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Panama Papers Brought Global Political Leaders under Spotlight –Know the Truth

Panama Papers Brought Global Political Leaders under Spotlight –Know the Truth


 The world seems to be running through a Catch 22 situation because of desperate activities of urchins to make the human society hell with the least scope for gentlemen to survive.   Honesty seems to lose its luster in the cloud of mistrust, disloyalty and hypocrisy.  

The darkened world will be the den for rascals, hoodlums and hypocrites. Recently, stunning news about the leakage of Panama money laundering papers is really disastrous to US political big brothers who need to be much fairer in projecting themselves as the saviors to rule the country boldly.   Panama papers have dished out numerous names of eminent political leaders, executives, businessmen andtop brass of administration. 

These listed persons have taken bribes or influenced banks/private sectors and government to get hush-up money or exempt taxes. They usedthe yardstick ofnepotismand sycophancyto force banks/investorsandlargecorporate sectors  to spoonfeed theirpersonalbank accounts with pilesof foreign currencies without anylegal   document.  It has created a chaos jeopardizing the national economy and over all development of the nation.  The story about the revelation of money laundering scam must hold popular leaders to mirror their own identities.  It is an acid test for them to prove innocence.  Truth is spinning behind lies.    People have to wait for the ramification of real facts and stories   to evaluate roles of their so-called social reformers.  

Panama Papers Prove Involvement of Top Leaders/Big Bosses in Money Laundering


Panamapapers are someimportantsecret filesand classifiedmaterialsincluding   tax papers ,   screenshots ofcontractual agreements   duly signed bypoliticalleaders, andevidencefor illicit transactions.   Total 11.5 million data have been leaked or hacked from Mossack Foneseca law firm.    Süddeutsche ZeitungisaGermanvernacular whichhas sharedthese top secretfilesincluding tax havens  relateddocumentswithICIJ or International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.   These important and valuable Panama papers have enabled journalists to spot top political leaders, entrepreneurs and big bosses involved in tax havens.    This fraudulence exposes the hidden ugly faces of culprits and imposters.   Literary speaking, the sun seems to melt down in fainted crimson liquid to wrap up the land.  It must create a mysterious ambience for strangers to identify their own images in such ambiguity.  This scandal has broken the confidence of people. They are roaming in the state of hallucination because of loss of faith on their big bosses.   In Panama papers, even the names of Bill and White Betty (Hilary Clinton) have been found.  If Hilary is proved guilty,   the sky over her head may crash. Her hardcore rival Sanders will take advantage to defeat her in the upcoming presidential election.  Hillary has to be much fair and truthful to give acceptable answers at the cross examination.  Offshore tax havens with money laundering issue will be disastrous to damage the public profiles of renowned political leaders.    This top money laundering issue will be deeply broached up to assess the performance of these social reformers in a different way. The society must not be the haven for rascals to live.   People want more clarity in information delivery. 


Money Laundering Cases Threaten up World


 Electronic media must be more active to convince   readers by delivering true facts. Colorful screenshots of few pages of Panama   top secret files have been flashed in   newspapers.   Excerpts are on display   for readers to mug up the stories.    For instance, involvement of Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, Prime Minister of Iceland   in money laundering has been projected in Panama papers.  This gentleman with his better half deposited several million dollars in a different foreign bank when the country was passing through financial crisis. He fled taxes and played trickery by laundering money.  

However he has refuted all allegations and counterattacks from his party   members.   He told reporters that he had had a legal company, Wintris.  This company has been licensed.   So, he hasn’t gone out of legal framework to run the business. Sergey Roldugin is anotherhandsome guy who has been putunder the mediascannerfor his perjuryandvulgarexhibition of dishonesty   when this VIP helped Putintoshare$2 billion   illegally.   Sergey held clandestine meetings with banks and offshore companies to take the bribes.  This scam was recorded in Panama papers.   Truth never lies dormant and embedded in dust for good.   God always supports those who are genuine, truthful and   determined to revel what is true.    ThisGermannewspaperdidn’t do mistake whenjournalists of Süddeutsche Zeitungtooksnapshotsto stealtop secrets from Mossack Foneseca . They found the name of Sergey Roldugin and Putin (Russian Prime Minister).  One should disclose the truth without staying in dilemma.   Well, Süddeutsche Zeitung   sustained evergreen in spotting these influential people. 

Impact of Panama Papers Revelation on US Election


In America, people are embarrassed when they come into contact with such heart rendering news about the money laundering.   Hillary Clinton is now running just like a faster Rocking horse and she has already won important caucuses   in different states of the US. She has the prominent chance to   overpower Sanders in this presidential nomination election.   US netizens want more solid substantial   evidence   before making comments about   Betty White.   Tax havens related information should be properly scanned and analyzed.  US top political leaders should not avoid cross examination and probing.  

Donald Trump is a non political leader. He is a top entrepreneur with a luxurious resort in New York.   He will not be tight lipped   when he delivers his fiery speeches at the seminars.  Maybe Hillary will lose some important votes due to such heresy about her willful nepotism to indulge notorious wicked business tycoons. 

On the other hand,  Obama’s $19 trillion deficit will get some consolation because of the disclosure of involvement of Fast Lady and her hubby in the scam. Obama will have some breathable air to get relief when he lambasts Hillary Clinton pointing his finger at the Panama papers to establish the truth. Betty White must be firm and strategic to retaliate.   She has already faced traumaticemail scandaldue to herpersonalinvolvement inusingBlackberryhandset to exchangeclassified   components without assessing theafter-mathconsequences.  Another blow after the leakage of vital Panama papers will give her pain and discomfiture to suffer.  

The US election will be very important to citizens of America.  They have overtaken recession. They have passed traumatic sleepless night after watching the national debt clock which displays   $19 trillion debt of the country. 2.6 terabyte data of Panama papers will keep all Americans under pressure to select the suitable representative to spearhead the nation.

Is America becoming the place for elite class?  The increase in the number of fraudulent political leaders demands the correctness of the society through compact analysis, evaluation and deep comparison.   Lies never triumph over the truth. Nor does it defy time as well. Gradually, the day will proceed to bring sunlight to reveal the truth leaving lies in the deep sepulcher.  

However, people in   America and other parts of the world have to sacrifice more to strengthen up the society by cleaning the Augean stables.   Money laundering, tax dodging/evasion, scam and sycophancy must be controlled by showcasing boldness.   US law makers, top brass and to top it all citizens must swear to rescue the world from hands of blue eyed butchers.  


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