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Will Obama’s Visit to Saudi Arabia and GCC Be Productive?

Will Obama’s Visit to Saudi Arabia and GCC Be Productive?


Analyze Outcome

Honorable President of America met the king of Saudi Arab and top brass of the government. Obama’s visit to Gulf country must give rise to a new horizon in settling many complicated issues.  Iran is now a threat to Saudi Arab. Syria seems to become worse when Assad has gone so far for tie-up with Russia to eliminate his dissidents in the country.   The cobweb of intricaciesindiplomaticrelationshipbetweenSaudi Arab andthe USshould beended throughdiscussion in amicableambience.   However, none can predict the outcome of President’s trip to Gulf countries right now.

Platitude of Resentment about American Strategy- Obama’s Visit to Be More Challenging


 Saudi Arab has platitude of resentment built up against American force.  White House has suspected that   Saudi Arab was surreptitiously supporting   terrorists to do massacre way back to 11th September 2000.

It was a black day for Americans who had to bear unexpected casualties.    However, Saudi Arab has refuted the statement of Pentagon.

If America brands Saudi Arab as a terrorist country, it will be so pathetic for this Gulf nation.  The relationship with the US will be dried up because of irresponsible decision made by White House to blame or accuse Saudi Arab without any strong evidence.  So Obama must backtrack from his previous statement cancelling the bill vis-à-vis   11th September attack on Native Americans. 

The tension brews up stealthily.  Recently Obama made  a cumbersome comment when he criticized the role of the king of Saudi Arabia.  According to him, Saudi Arab must search for a good alternative to end up the tussle with Iran.   It should have much eagerness to share land with Iranian government to minimize tension. 

This awkward feedback of Obama must be lethal and destructive to affect the foreign rapport with this Gulf nation. SaudiArab opts for moreconstructive supportivenessfromWhite Housewhenboth countriessit for negotiationtodecrease the power ofterrorists.  Peace can’t be obtained overnight.    It needs better table work, good intention for justice and clarity in launching more dynamic programs to control high voltage terrorism in Gulf. Syria is not a liberal nation. Assad is oppressing rebels and his dissidents mercilessly.  The same snapshot in Yemen  forces Riyadh to be more attentive to chalk out futuristic plans to behave with Syria and ISIL extremists.  

American troops are not performing well to give support to Saudi Arab. It widens the gap and gradually there will be more caustic relationship lying hidden to affect the much profitable upstream industry.  Saudi Arab can put restriction on oil exporting to America if White House neglects the important role of Saudi Arab in tackling violence in the Gulf regions. 

Riyadh Wants More Supportiveness from US to Control Extremists


Obama has also highlighted the barbaric role of Riyadh to behead a number of dissidents and terrorists   to send the message of warning to militancy outfits.  Obama will, therefore, be much more optimistic to reduce misunderstanding between Iran and Saudi.   America must not back up Iranian   troops to increase power. Saudi Arabia  will urgeAmerican President to stayon sidelinewithoutprovidingstrong support toIranian defenseto spreadsupremacyover Saudi.  

Obama has showcased his eagerness to grow leniency towards Saudi to cool the ambience at the border.

During President’s stay in Riyadh, the discussion will be carried on regarding the cessation of proxy war in Yemen.  Obviously, there will be possibility of restoration of peace in Gulf. 

In this connection, Mr. Obama shook hands with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is the prince of Abu Dhabi. 

At this summit, two leaders were found behind closed doors to discuss about Yemen to control terrorism.  The UAE has deployed armed military force with commandos to attack enemies in Yemen.   The troops of UAE also joined   allied force to wipe out hideouts of Islamic extremists in Syria. 

Obama is believed to have brought this issue of Yemen under spotlight at this meeting.   It seems to be getting clear that White House and Riyadh have same goals to reach with difference in priorities.  Riyadh incubates the possibility of rollback in minimizing power of Iran and dashing Assad against the floor to ensure   stability.

However, American government will have to analyze the aftermath effect of such mission designed by Saudi Arab.   Nuclear test treaty with Iran is another negative element to dishearten Riyadh. When the strong anti-Iran force was formed to control vandalism, the US supported the presence of Iranian force in the Gulf region.  It is unbearable for Riyadh.   Obama must have more good intentions to take care of interests of Riyadh and GCC.



The outcome of Gulf summit seems to have imprecise the turmoil, mistrust and ambiguity to make it much more problematic for Obama to settle previous resentment in an amicable ambience.   Saudi Arabia  doesn’t   renew   relationship withIran due to itsaggressiveness and barbarism tonurture tension inYemenbyturbo-chargingHoutisrebels.  

Yemen should lead peaceful lifestyle and Saudi will try to provide more financial aids and humanitarian support to rebuild the economy of that disturbed country. However,  Iranhas destabilized thesituation bydeployingtroops, arms andtechnologytoHoutisextremists to launch more powerful blitzKriegattacks oninnocent citizens inYemen.  White House has overlooked the ill activities of Iran. 

So, at this summit, Obama has received lukewarm reception as King Salman has ventilated his displeasure and discontentment over the puppet show performed by US to indulge Iranian force to rule Gulf region.   This decision disheartened Riyadh and   GCC members.  Therefore,   KingSalmanhas not acceptedtheinvitationofObama to attendthe upcomingmeeting at David Camp todiscuss broadly aboutcurrent situation inGulf.  Obamahas requested   other GCCmembers likeOman,  Bahrain,   Kuwait , Qatar andSaudi Arab andUAE to be present for deep analysisabout the crisis inMiddle East including therole of Iran in Yemen. 

However,   American president has had to swallow the capsule of snub after getting a passive response from King Salman of Saudi.   King has selected two young newcomers to visit David Camp.  Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef have been selected to pay a short visit to Washington to be present at David Camp to participate in the debate. 

GCC and Iran are now on opposite poles with hidden confrontation.   Iranian force is expanding under the care of Pentagon.  SaudiArab is not   readyto take the insult lying down as Salmanis prioritizingtheself-production of powerful indigenousweaponsandarms todestroyenemies.  

Besides, the bipartisan bill enactment issue has triggered suppressed resentment to force Saudi Arab to think of selling  $750 billion worth financial assets reserved in US treasury.   However, White House is strict to monitor the situation in Gulf.    People have to wait for few days more to know thefinal outcomeof theDavid Camp summitwhichwill behostedin next week in Washington. 

Finally, the outcome of Obama’s trip to Saudi Arab will be varied. 

Experts observe that Saudi Arabia is gaining capability to manufacture arms and ammunition to become more self-reliant. Saudi Arabia has spent 25% of their budget on military spending. 

OnceObama ridiculedby addressingSaudiArab as free ridersdue to over reliance on Americanforce. Gradually, Saudi Arab is becoming self reliant in the case of expanding defense.  On the other hand, America is trying to reduce the oil importing from Riyadh as it has got success in extracting oil from shale reservoirs. Shale oil industry is flourishing in Texas and Dakota.   In addition, America’s counter terrorism mission is being obstructed due to passive attitude of Saudi and Arab World.

The civil war and infighting make it difficult for American force to terminate ISIS extremists. Obama must have transparent strategies to start a new era for everlasting peace, and stability in Gulf removing the blanket of tension in toto. 


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