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Successful Saudi women – Contributions?

Successful Saudi women – Contributions?


Women in Saudi Arab are not obstructed by educated men who are liberal with good conceptions. They help women to progress.  However, western countries ridicule for embargo placed on women in Riyadh not to drive cars. Women in Saudi Arab are not given legal permission to drive their own vehicles in the streets. So, this fatwa is not the sign of the female emancipation in Saudi Arab.   Though it is a matter of regret for women in such a conservative society, there is new movement to give freedom to women in other spheres. Former king of Saudi Arab legalized the reservation of seats for women to participate in politics.  Besides, conservative women are permitted to attend colleges to have education. In work places, the condition of female workers is improved gradually. So, courageous women in Saudi Arab are becoming much more proactive with science consciousness. Top 10 most important female figures in Saudi Arab should be properly assessed highlighting their roles with contributions to develop the country uber.

Loujain Al Hathloul


Loujain Al Hathloul has had a dormant dream to become a topper without gender bias.  Her name has been flashed in top newspapers and she has been highlighted by digital media. What is her achievement?  To be frank, this elegant high profile woman in Saudi Arab is a female activist to fight for human rights, more decency in dress code, and liberty for girls, and social reforms without gender   inequality. This nice woman has to sacrifice her happiness to stand against the injustice, hooliganism and   inequality in work places.  She was imprisoned because of showcasing her boldness to drive car in spite of embargo or fatwa.  She was sent to court for trials. However, she didn’t succumb in fear as she supports the female emancipation. Women must be boosted up to drive vehicles without social obligation. Therefore she is a bold, courageous and powerful social reformer to continue struggle for lifting fatwa from women.

Lubna Olayan


Lubna Olayan doesn’t know how to lament in frustration due to debacle. She is a successful woman with bright profile. Her magnetic appearance with wonderful skill in business management impresses superiors in the society. She is a luminary in the corporate world.  She is the well known CEO of Olayan Financing Company based in Riyadh. Her management expertise is unbelievable. She is also a director of INSEAD. She motivates young women and college students to become self employed with financial independence.

Mona Al Munajjed


Dr Mona Al Munajjed is another influential female figure in Saudi Arab. She is an educated sociologist with deep philanthropic love and humanity. She has had obtained a doctoral degree in Sociology at George Washington University. Dr Mona underwent global tours with utmost eagerness to speak for women. She contributes articles and thought provoking content to publish in newspapers.

Haifaa Al Mansour


Haifaa Al Mansour is an eminent female movie director.  Her first debut as a film director is Wadjda. Her media exposure is criticized by her family and local orthodox people who even warn this woman not to shoot movies breaking the Islamic fitna.

Bayan Mahmoud Al Zahran


Bayan Mahmoud Al Zahran has not been defeated by conventional legacies. She has showcased her courage by going outside to earn livelihood. She is a noted attorney with popularity in legal consultancy. She has urged for creating space for women to upgrade themselves.  Al Zahran tries to settle disputes faced by women. She is a good orator with logistic skill. 

Hayat Sindi


Hayat Sindi is an innovative literate woman who has decency to fancy. This talented woman was born in Makkah located in Saudi Arab. She travelled to Britain to get higher education. She did extensive researches in biotechnology and diagnostics. This erudite female personality became UNESCO Goodwill ambassador for science.  She was also invited to join Shoura council.  She has been conferred on the Leadership in Civil Society by Clinton Global Initiative.

Huda Al Ghoson


Huda Al Ghoson is an impressive personality with pleasing behavior to motivate her juniors to contribute for the fast business expansion.  She is an HR working at Saudi Aramco.  She is in the leading position to regulate 57000 workers as per the survey report of 2013.  Her maverick attitude with higher commitment speeds up the growth of Saudi Aramco.

Somayya Jabarti


Somayya Jabarti recovers strength of women by using her pen.  She is an experienced editor of the Saudi Gazette.  She writes about the multiple roles of women as house wives, teachers and social reformers.  She is always in support of the liberty, innovation and rights to expression.  Women should not be neglected or tortured.

Muna Abu Sulayman


The social recognition of Muna AbuSulayman is projected as an activist.  Side by side, she is a renowned successful business tycoon.  She has opened three large companies.  Finally, this Arabian woman feels pain for homeless refugees in Syria.  She raises fund and contributes lot to help refugees in Jordan, Syria   and Lebanon.

Summer Nasief


Summer Nasief is a magnificent businesswoman. She joined IBM and earned accolades with citations for unique performance.  She became a professional executive to harness healthcare industry. Her mom is American national. Father is Saudi by birth. Therefore, she has the mixed blood. She was nominated for fellowship by Middle East Leadership Institute.

Thoraya Obaid


Thoraya Obaid has passed 10 years as an executive director at United National Population Fund.  She served as a under- secretary general of the United Nations.   She is also a member of Shoura Council.   In the case of special drive for under privileged women, she is found active to go to poor women and female workers to solve their problems.


Prince of Saudi Arab is not against women emancipation. He has new mindsets to support the social participation of women.  He is eager to lift fatwa and allow women to occupy driver’s seat to navigate in the streets.

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