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Reveal Background of Impeachment of Rousseff – Brazilian President – Deep Analysis

Reveal Background of Impeachment of Rousseff – Brazilian President – Deep Analysis


Dilma Rousseff is the 36th president of Brazil. This great woman has been impeached by the majority members of Chamber of Deputies.  She was a rebel and she fought against corruption in Brazil.   Rousseffwas an orthodox Marxist supporter and she chose the risky lifestyles tocombat autocratic government of Brazil .Thisrenowned femalepresident of Brazil hasbeen accusedof hushingup national deficit to spoon feed herown partyforelection in 2014. 

Dilma Faces Impeachment for Her Involvement in Fiscal Paddling


Dilma has done fiscal paddling.  This is the new coinage media uses to spot the crime in financial sectors. The government assures that it has sufficient fund to pay debt and strengthen up the national economy. In actuality, there is deficit and the government is not able to clear bank loans and debt to upgrade national credit scores. So certainly it is fraudulence and Dilma has been charged by Chamber of Deputies for her involvement in such fiscal paddling. 

The impeachment will be imposed on Rousseff legally.  Eduardo Cunha has approved the impeachment against this maverick female president of Brazil.  The background of asking for impeachment against her is the Car Wash operation started by Brazilian investigators to catch few notorious culprits red handed regarding the 22 billion dollar money laundering case.   Investigators declared charge sheet mentioning few eminent and powerful political leaders.  

Petrobras is a government aided energy company in which a number of directors were spotted to transfer money to their fake offshore accounts in Switzerland. 

She was one of the directors of Petrobras and she was cross examined by police in this connection.   She confessed that she didn’t take any bribe or influence any director of Petrobras to do money laundering.   It is a conspiracy to disfigure her reputation in public.37 requests for starting case proceedings at the court impeaching this president were accepted by Eduardo Cunha. She was not prepared for having a letter directing her to be present for cross examination.  Parliamentarians and members of civil society have served a petition supporting the impeachment process.

Impeachment Process –Rousseff Is at Stake


In 2016, the Chamber of Deputies completed general vote casting process in the lower house of parliament of Brazil in support of the impeachment to prosecute Brazilian president for her involvement in fiscal paddling. She has betrayed her nation by keeping secrets of huge national deficit.   She has taken hush-money or bribes to reinforce the political party of hers.  In the lower house, around 367 members voted for legal impeachment and 137 members were found supporting her. They didn’t want to impeach this well known president of Brazil.

They opined that Rousseff has not killed anyone. Nor has she had stolen money.   It is the heinous plot designed by ‘her dissidents to throw her outside of the government.  She is a victim to conspiracy.   However, seven members in the parliament of Brazil preferred not to vote.  2 members were totally absent from the parliament when the voting process was taking place.   On the other hand, over 60 percent of general people in Brazil were furious to demand the impeachment to end the regime of Rousseff. 

What Happens If Rousseff Is Impeached?

In case Rousseff is impeached, she must have no power to hold.  She will have to pass the buck to vice president who will be an acting president to regulate the country for the time being.  It has been decided that Michel Temer, the honorable Vice President of Brazil, will   be empowered to take care of the administration for 180 days during the investigation process.   After 180 days, the parliament will decide whether   she will be forced to leave the office. However, to execute this order,   the senate needs two thirds support from members of the parliament.  

In Senate, she has no majority comparing to Chamber of Deputies.  So, she will have risks to stay in Senate due to the least support from her party.   In the event of being legally impeached by the Supreme Federal Tribunal, Mitcherl Temer will continue to perform the task as the president till 2018. 

Finally, Supreme Federal Tribunal  has nullified the request for dismissing the impeachment proceedings.  Brazilian history will record such an unbelievable story.  Brazil is the fifth largest nation with   seventh largest economy. She seems to be an exception in Brazilian history. However she must be given freedom to prove her innocence at the court. 

She has condemned the male dominated society of Brazil.   As she is a woman, she has to bear such insult. She has had the side effect of gender bias and conspiracy.  However, she should support what the truth lays behind the backdrop.


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