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New Cold War Alternative Ending

New Cold War Alternative Ending


The US and Russia must grope for easy solution to hush up the Cold War

Some of critical points are :

1. Nuclear tests should be minimized. Both nations should play fair roles instead of power bargaining.

2. US embargo on Russia was not needed on Crimea issue. United nations and groups resources should be used to take those steps in discussions with member states.

3. Edward Snowden, NSA contractor who faced espionage charges was possibly sheltered by Russia, which Putin denied stating he is a free man. Later, Putin granted Snowden temporary asylum. 

4. Gay Rights are banned in Russia which is supported by President Obama in US. When the bill was passed in Russia that citizens will be prosecuted, President Obama was angered.

5. Syria supported by Putin, is said to use chemical war heads. When Obama Administration learnt they limited their support forgetting the humanitarian efforts.  Support of  US were made for people not a nation. Putin asked for support of allegations made by US. 


It is a common sentiment that Putin is referred to as a cold war guy. A statement made by Julie Loffe, Moscow correspondent for Foreign Policy" states "He's not shed that mentality. He sees himself as a foil and counterweight to America and the world."

In a nutshell, both nations have to be logical and take steps towards global peace and value human right issues. Sooner or later the wrong will be brought to Justice. Cold war mentality has to end. We are in 21st century.

Use of Chemical warfare is an issue of zero tolerance. Saddam Hussein was wiped out on many such grounds. Another example is Gaddafi who was dragged into streets by his own people and killed.

Syrian President Assad needs to reflect. Time is on no ones side and righteous will win in the end.

Syrian President Assad needs to reflect.

Embargo on Russia on Crimea issue is a global concern and not only US. The issue should have been handled diplomatically through proper channel by US. Putting an Embargo shows one nation has greater power over another

Why were embargo's issued on nations like Russia and Iran? Both by United States? 

Why there is no embargo on Pakistan and China occupying Indian territories. Is it due to US economic and political interest in the regions to manage control. US needs to focus on stabilizing and building its economy. United States is sitting on $19 Trillion debt and $48 Billion trade deficit. We are yet to hear how these deficits will be handled by US?  In US debates the answers were ambiguous given by both party candidates? Even foreign policies were not made clear. Don't we want to let people know, as future leaders, what our response is to these important issues. 

All nations should manage their own business without interference from the other unless urgency is stated and issues brought to UN platform for collaborative discussions.

Are gay issues which are important to US worth killing and having a new cold war?  In no way or form, it is the intent to put Gay rights down on this platform. 

Espionage should stop and highly condemned.

We will be closing 21st century. What legacy we want to leave a legacy behind for our future generations? Remember history is written and never forgotten. It would be a great plan if we can end political rifts.

Being a super-power does not make a nation great, neither does military power and tall buildings.

Its the people of the nation which are most important. Nations should believe in altruism and nobility. They should support poor nations and offer grants.

Look at Africa which is in dire need for the west to end poverty, corruption and medical aid. Africa is most fertile ground on one side but more susceptible grounds to un curable diseases like Aids, Ebola to name a few. Africa could have used the war money wasted in Syrian for its development  so that people can have basic needs of people. 

We live during chaotic times and hope is for good leaders to rise and lead people with peaceful thinking to take us to 22nd century.     

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