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Role of SAP in exponential growth of Utility industry

Role of SAP in exponential growth of Utility industry


In the private, non-public, sector is common to acquire the best and ultimate in software applications, in order to be at front of the competition and the market. But, What if we use this resources to improve the utility industry? The utility industry is conformed by every company that provides public services such as gas, water, and electric power.

In the old times, this services were provided only by government institutions, that solved all costs with the taxes of the people. Now any company that wants to provide public services can do it, of course, with consent and sponsorship by government.

So nowadays even at the utility industry, market competition exists. That is the main reason why SAP systems will take part in the growth that is occurring right now with the utility industry, every company will want to optimize every processes they have if that means they will lead the market share. Systems, Applications and Products systems are the best way to companies to process the data of their daily operations and reporting. This kind of software facilitates and optimizes the capture of reports, saving valuable time for business.

That is why many of the Fortune 500 companies use SAP systems extensively along their internal processes. If we transport this efficiency to the utility industry it will be translated into a better use of resources, a faster deploy of processes, and a better provision of services to people. 

SAP systems have a lot of benefits that will improve the utility industry such as:

• SAP systems are efficient and modern, this because of the research and continuing improvement of the models implemented, so it is the experience encapsulated into a management and control software.

• SAP has developed specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for the industry from 28 industrial sectors, the utility industry included. And it has presence in over 120 countries worldwide, with more than twelve million users. So, this also means that there will be good support in case something goes wrong with the software.

• Working with SAP will reduce the amount of risks a company could take, because the system has 30 years of experience from the work of organizations of all sizes.

• Optimize the money flow, eliminating the useless spending and improving business processes to increase the cash flow, and reduce the costly borrowing.

• Enhance the productivity and transparency of the processes. SAP will allow companies to know which part of the process is actually occurring at every moment. Also it would provide data of where is where the process needs improvement.

SAP systems would fit perfectly in the utility industry, enhancing all the processes, optimizing resources, providing better services to the people, who would be the most benefited in the end.


The utility industry wants to keep growing as it has done until now. The adoption of SAP software for managing the processes and data flow, as it has been done by the private sector, would be the best way, and a serious impulse to continue this growth.    

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