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SAP, Oracle and Microsoft – Three Key Players to Bring Innovation in ERP

SAP, Oracle and Microsoft – Three Key Players to Bring Innovation in ERP


ERP is an enterprising resource planning system to help large corporate sectors, entrepreneurial consortium and companies to manage official data properly. Howeverit is an upgradedsuite oftechnically developedintegratedtools toensure thetrouble freedata storage, data mining,  content management,  file update andfast data conversion.  Share classified materials, official documents

and pdf files with other clients using ERP infrastructure.  Right now, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle are some of the advanced/upgraded ERP tools to enable busy entrepreneurs to minimize the trouble of data management. The cloud based enterprising resource planning solution is much more innovative.   Deep analysis about theeffectiveness ofthese leading   ERP cloud based systemsmust berequired to helpyoung generation   to be tuned up towork in ultra modernERP environment.

Different Strategies Adopted by SAP, Oracle and Microsoft


Right now there are three giant ERP service providers and these are SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.  These companies have established their identities in different fields by offering fast qualitative   support to business clients to do the trouble free business management.  SAP and Oracle have got success by strengthening up their posi

tions in industry.  Comparatively,  Microsoft is the bestERP solutiontosmall scale companieswhich need   upgradedbusiness managementplatform to ensure thesmooth business management, data storage, co

ntentsharing and data processing. On the other hand, SAP is a leading tycoon to have the powerful niche in the large corporate sectors.  SAP has met requirements of big bosses in the large scale business by providing some unique data management tools. 

SAP has showcased its superior leadership quality in large industry where SAP ERP solutions are given top priority. 

Its innovative business intelligence tools have upgraded the data storing and content management systems to a great extent. It also gives effective technical support and training to novice IT professionals to be much efficient with operating systems of SAP cloud based ERP infrastructure.

SAP has extended its ERP service to cover numerous areas includingenterprisemanagement,  data analytics, data management, human capital management, supply chainmanagement, supplierrelationshipmanagement etc.   It is an integrated innovative enterprise resource planning   infrastructure with flexible   multi-devices compatibility feature. 

Run your large business portal on SAP smoothly. 

SAP  has had a lion share in the stock market and its achievement records are getting more appreciable with the introduction of more innovative   ERP platforms to the industries.  Total $20.79 billion revenues went to the pocket of SAP business provider in 2015. After the convergence of SAPS and 4HANA, the company’s customers increased by over 2,700. Cloud bookings have touched record high 103% in 2015.  In the fourth quarter, it was near about 75 percent.  20 percent growth in the revenue earning has been recorded in the sphere of non-IFRS clouding network.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX rekindles hope of many local traders who have started their small size business.  They are benefited by operating this user-friendly ERP platform of Microsoft service provider.    For smooth business adaptability and any change in the business management, this wonderful ERP platform is really much competitive and efficient.  Microsoft Dynamics AX is getting popularity because of its faster short implementation.  It can track all data, files, and   payroll related details of the whole year. It also gives strong data protection without higher risk of data loss.   Microsoft Dynamics AX is a must in the small organizations to do the flawless content management.  This ERP system is also compatible with Word, Excel and Outlook.


Oracle E-Business Suite

If the Microsoft ERPis an unbeatensystemto enable small business operators totacklemultipletasks , Oracleseems to bethe combinationofsmall and largebusinessmanagement set-ups.   Oracle is suitable for some   specific niches in   both small and large scale industries.  It has developed a powerful ERP platform which reduces the hazards of the content management and data updating.  Oracle E-business suite defies Microsoft Dynamics AX.  One of the specialties in this innovative ERP infrastructure lies in its integrated networking system to bundle up multiple systems to minimize the tasks of a user to do the business management. Data automation is another good feature of this ERP suite.  Manual data input and content management are often done automatically.  Therefore, employees are not compelled to do the manual documentation in implementing many processes.

R&D Investment of SAP for Innovation

The commitment of SAP is powerful with resolution to craft or optimize more result oriented   business management ERP platforms.  In the year of 2014, the increase in expenditure on   R&D (research and development) was made by €49 million to make it total €2,331 million comparing to €2,282 million in 2013. Research and Development laboratory put focus on the SAP HANA platform innovation.   So there will be more financial stimulus for SAP researchers to conduct deep research and analysis to upgrade ERP platforms.  On the other hand, Microsoft estimated total $10 billion in 2014to enhance the compact research and development purpose.   Oracle has already spent $5 billion on its R&D to upgrade the quality of worldwide ERP service. 

SAP must be a maverick leader to control the large scale industry trailing behind Oracle and Microsoft.  However in terms of short implementation,   Microsoft is still peerless in the small scale organizations.  In between Oracle has done superb job by bringing some innovative and advanced   ERP systems to give a smart support to small and large business operators. 


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