedbacks, and challenges from day one.

A lot of employees forget the importance of getting ready for these evaluations which are conducted once or twice every year. Keep emails, reports, positive comments, incidents, and justifications. It is important to be ready mentally before going to a performance review. Your goal is to be optimistic, energized and open-minded to push yourself and highlight personal achievements for the year. In case you get adverse comments, ask questions instead of being defensive.

Reviews will boost your career if you have the nerve to analyze feedback objectively. It is a period of contemplation. Make a commitment to make changes if you get a negative assessment. Accept positive evaluation with unassuming nature. Accept that your success was also due to the efforts of your subordinates or co-workers.

Do not hesitate to ask about your future role in the organization. You can even solicit advice on how to gain more competence for promotion to middle or senior level management.

Career goals are important

The appraisal is not designed only to find out if the employee is a perfect fit for the organization. It has a broader purpose of helping the individual to determine if he or she has picked the correct career path.

All feedbacks whether positive or negative will be useful for the person to chart a course wherein both parties put their assets and interests to the best use. See to it that you establish your targets for the coming year as well.

The review is not all about past achievements but also focus on projections for the next year. Plant your seeds to prove that you are committed both to personal and company growth.

SAP Performance Management

SAP offers a performance management solution that can help employees and managers to plan, quantify, assess, and optimize workforce performance efficiently.

The SAP system enables you to fix individual goals by analyzing and managing performance using feedback mechanisms together with appraisals.

It presents functions that include quantifiable comparisons, alignment of team and organizational objectives, as well as performance-based incentives and compensation.

The primary advantage of this approach is the integration of talent management which consists of competencies, review and calibration, organization, and enterprise learning.

These are combined with SAP elements like Business Warehouse and Authorizations. Rigid amalgamation will help HR departments customize feedback processes based on the needs of the business organization.

This solution is very flexible and supports the company from a simple perspective. Stakeholders will definitely call for performance from their businesses, employees, systems and processes.


The hardest aspect of an appraisal program is determining the manager’s actual performance. This should be a continuing process that should be dispensed for appropriate monitoring all throughout the cycle of assessment.

The company needs to opt for the right measuring strategies. The focus should be made on the desired performance and compare this to the actual performance of the manager. 

It is a complex procedure that requires a careful approach right from the very start.  

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