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Green Living in the Arab Deserts

Green Living in the Arab Deserts

The Middle Eastern Region is primarily known for its vast and very dry deserts. But very recently, numerous countries in this part of the globe are thinking green. 

A Short Introduction to Green Living

Green or sustainable living, a lifestyle which focuses on the reduction of peoples’ use of natural and personal resources, may have started in the West. However, it is becoming a worldwide sensation. Reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption, changing methods of transportation and even the way people eat are just some ways on how to achieve true symbiosis with Earth.   The movement actually started several decades back, in the 1950s to be exact. While it took quite a long time before it became a household term, so to say, it is great news that more and more people are going with the trend.   It might be surprising for a lot but Arab countries are at the forefront of the movement

King Abdullah Economic City 

Saudi Arabia, one of the richest sources of oil in the whole world, has created a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and commercial endeavors, making it easy for locals and international entrepreneurs to do business in the country: the KAEC. 

Green living enthusiasts would be so glad to know that the KAEC is also the perfect example of a sustainable community. Designed by world-class architects and planners, this modern city can support thousands of families and everything they need plus provide them with an enviably beautiful living space and views.   And in the Rest of Saudi Arabia   The government has decreed that all companies in the country must meet the water, noise and air pollution standards within five years. This standard follows the international benchmark, protecting the health of its people and the country’s natural resources. This is good news to environmentalists in Saudi Arabia and in the rest of the globe. 

United Arab Emirates 

Green living in the UAE is not just transforming communities. It is also improving the life of the locals.   Al Barari, a great example of an eco-friendly community in Dubai, is designed with an abundance of lush gardens and waterways to decrease the temperature by 5 degrees Celcius compared to the surrounding areas. This will practically get rid of the need for air conditioning in the homes.   Qatar   The energy consumption per capita in this Middle Eastern country is one of the highest in the world. But conditions are looking up as there is a complete change in the mindset of its people and government.   Sustainability is now in the forefront of urban and community planning. And this is evidenced in Baytna, a housing project which is environmentally friendly. The homes will require a very small amount of energy, a great start in decreasing the country’s pretty high carbon footprint. 


Combating global warming is a must all over the world. But it is of even greater importance in this part of the world considering that the high temperature here can be unbearable.   As part of the Go Green Bahrain campaign of the government, they have planted numerous Simarouba Glauca saplings during their Earth Day. They also have a Tree Week wherein various ways of protecting and preserving trees are taught to numerous communities in the country.


Like Bahrain, Oman also has numerous tree-planting and environmental projects. One of the most notable, however, is the ‘No Plastic’ campaign. To greatly decrease the use of this waste material, they have distributed thousands of jute bags to young children. They are also encouraging people to make their own reusable bags.


Last but definitely not the least; Kuwait has managed to plant a hundred million trees recently. And to further advocate that more of these be planted and protected, they are including students in various schools in their projects.   

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