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Will Brexit Be Boon or Bane to the UK? Deep Analysis

Will Brexit Be Boon or Bane to the UK? Deep Analysis


European Union is not a government but it is an international organization. 28 European countries have been united to run this organization for free movement, better business dealing and international diplomatic relationship. 

Registered EU members have got a number of privileges over non EU states.    Recently, Cameron, the existing Prime Minister of Britain, has opted for Brexit. It is a new buzz word or policy for Cameron who wants to lose EU membership. However , Bremain is anotherresolution whichinsistsCameron to remainamember toassist EU to leadtheEurope. What is the side effect of Brexit?    Is there any issue faced by Britain to leave EU?

Benefits of Being EU Members

After the formation o f European Union, selected countries which have the authoritative power to vote at EU election have freedom to move crossing the borders of Schengen Area.  That means, there is an internal mono government with a single Schengen area with no visa checking for EU citizens to travel in the EU territories.  Even there is separate currency   for these 28 nations to use for   transactions.    If Britain decides to opt for the Brexit, EU will slam doors on the face of the UK. This country will have to    change the immigration law and there will be embargo on the movement of the UK citizens to travel in advanced countries   in Europe. They will have to prepare their international passports and visas to have permission to cross borders of   France, Italy and Belgium.   However, Britain has declared that it will take drastic measures to put heavy onus on the movement of foreign immigrants living in the UK.   The dispute will be severe in the event of the bold steps taken by other EU nations against Britain.    

Will Brexit Boost Up  Cameron to Build up Nation?

On the other hand, the conservative party in Britain is forcing Cameron to be strict to participate in the EU election which will be hosted probably in 2017. The British   parliament must find the cause and effect of Brexit before taking the decision in the long run.   However, the recent snapshots of bomb explosions, constant firing and hijacking in Brussels, Turkey and Paris have smashed the confidence of Cameron to depend on EU defense.   He told the press reporters that Britishers suffer from Euroscepticism due to constant threat from ISIS hideouts and terrorists.   They are becoming Eurosceptic to launch bolder anti EU campaigns after the massacre in Brussels.  EU intelligence squads and defense are not showcasing their efficiency to protect UK immigrants residing in EU nations.  Britain has already spent over eight billion pound to reinforce the EU defense. Ultimately, the cloud of Europhobia deepens to discourage Britishers. They need more life protection to live in Brussels, France and Italy.  Brexit will enable Britain to take the full fledged control over the border to resist the onsets of terrorists. 

Brexit Side Effect – Will It Affect British Immigration and Labor Immigration Policy?

Brexit will help   Cameron to build up the economic infrastructure without being answerable to EU.  The UK government   will follow Swiss model to remodify their financial sectors to stay a good competitor in Europe.  However, Cameron must face the tough situation after Brexit because France has already   gone against London.  UK will have to change the labor immigration policy as time will be tougher for laymen and workers who are desirous of going to other EU nations for getting jobs.  Dubai declared that it would be flexible to provide more free trading offers to the UK.  There will be more opportunities   for UK laborers to find jobs in Dubai without tax burdens.   If Britain plans to cancel membership, it will be a loser.  Ultimately, Brexit will affect UK banking, reinsurance, retail, asset management and privately owned financial sectors uber.   The UK will not get support from these EU nations if the Brexit is opted for by this country. The controversy is still over there about the Brexit or Bremain. 


Britain will have to chalk out new risk management strategy to overtake the side effect of Brexit.  The UK depends on   EU market to a great extent.   Approximately, 50 percent revenues come to UK through EU market.  After the inception of Brexit, this country will have to depend on   US market which will be much more challenging and tougher to UK based entrepreneurs.  UK traders will have to find better places for investment in Europe. However it is time consuming as well.   So, Cameron should proceed for implementing Brexit with patience after doing a good analysis and probing.

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