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Top Technological Innovations in the Global Arena- Deep Analysis 2015

Top Technological Innovations in the Global Arena- Deep Analysis 2015


Innovation must be a change to modify the concepts which seem to be outdated and old. However, this transition must be productive with new thoughts or mechanisms for people to repair their hidden loopholes to build up their lives on solid foundation.   Same way, top five technological innovations must be conducive to the development of the society leveling all discrepancies with the ground. 

Magic Leap – A Projector to Create Augmented Reality for Illusion


The 3D technology has brought a significant change in the video/digital gaming world.  Youmust beexcited as well as satisfiedtokeep glued to your seatwhile watching someactionpackedMMORPGeventsandgames on the console.  Well, advancement in the technology has upgraded this digital gaming world uber.  Right now, in imitation of Hollywood’s holographic video display technology, Magic Leap video platform has been engineered by experts. 

In a different mystic world, you will have a strange augmented reality which seems to be much more real and natural. However, the world in which you stay is not real.  The reality is mixed with unreal or supernatural.   The augmented reality must be glossy with adventure for children to undergo a superb venture to see the unseen things.   For instance, while watchinga giant shark dribbling andbouncing in air , you will be overpowered in excitement tocatch the glimpse of this marine creaturewhichseems to floatin your roombreaking the   videoscreen. Wow!  My Goodness!   Is it real and perceivable? Yes, it is called augmented reality. Digital objects seem to be overlapped with natural aspects to create hallucination or illusion to boost up viewers to explore in such a mystic world. Magic Leap is unbelievable. However, Microsoft’s   Hololens is a similar 3D based video gaming technology.   It also produces an interesting holographic ambience. The user will have to wear a headset with a glass screen to see the digital objects blended with natural aspects in reality. However, Abovitz, the eminent CEO of Magic Leap, has   pointed out the specialty in this innovative technology. The difference between Hololens and Magic Leap lies in the projection of   the augmented reality.   Magic leap projects the   long distance objects on the same tiny screen even though the person sits close to the video console. That means,   without changing the position, you can track planets and running galaxies over long distance.   Hololens showcases the short distance objects which are displayed on the same screen.  So the feeling will be different.   With Hololens, you watch everything happening just near your eyes whereas the objects displayed on the screen of Magic Leap will seem to be kept far away even though your eyes are fixed on the same glossy screen.   Google has already invested $500 million to upgrade this innovative theme base gaming technology.

Nano Lattice


Greer is one of the luminaries in nano science who has showcased magic by creating something unbelievable to enchant viewers.   In reality, hard ceramic kitchenware accessories and other home décor objects are breakable.  These ceramic glass and plates can be smashed into pieces by striking hard.   You can also touch and wash these conventional ceramic devices in water. Greer has invented nano lattices which reinforce these ceramic devices preventing breakage, corrosion and any dent in these structures.  She has invented artificial electrodes which are much lighter than those used to manufacture batteries.    Silicon material is prone to splitting and destruction.  Greer has used the innovative   nano technology to insulate silicon with nano lattices to make ceramic objects ultra light with strong scratch resistance. If you break these nano devices into several splints,   you will see the restoration process in a twinkling of an eye.  Small splinters of the broken nano devices will be reshaped bundling up all split things to have previous appearance.  Greer is hopeful about her futuristic nano lattices to bring revolution in the nano technology.

Car to Car Communication


In automobile engineering, advanced tools have been added to ensure the life care and safety.   Cars in America are running the risk of being collided with other vehicles due to a number of factors ranging from bad weather, congested roads and disorder in traffic signal.   Though hi-tech sensors and wireless street nav systems have been upgraded to prevent the car accidents, these in-car accessories are restricted to few yards or gauges. Even bad weather deactivates these sensors.   New technological innovation   in the automobile industry seems to have removed the technical drawback in the case of reducing the road accidents and car collision.  Car to car communication network enables car drivers to learn beforehand about the possibility of any accident or head-on collision.  Different cars will be   connected through this cloud based   computer network.   Cars runningaheadwill   deliver informationabout the car position,  size of road,  car to car space and weather reports   to helpcarsrunning behindtoevaluate thesituation.    Car drivers will be able to dictate any defect or cumbersome situation which snowballs into the road accident. Car to car technology   is much innovative and user-friendly.

Project Loon

Google has started a new aerial internet access project by planting several gigantic balloons in the air.  In the Southern Hemisphere, you will find several large and boxy giant balloons floating in air.  These balloons are connected with tiny gondola vehicles equipped with electronic accessories anchored with the ground.  Google will provide the powerful internet connection to those who are not able to install large towers   to have access to internet in remote areas.  In this way, Google will expand the network by providing social and financial benefits to subscribers.  Project Loon will not be a philanthropic project to Google as it will win more classified business clients to promote their products.  They will attract people in rural areas to do transactions through internet.

Liquid Biopsy –Innovative Cancer Screening Technology

China is now becoming a cancer prone country because of faster spread of this incurable disease   to affect million Chinese people.   Lung cancer and carcinoma in different parts of the body are becoming a menace.  Liquid biopsy is an innovative cancer detection technology upgrade by Dennis Lo.  He has invented a gene sequencing machine for speeding up the diagnostic procedure to detect the cancer at benign state.  This innovative machine tracks free radicals of necrotic DNA in the bloodstream.   These loose DNA entities are then compared with genome mapping.   Through meticulous medicate tests and   evaluation, doctors track signs of outgrowth.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is   the right innovative mobile payment system which smartens up people. Apple Pay is just like a Google’s e-wallet but there is impressive innovation in the sphere of technology.  Many people   are still confused about the effectiveness of   mobile payment options through Apple Pay. However, through comprehensive evaluation, it seems to be clear to a newcomer about the usefulness of this fast mobile cash payment technology.  Pay your vendors just pressing your thumb on the iphone screen the payment process will take place faster. The ultra light thumb impression on the glossy screen of the iphone will complete the transaction.    The security is tight as in the iphone there will be no pass word or pin code number to use. There will be an instant code generating process for a customer to use at the time of making payment.   Apple Pay is   much dynamic and result oriented than Google’s e-wallet   money transferring system.  


Brain Organoids      


Madeline Lancaster has upgraded a mini-brain in an innovative way.   Her brain organoids are artificially created   to speed up the diagnostic process in the case of tracking neurodegenerative diseases. In neuroscience, the advent of Brain Organoids is a turning point to researchers to do accurate research and experiments to detect the sources of the cause of the neurodegenerative disease.   Human brain is very complicated due the crises-cross of numerous neurons and nerve cells. Brain organoids are technically created with pluripotent stem cells of humans.  So it will be a revolution in medical science with the inception of brain organoids.   These brain organoids resemble choroid plexus. 


Super charged Photosynthesis


The world seems to be exempted from starvation as scientists are trying to invent a more promising technology to produce more crops by using supercharged photosynthesis.    According to researchers,   with super charged   C4 photosynthesis, there will be a new mechanism to enhance the artificial photo synthesis absorbing the carbon.   Plants will have more strength to generate corns.  Farmers will be able to harvest more rice and corns with this upgraded C4 photosynthesis tool.  C 4 genes are planted in the corns to increase the production. Paul Quick at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRl) demonstrated the usage of this advanced supercharged photosynthesis mechanism.

DNA of Internet


Match Maker Exchange is not a stock market or Forex to update financers about the currency rates. It is a different protocol with a separate domain to store information on million genomes to deliver to people.  Global Alliance for Genomics and Health was formed through the integrated support   of computer programmers and geneticists. The vision of this organization is to create a dynamic portal or protocol like HTTP to run World Wide Web for storing genome data with security.  Patients who are suffering from genetic disorders like Alzheimer will easily find information on the web connected with Google.  This database will be connected with global/international hospitals, clinics and research labs. Doctors, eminent scholars and scientists contribute by posting articles, case history, medical reports, screenshots of patients suffering from genetic disorders and information on genome.   DNA of internet will be one of the innovations in the medical science to simplify the treatment process to reduce the hazards of patients.


Science and technology are undergoing faster change.   In electronic media and software development, innovation continues. So, do regular self-discovery study and see how human life is being upgraded through innovation.

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