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 Terrorism in China  ISIS - Uyghurs - Links Leads to Economic and Political Stability

Terrorism in China ISIS - Uyghurs - Links Leads to Economic and Political Stability


China is recently facing caustic blitz Krieg attacks from extremists and ISIS backed terrorists.  The result is really cumbersome with negative impact on Chinese economy. The political impasse in this Asian country seems to be tightened to force the mainland to have bolder steps to control terrorists. Obviously, this country will have to be much more strategic with new diplomatic plans to settle the issues through better understanding with other foreign nations. Chinese economy is now at stake and its financial rebalancing theory will have to be properly implemented to end the deadlock.  However, the cause of the crisis in economy of China partly lies in the spread of terrorism in North Western region of China. Xinjiang Autonomous area   is now a disturbed place for people to live peacefully.  Sentimental issues and racial profiling   must be boosters to ignite the sleeping volcanoes of militancy to put Chinese defense on alert.  A deep analysis and proper evaluation must be donetofind thesolutionfor Chinesegovernment to tacklecumbersomesituationboldly removing the cloud of militancyfrom themind of Chinese denizens. 


Racial Profiling Brewing up in China to Create Chaos


The germs of the racial profiling and terrorism grew up surreptitiously in Xinjiang region after the annexure of this place with mainland of China.  The resentment among Muslim Uyghurs became severe when Chinese government confirmed the placement of Han Chinese immigrants in Xinjiang region.  Uyghurs were not happy because of such infiltration. Chinese government was criticized for ham handing   the immigration issue so mercilessly.  Local folks are Chinese Muslims who don’t welcome Han Chinese nationals.  It   planted embedded resentment and caustic vexation in the mind of Uyghurs. They tried to become stronger to threaten up government of mainland.    In Syria, Afghanistan and even Pakistan, many Uyghurs joined the outdoor training camps to become militants to attack Han Chinese.   They also supported the activities of ISIS extremists.    Uyghurs want more political status and autonomy power from PRC. They formed jihad to deactivate the administration of China.   Many political leaders in China request the government to showcase leniency towards Uyghurs by providing more financial stimulus and jobs to unemployed youths in Xinjiang province.  However, government of PRC showed rough and tough behavior to use sophisticated surveillance accessories and commando to track the maneuver of dissidents fighting for more freedom.   The anti -Han Chinese rebels were not agreed to accept the proposals of PRC in the case of settling issues peacefully.   Many underground downstream crude oil pipes run through the main province of Xinjiang in China.  So during insurgency, the Chinese economy was extremely affected due to the disturbance in the supply of natural oil to other cities of China. 

Terrorism Spreads in China


Crimson sunlight seems to disperse slowly to wrap up the land in darkness.  Uncertainty, diffidence, mistrust and disloyalty with breach of promise must split the image into million splinters. Chinese higher authority   should be resilient with some smart strategies to recover the confidence of citizens.   It is not a game for China to play with fire.  Terrorism is ripping through different provinces including Beijing, Kunming, Urumqi and Xinjiang in the mainland.  PRC should find the roots of causes of such vandalism and chauvinism to hit the national economy of China.

Hong Kong against One Country Two Systems – China Enjoys Monopoly in Parallel Trading

Pen is mightier than the sword.  However, when the rapier is brandished to overpower rivals mercilessly, it must be an anarchic period in which people are found helpless.  Even the power of the enlightenment seems to be baseless and unimportant to people.   Hong Kong is a small country with the quasi autonomous administrative body. Currently, this country has handed over its sovereignty to PRC after the negotiation with Britain.  Only diplomatic power and defense will be regulated by PRC.  Hong Kong government will have supremacy over other areas   like judiciary, social, economic and political   areas.  There will be more liberty for   Hong Kong to lead the country save and except the defense and foreign diplomacy.   However, educated youths and budding traders in   Hong Kong are not pleased.   They have lambasted the ‘one country two systems’ theory.   Chinese government will have no right to manipulate Hong Kong from outside. Furnace of vexation was heated up when Chinese opted for monopoly power in parallel trading in Hong Kong.  Chinese traders have multiple visas to enter into different regions in Hong Kong to import saleable goods and export consignments back to the mainland.   It causes the scarcity of house hold products including medications in some of the affected places like Uen Mun, Yuen Long and Shenzhen.  Residents of these small provinces complain of the food crisis due to such heavy goods exporting to mainland.  Parallel trading is not hygienic for   traders in Hong Kong.   China is forceful to send lot of immigrants to Hong Kong for shelter.   Anchor babies are reared up in Hong Kong.  Chinese pregnant women who give birth to babies in Hong Kong seek legal identification and recognition for their newly born neonates. It creates extra pressure on the domestic economy of Hong Kong.  Anchor babies need proper care, education, and safeguards to become matured.   Another devastating   anti mainlandisation campaign has been started by Hong Kong nationals for excessive Chinese cultural influence on people in Hong Kong. Gradually, Hong Kong will lose its national and regional   cultural importance due to the unprecedented exposure to the Chinese culture.  



China is still reticent with monopoly administration.  This country should be harmonious and liberal emulating the western countries.   Cobweb of red band and rigidity in implementation of different policies must deteriorate   overall significance of China in   the world.  However, this country is also opening its doors slowly by welcoming foreign media to see what is happening inside China. A   sea-change   in planning and thinking must be productive to enable China to recover its position once again regulating ISIS powered militants. 

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