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Michigan Water Crisis Puts Snyder Upside Down Global Community Learned Lesson for Safety

Michigan Water Crisis Puts Snyder Upside Down Global Community Learned Lesson for Safety


Global Community Learned Lesson for Safety

 Kindly re-sharpen your memory to remember what Samuel Coleridge expressed after catching the glimpse of the vast blue briny ocean. “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”.  It is really a matter of resentment for victims in Flint as they have had to drink contaminated germ laden water to invite destruction.

Many innocent citizens living in Flint have been exposed to lead and they are suffering from skin rashes, infection and onsets of incurable disease.   Who to blame? The deep analysis and investigation should be conducted to expose the ugly façade of crime. 


Flint Residents Infected due to Intake of Contaminated Water- Analyze Aftermath Effect


Till now, two government employees and a respected officer in  Flint have been served show-cause notice  directing them to explain reasons of water contamination in Flint.

Near about 100000 residents (mostly black people below the poverty line) have been infected after intake of drinkable water.  Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has rebuked the local administration for its callous attitude with indifference to control corruption in the government.  These three officers don’t have civic sense and responsibility to protect lives of people.  They have failed to standardize the water supply by prioritizing their personal interests.  

Their  willful negligence  has caused tension to endanger people of Flint.  Bill Schuette also commented that these three employees could receive 5 years long incarceration in the event of their being guilty in this regard.  

Melisa Mays, one of the eyewitnesses in Flint water contamination, has described the misery borne by her family members due to consumption of contaminated water for over a year. Their family members have skin infection and fast hair loss.  

Michigan government must be much more aggressive to punish culprits.  Water which is the life source can’t be poisonous.  People and government should be united to prevent such a disaster. Wicked persons must be taught a lesson as they are unwanted elements to damage human lives.  Starting prosecution against three employees in Flint is not sufficient to boost up residents living in Flint area.  

Agitated people want Governor to step down because of his apathy to control corruption in Flint.   Rick Snyder, the governor of Republican Michigan, should not be entertained as he has overlooked the interests of citizens in Flint.

Snyder has had showcased his sorrow.  He has taken oath that he will drink filtered tap water for a span of 30 days to prove that water is drinkable for people in Flint.  There will be a joint vigilance committee to detect crime and corruption.

Secondly, water will be tested by experts before allowing citizens in Flint to use tap water.  This initiative will restore goodwill of Snyder who has little to say. He is a responsible and respected citizen in Michigan.  So, he must try to bring back peace to tension wrapped Flint.   

Background of Water Contamination in Flint- Snyder Facing Prosecution


 In 2014, in Michigan and Flint, people faced water scarcity.  Therefore, government planned to switch the supply of drinkable water from Detroit water reservoir to the Flint River to draw water. This sudden switch-over caused the casualty and mishap. 

Governor of Michigan should have done proper investigation before directing his top brass to change the water stream from Detroit Lake Huron to Flint River to pull up water to supply.

Government didn’t feel it urgent to do the water filtration or tests  before permitting   residents to drink tap water.  It is a dereliction of duty and Snyder must be responsible to confess in public about the crime committed by employees of his administration.  It is a human right to drink pure and filtered water. 

If the government of Michigan is not able to supply drinkable cool water, it must be thrown outside.   People squatted on the streets in protest against the corruption and passive behavior of the governor of Michigan. Infected people should be given good compensation and medical assistance as well.  Flint drinkable water crisis can be a weapon for anti-Obama party members to compel President to backtrack home.  However, Snyder has not delayed in taking steps to ensure the smooth supply of filtered drinkable water to residents in Flint.

However,  Snyder is being grilled by dissidents because of his slow movement to purify water. Toxic elements in Flint River have increased. Many people suspect the underground water supply pipes have the thin anti-corrosive insulation.   Therefore, water runs through these underground pipes are loaded with poisonous lead. 

Snyder should have invested fund to repair or replace these overused water supply pipes which are connected with Flint River.   Legionnaire disease claimed a number of victims including children   since the switchover from Huron to Flint River to have crystal tap water. This negligence   from the part of the Michigan government must be heavy to throw the million lives in the hollow of uncertainty.  If the water supply systems were upgraded, this massacre could have been prevented   much earlier.  Snyder’s snail’s pace irritated local people in Flint. 


A petition was shot to President Barrack Obama drawing his attention to the pitiable condition of Flint residents.   In the missive,   undersigned petitioners asked for the impeachment against Snyder due to his callousness to dampen future of million poor children and guys in Flint.   People in Flint have to bear a life of incurable pain, discomfiture and despair with irreversible damage in the brain. President must visit Flint to have a snapshot of inexplicable misery.  Flint water contamination issue must germinate tension to destabilize the position of Snyder in upcoming election.

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