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5 Good Habits At Work Place To Be Popular

5 Good Habits At Work Place To Be Popular

Are you new to job market or would like get a promotion soon? Good work habits are essential for getting a positive performance evaluation and continuing employment in an organization.Managers and coworkers enjoy working with people who report to work every day, interact in positive ways, take pride in their work and complete their assignments on time. These are 5 habits to cultivate at work place to make you popular.

1.     Time Management

This is one of the greatest habits required at work place but many employees underestimate its value. As the saying goes ‘if you want people to respect you respect their time.’ Right from being punctual to work, to finishing projects within deadlines is all you are required to do become successful and popular at work.

Ensure you prepare a dairy for your work and a time table for your tomorrow’s activities, and then stick to it. Remember if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Ask Alex Ferguson about time management and he will tell you how he rose into his position due to good time management. He also understands the important of every minute in a ninety minutes match.


2.     Be Organized

Whether you are a secretary or a manager of a company, getting organized makes you earn respect and popularity.

Right from the way you dress to the way you arrange your files at cabinet or how you organize your mails adds you a plus or a minus to your profile and popularity.

With good organizational habits, workers can find success in their professional and personal lives. That's because getting organized helps people to focus on what needs to be done. Using tools such as calendars, to-do lists and email reminders, workers can work more efficiently and complete tasks by their deadlines. They can show the people in their workplace they are professionals who are seriously committed to achieving their work goals and even helping others succeed. So organize your work and others will always learn from you.

Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers of United States was one of the highly organized leaders and once said, ’A place for everything and everything in its place ’


3.     Team Work

Be a team player. Share what you know with your workmates and also be willing to learn from them. Cultivate good communication skills both vertically and horizontally to ensure that you interact with your colleagues and seniors with ease.

 By so doing, you will earn respect and trust of your colleagues thus becoming popular.

Dave Kerpen, a strategic consultant advisor submits that he started as an individual consultant but through team work his business grew to a big company, which it is today.


4.     Provide Solutions

Companies are willing to maintain and promote you as long as you add value to their organization. Don’t be a ‘may be’ person but be a ‘this is the way’ person. You need to do in-depth research about your company regarding your contribution to ensure that you are always a step ahead of others. This way, you shall be contacted any time an issue arises and could make you rise to managerial level

Ben Carson who led John Hopkins neurosurgeon department started rising in the ladder when he helped other neurosurgeons to diagnose a patient when he was still a medical doctor. 


5.     Be Responsible


 Know your level of responsibility with the company and take ownership for your job scope and inventory. Remember there is no excuse for being full of excuses. Therefore, be responsible for whatever you are trusted with and ensure that you can provide a track of the activities delegated to you.


By cultivating these work habits you will be assured that your boss is satisfied with your work and if there is a promotion soon, you will be highly considered.

Winston Churchill, a renowned British politician who served as prime minister of UK once said that “The price of greatness is responsibility.” This is the philosophy which helped him climb the ladder of leadership.

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