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Will Putin Replace US in Middle-east

Will Putin Replace US in Middle-east


This week is very crucial towards world peace and shift in global politics

Camp Davis is hosting a summit to handle middle-eastern conflict.

King Salman declined President Obama's visit but has chosen the Crown Prince Mohammed Nin Nayef and Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman to attend.

Possible outcomes of GCC summit 

Politics in middle-east is highly complex.

President Obama clearly mentioned in his comments, before leaving for summit, that Saudi's will have to share the middle-east with Iran. He made GCC furious after he called them "free loaders"

Further, President Obama also submitted he would veto the 911commission bill, which will drag Saudi Nation into court for 911 events.

1. The news of the 911 commission bill has Saudi's react strongly. Saudi's relayed a clear message to US, that they will pull out $750 Billion. 

2. It is of the opinion, if Saudi take the step possibly other GCC nations will also follow. It is estimated the total GCC assets may amount to $ 5 trillion.

3. US, per opinion, may not be able to handle loosing $5 trillion GCC investment with existing $19 Trillion national debt and also $48 Billon trade deficit, pushing country into possible bankruptcy. 

It is a different economics and subject how the withdraws will play out. 

4. Further the response of Saudi's silent treatment to US is an indication of a strike back sooner or later when oil prices shifts to $80 a Barrel. 

Current Political layout in Middle-east 

Un till oil situation improves here is possible political layout of power in Middle east. 

Putin is desperate. Russia is at verge of breaking down due to economic turmoil due to drop in oil tax money over 300%. Putin needs to keep his rich allies and social reforms keep moving for which he needs capital, to stay in power. 

Also world knows Putin, being ex-KGB, to be very head strong, patriotic and hungry for power.

Russia wants to be on stage again to be a super power against US. That will made Putin position strong in Europe and world-wide. 

Putin possibly also wants his name out of Panama papers, even though he has denied direct involvement, and has world shift eyes towards middle-east.

We all know attention on Russian occupation on Crimea is getting less press now, when Putin moved into Syria. 

GCC Four Fold Agenda

It is of opinion, GCC may have a plan for future. Let's review. 

1. GCC are upset with US on many fronts. First agenda would be to replace US with Russia. Making US realize no one is indispensable. 

Putin will jump to take US position.

2. Saudi's main issue in middle east is, President Hassan Rouhani. This is a religious cold-war turning bad after serious of incidents between two countries leading to shutting down embassies. 

Putting Putin in front of Iran might be a great strategy.

Putin with his record might be a great player to push Iran. Also Hezbollah may also have to rethink their strategy in middle-east.

3. Putin is already bombing ISIS working with Assad. Both US and Saudi's want Assad out. It is a strong possibility GCC may use Putin to overthrow Assad.

4. Also it is to be reflected in Donald Trump GOP speeches he is anti-Muslim and has done enough damage to US - Saudi relationships.

Donald current wife Melania Trump (née Knauss, born Melanija Knavs, April 26, 1970; Germanized to Melania Knauss) is a Slovene-American jewelry and watch designer and former model.

His ex-wife, Ivana Marie Trump is a Czech-American socialite and former fashion model.

Both his spouses have ethnic origins going back to former USSR. Donald Trump has also stated he believes to have a good relationship with Putin. It is evident for Saudi's bringing Putin in will help them better relationships with US in worst case scenario in getting concessions from US and fighting Iran.

Trump is against Iran and has condemned Iran Nuclear deal signed last year by John Kerry. Per Donald the negotiation with Iran was not done properly.


It is suggested that in upcoming summit , US takes favorable and balanced steps to resolve issues for fostering better relationships. Putin's rise in power will generate a new world order and make US position weak. It is estimated Saudi's have spent 1/3 of their GDP ($805 Billion Estimated. 2015 )  in military.

Even though US has declined to sell F35s to Arabs, Russian technology is highly advanced in not only military but research in nanotechnology. Russia will step in and fill that void.

President Obama has done a great job by resolving many issues and is hoped to make things better before White House exit.

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