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Anti Obama Rally Continued- Hot Exchange at Florida GOP Debate – Deep Analysis

Anti Obama Rally Continued- Hot Exchange at Florida GOP Debate – Deep Analysis

The anti-Obama crusade campaign seems to have set the whole American nation ablaze in thrill. Educated native American denizens are not satisfied with the resolution of Obama who seems to have disheartened his brethren by neglecting interests of the country. Therefore, Trump has got easy access to win at the GOP South Carolina overpowering his countrymen Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and other rivals. The hot debate was launched to showcase the recent political imbroglio and insurgency in America. The entry of a non-political candidate is really a turning point to American citizens who are waiting for a good candidate to lead the country peacefully.

Tussle Between Jeb Bush and Trump Became Severe at Florida GOP Debate

The GOP debate Florida is very important to intelligentsia society to evaluate the roles of all candidates who fight for holding the portfolio of President to rule the country. Jeb Bush, the former senator representing Florida must have embedded volcano to explode because of the callous attitude of this American contestant. This former senator from Florida has vented his spleen against this non-political leader who won at GOP South Carolina. The vexation brewed up silently when the former senator called Trump as a person of chaos. This non political contestant has no right to go for presidential nomination due to his reckless demeanor and uncontrollable impatience Bush further pointed out loudly that this new guy struggling for winning at the upcoming presidential election in America is religious intolerant with grievances against the activities of Muslim communities. So in this way, there will be high tension between the white House and other Muslim countries.

Trump Vents Spleen by Condemning Obama’s Apathy to Control Terrorism

At a previous debate, Trump condemned Obama for his indulgence to pamper Muslim countries to increase the chance of spreading violence in the world. Muslims must be prevented from entering into America. There must be new law to restrict the maneuver of all Muslims to visit America. His cumbersome comment indulges the racial profiling and color distinction. Therefore, Bush raided heavily and back lashed this newcomer with some caustic remarks. The whole debate became a furnace. Even other contestants were not satisfied with suggestions made by this billionaire entrepreneur cum politician. However, this maverick non-political big brother was not found roaming in silence with tight lipped facade. He backfired some caustic terms to smash Jeb Bush at the dais. According to him, the country can’t be great if there is anyone found irresponsible with bogus remarks for self satisfaction. People must be bold and determined to set a new target for the overall development of the nation discarding piles racism, jingoism and political deadlock.

Bitter Hot Exchange of Words at Florida GOP

All contestants for presidential nomination were heated up when GOP debate started on this very day. Ted Cruz is another significant big boss who won favors of his fans by showcasing dazzling eloquence and convincing power. The tussle between Cruz and Trump became severe when both were trying to clarify their stand by providing lot of facts. They had tons of facts, and evidences with charts of content to forecast the vision of the country.

Frankly speaking, Rubio, the senator of Florida joined the newly formed anti-Trump campaign to find the best alternative replacing this non-political big brother. Jeb Bush has not stopped lambasting Donald Trump. This billionaire non-political contestant is not modest. Bush continued by saying that this candidate who won in South Carolina caucus doesn’t know how to honor senior denizens. This political leader has no right to lower down the prestige of honorable former president and his mother. The melee was uninterrupted as both heavyweights were sparkling in excitement to exchange hot remarks.

The next Republican debate will be hosted in University of Houston in Houston, Texas on 25th February ((7:30pm CT, 6:30pm MT, and 5:30pm PT). CNN and Telemundo will be major sponsors to organize the debate. Wolf Blitzer has been selected the respected moderator. Participants are Trump, Cruz, Carson, Rubio and Kasich.   

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