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Learn about Top 5 Technological Innovations in 2005

Learn about Top 5 Technological Innovations in 2005


Innovation must be a change to modify the concepts which seem to be outdated and old. However, this transition must be productive with new thoughts or mechanisms for people to repair their hidden loopholes to build up their lives on solid foundation.   Same way, top five technological innovations must be conducive to the development of the society leveling all discrepancies with the ground. 

In the upcoming Publication you would read top 5 innoivations after a decade, 2015.

GTalk Chatting Tool in 2005

Google introduced an innovative G-talk chatting tool with instant message sending option.  This fast chatting tool can be opened or activated from anywhere of the world. Georges Harilk, the director of Googlettes, expressed his deep pleasure after releasing this new innovative chatting system for people.   One can send instant messages to others staying in remote places.  The message sending option is very fast and free of cost as well.   However, to get or send the instant messages, people have to be connected with GTalk. It is a new internet based phone service.  This cyber switchboard has brought a new upgraded portal to people for enjoying the online chatting.    You can connect G-Talk platform to your smart phone. There is also option for you to do the voice chat through G-Talk. However, later Google has also crafted more innovative versions of G-Talk by bringing Google Plus and hangout with new features to do trouble free online chatting.

Robotic Camel Racer

Asimo must be a surprising gift to lot of people. It is a robotic infrastructure with super IQ to do tons of official works faster.  This super humanoid robotic structure reduces the work pressure in large corporate sectors.  Asimo has been designed by Honda. In 2015, few innovative and upgraded smart vehicles were also launched to participate in DARPA’s Grand Challenge desert camel racing.  IBMresearchersdeclared thattheywereable toupgrade the artificialbrain ofthe robots throughadvancedtechnological innovation.  They planted a minuscule nano chip in the artificial brain of Asimo/humanoid robot to obtain more strength to store data.  In 2005 this humanoid robots were   made popular because of its extraordinary c capability to manage trillion tons of data.

Electric Bullets

Innovation has also swept other spheres as well.   Even in defense, new weapons have been invented. However,   the technical innovation in the bullet manufacturing is a spicy news item for people who are trigger happy.  Electric bullets are fired to control agitators.   These bullets deactivate aggressive demonstrators.   Laser rifle was also launched in the same year.

Virtual Air Guitar

Be a creative music maestro with deep urge to refine your mind in the stream of cool music. Well, virtual air guitar is one of the top five technological innovations in the world.  You don’t need any instrument to play the music. Nor will you need assistants to help you to handle this virtual air guitar. It is a wireless system and you will be alone to use this virtual air guitar.  It is a wonderful virtual   guitar which produces the sweet music.  Pressing the start pedal, you need to swing or twist your right hand to strum the chord. Well, there is no strumming chord.   Feel free to move your right hand same way as you do at the time of strumming the chord.  It is different wireless chord to strum.   This virtual air guitar is attached with emotional outbursts.   Express your deep pleasure to have brilliant music played by this wireless virtual guitar.  There is no way to do mistakes as this innovative guitar has been pre-tuned with selected chords to use. 

You Tube Portal – New Innovation in the Entertainment World

2005 also eye witnessed the legendary technological innovation to impress people. You Tube was developed   by three jewels serving at PayPal.  You Tube is an excellent video content sharing portal.  Google bought this You Tube for $1.65 billion.  Alexa has given good rankings to make it most valuable video website which brings more customers to visit the sites to check uploaded video clips. Young generation is addicted to online videos and movies. So obviously You Tube offers a cross device compatible online streaming portal to watch movies.   Reduce stress and energize yourself by   connecting your eyes with the top You Tube videos to have more excitement.  

 Science and technology are undergoing faster change.   In electronic media and software development, innovation continues. So, do regular self-discovery study and see how human life is being upgraded througn innovation. 

In the upcoming Publication you would read top 5 innoivations after a decade, 2015. 


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