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Focus on Impact of Advanced Technology on Economy of Dubai

Focus on Impact of Advanced Technology on Economy of Dubai

The economic infrastructure of Dubai is recently getting a new exposure with the coming of powerful e-commerce portal to turbo-charge the online industry to a great extent. Information technology influences local traders to install more sophisticated computers with internet to minimize the data management trouble. More training institutes have been set up to train students to have good tech know-how in computer application. Therefore, it is a prominent transition in Dubai economy. Evaluate the long lasting impact of IT and advanced technology on national economy of this city of the UAE.

New Horizon Created in Dubai for Business Growth

In 2008, the total estimated GDP was around US $82.11 billion. However, sudden economic downtime occluded the growth of the city to some extent. In spite of recession, this city has compensated economic loss by undergoing a fruitful business venture with Abu Dhabi. Petro dollars revived the financial strength of Dubai slowly. However, tourism and leisure industry got new recognition with fast media exposure in the world. More international financers backfire billion dollars to buy or construct new hotels, resorts, and residential apartments in the city. Simultaneously, entrepreneurs understood the importance of developing their century old business set-ups with the advanced technology to survive in the tough rat race.

More Advanced Technology and Its Impact on Business in Dubai

World Wide Web has excellently impressed million people in Dubai to explore in a new digital portal which must be a god’s gift to inspire them to sit for online surfing with hidden thrill. The technology is much beneficial and handy to entrepreneurs to take care of business perfectly. Large scale companies located in Dubai city have been restructured with innovative tools including Cloud based computers. They slowly understand the effectiveness of e-commerce to make their business promotional campaigns more responsive to attract customers for new business transactions. E-commerce is a fast trouble free customer managements system. Both employers and customers are seen being present online with eagerness to solve many intricate issues on the spot. Employees who are under supervision of the management of the company easily communicate with top brass through internet. So, entrepreneurs in Dubai have found a powerful cost effective infrastructure for smooth business management, easy data accessibility, business communication, product promotion and instant problem trouble shooting to boost up 9 online customers to invest more currencies to purchase products.

Innovation in Technology Speeds up Business Promotion in Dubai

An entrepreneur of a corporate sector has a number of easy options to update daily files, ledger books, account details of employees and survey reports. An employer designs futuristic plans and many business branding projects using the smart cross device compatible tools. The mobile business management infrastructure minimizes the stress of a busy employer to handle multiple tasks in twinkling of an eye. E-commerce has also made the online business deals much more budget friendly. In Dubai, customers get new promotional offers and freebies when they hit any e-commerce site to buy products. These consumers are slowly opting for such advanced shopping cart with easy documentation facility. Their products are directly shipped at door steps. Online shops open doors to entice young generation for enjoying the shopping venture on the glossy virtual platform. Conventional shopping drawbacks seem to have been removed to benefit the middle class to buy products without going to local shops. So, businessmen in Dubai must emulate European countries to upgrade their transaction systems by bringing ultra modern business operating tools to expect excellent returns in the long run.

Exploration in Digital E-commerce Revitalizes Economy of Dubai

Experts believe that the new trend to use internet and e-commerce tools must be compatible with modern milieu. One of the simple reasons of choosing online business operating infrastructure lies in the proper enhancement of product security, easy data management, fast transaction, less expensive transaction, and privacy. Well, there is another thing to be highlighted to assess the popularity of virtual shopping trend. Language barrier is a problem to many buyers who need to import sophisticated products from other nations. They have to depend on professional brokers and interpreters to correspond with vendors/business clients. Online websites have been optimized by introducing more programming languages to upgrade the communication tools. Online Google translate is now a buzzword to wipe out language barrier. Besides, online shopping sites enable customers to fill up online barcode forms in multiple languages. So, this superb information technology must help domestic businessmen in Dubai to refurbish their companies/corporate offices with the newly upgraded tools to ensure the hassle free transactions on the same platform. Telemarketing in this city of the UAE is much convenient to conservative women and the aged. Online inventories seem to enter into the houses of citizens in Dubai to give some smart product buying options without embedded catch. At the same time, an online buyer can also be a part of the business by doing some affiliate or MLA programs to help companies to scale up with good possibility of earning more revenues. So, online shopping carnival must be a sunrise to young entrepreneurs to expand business rapidly. Therefore, economy in Dubai must be improved because of steadfast supremacy of the IT over the whole business world in UAE. Latest technology is being borrowed by entrepreneurs to increase the entrepreneurial skill of young employees. More online training courses are provided to educate employers to work in fast e-commerce environment. Their demands are properly tracked by superiors through the vast Cloud based e-commerce platform. Duty bound employees are allowed to use their cell phones with Wi-Fi system to be in touch with their team leaders. They can reach their top brass of the management through emails, sms and live chatting portal.


Globalization and revolution in technology must accelerate the potentiality of entrepreneurs to build up integrated e-commerce society which adds speed and dimension to the whole economic structure of Dubai. Other industries which are yet to boom in this city must be brought under the impact of IT for coping with other advanced countries in Europe.    

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"Technology can change nations " - Prince Amir Bin Abdullahaziz Al Saud  

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