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Uber Versus Lyft – Which Is Better for You? Deep Analysis

Uber Versus Lyft – Which Is Better for You? Deep Analysis



Uber Ordered to Pay a $10 Million In Suit Over Misleading Practices.

Uber Versus Lyft – Which Is Better for You? Deep Analysis

The Settlement with cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco is over fake airport toll fees and misleading claims of background checks of its drivers. 

The basic similarity between Uber and Lyft is that both companies provide shared cab services.

The difference lies in the type and quality of service.

To be frank, Uber is suitable to corporate professionals who need large limos and stretch vehicles to carry a team of employees to meet clients at conferences. However, Uber in America is used by elite clientele. 

Lyft is a good car shared service provider to people who need vehicles for day to day services at lower cost.   They are given fleets of sophisticated  six passenger accommodation vehicles operated by experienced drivers. 

Lyft is the reliable company which has all responsible and duty bound working staff members and drivers.   They don’t spoil the day by cheating customers. 

Lyft car sharing service provider welcomes people to undergo trouble free street navigation without squandering hard earned money by using a famous navigation Application called Waze. 

It ensures the affordable car trips.  Gradually Lyft is expanding its service center. Many international rich financers  like Taweed (Saudi Prince) decided to finance this company for business promotion.  

Lyft Recruits Talented Drivers with Fleets of New Vehicles to Give Affordable Support

One of the innovations which Lyft have opted for lies in the selection of car drivers.  The first thing is that drivers of this car rental service provider are smartly competent.

Ad Campaign running on local radio's states "Sign up today and start driving tomorrow." 

Lyft makes it mandatory to meet the new recruits before pushing their full background check, which Uber avoids. 

Lyft is allowing tips on the fare ticket where Uber states its included in the fare. Drivers have been terminated from their Uber contract for for accepting tips from clients.

Comment from Umer Qureshi, Uber driver, from California, US was " How do I survive at $2.70 on short trips, which is minimum wages in some US states. Qureshi, further submitted during interview " Some days, I get 15 short trips, I end up making $40 in 8 hours. I simply cannot feed my family. " 

Lyft are experienced with the least DUI reports or any bad feedback from clients.  They are punctual and amicable in nature.  You can book cars instantly to go for short or long trips. Per reports, Uber drivers are known to decline short trips. 

Online vehicle booking has got new exposure with the introduction of the smart mobile network which is compatible with multiple digital devices.

Online customers check the  portal of the company and then book vehicles for short or long distance trips. Cars reach the doorsteps of the customers very fast.   These drivers of Lyft have mobile handsets to talk to customers while traveling.  Truly speaking, Uber drivers are not responsible to take care of passengers as they are very professional with lack of civic sense.  On the other hand, competent drives of Lyft are much friendlier and more sociable. 

They talk to passengers even during fast car driving as stated by interview with top 100 global clients, who used shared services the most per data collected by a U.K based research firm.  Customers make payment through their mobile phones.  It is a less expensive trouble free car trip and Lyft drivers are intelligent to handle any awkward situation boldly. Drivers   of this company have authorized licenses. They are acquainted with the traffic rules.  

Good Partnership with South West Airlines

Lyft will be in a new tie-up with South West Airlines Company.  This joint partnershipwillgivemorebenefits toLyftuserswho are alsoregistered members ofthisinternationalairlineservice provider.   In the beginning, 1100 rewards will be given to these registered subscribers who will take rides from Lyft.  Same way, this reputed car sharing company offers $15 off or discount for South West airlines customers. So, this promotional deal must spoon feed the business smoothly. 

More Foreign Investment to Boost up Lyft

Lyft may be partly operated by  Saudi prince named Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud as he is also a good investor to buy some shares of this ride sharing company. He is the now enjoying the ownership of $247.7 million roughly.  So he is desirous of placing 5 percent stake in car ride sharing business. 

So Lyft will have more foreign currencies to modify the company with the expansion of the business at much higher speed.   More futuristic projects will be chalked out for implementation to   take this company to more customers.  


Easy Way to Hire Car shared Services of Lyft

Contact online customer management experts of this car rental agency and trouble shoot problems you are found facing.  You will get tips and instant solutions.  Visit the well decorated and optimized website   of this company to know about the futuristic   plans, vision and any new promotional offer to have flexible car renting package. Lyft has earned extra $1 billion this month.   So the new foreign investment will put this company on smooth rut to run overtaking its rival uber.  Lyft closed the shares at price of $26.79 in the long run. After the offshore investment, new valuation of the company is pegged at $4.9 billion.

Lyft Filed Lawsuit against Uber

Lyft Company has lodged complaint at California state judges’ court   for violating the ethics of hiring employees from the company.  Uber employer is trying to snatch talented and competent employees from Lyft illegally. Uber's advertsing on radio chanels are misleading, stating "apply today and start driving tommorrow."  

Travis VanderZanden, a part of the management of Uber illegally soliciting experienced drivers of Lyft to join Uber.  So, it is totally illegitimate deal and  Uber must compensate Lyft for this unfair deal without consulting with the top brass of Lyft.

Comparatively,  Lyft is much better and more reliable than Uber.  Drivers of Uber take extra service charges from passengers.   It is often burdensome to economical customers.

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