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 Late King Abdullah Supported Women Emancipation- Salman –Good Social Reformer

Late King Abdullah Supported Women Emancipation- Salman –Good Social Reformer


King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arab has left for heaven.  He was a nonagenarian former king in Riyadh.  However, after his demise, King Salman was selected to hold sway as a prince.  The expired king has left a number of unfinished projects and vision to complete.  Salman is now responsible to give the realistic shape to what the former King of Saudi Arab had done table work. King Abdul Aziz was a liberal ruler with innovative vision to give more liberty and equal status to women.  Middle East has created a male dominated   conservative society in which women are restricted.   However, right now, Saudi Arab is opening its windows to modernize conservative women who must have right to education. 

New Horizon for Women Created by Nonagenarian King Abdullah – Salman Supports It

Women in Saudi Arab are becoming modern with keen interest in participating in many social organizations and events. They are found going outside for shopping. They are allowed to attend the social functions as well.  

Still women in Saudi Arab are fighting to have more liberty in driving vehicles.  Saudi Arab is the only country where Muslim females are not allowed to drive vehicles. 

In past, former king tried to cancel the embargo imposed on women to drive cars.  However, he was not successful in lifting the onus. Women must wait for having legal permission to drive their own vehicles in the streets.  

On the other hand, former nonagenarian Saudi King expanded the space in Shura Council to empower women to become members of this Shura Council. 30 female members of 150 seated Shura will be elected to form the committee.  

The former king worked out brilliantly to increase the political power of women who live in Saudi Arab.  However, it was the futuristic plan designed by Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.  

The current king Salman is now a decision maker to prioritize the implementation of the futuristic vision of Abdullah. 

In 2005, when the nonagenarian   king was chosen   to rule the country as a King, he was inebriated in excitement. In a television interview,   the respected aged king admitted that he would have to enact more flexible female emancipation plans to protect basic rights of Muslim women in Saudi Arab.  So his confession with a resolution to empower Saudi women ignoring gender bias must increase his popularity   in the country.  He supported gender equality, more flexibility and liberty for women. You must not discourage young women by restricting their movements. 

Women are not glitterati which should be kept inside the houses.   They should be educated to become independent financially.    So from standpoint of view,   the former king was not a zealot. However, his followers are not confident   whether the present king will value the words of this nonagenarian gentleman.   Howeverin an officialbrief,  Salmandeclared thathewas in support of the collegialitywhichmust be revived to enhance the social uniformity.   He is also   honoring that former king who had the vision to make women great.    

Women Fighting for Getting Permission to Drive Car


The conservative society in Saudi Arab doesn’t prioritize the full fledged female emancipation and gender equality.  Till now, it is a problem for a woman to drive the car. They are legally bound not to sit in the driving seat of the vehicle.  Women are found doing remonstration and popping up slogans for getting permission to drive cars in streets. They should not be deprived of their right to car driving. Women in western countries join defense, and go for space exploration.  They are taking advanced training to operate air buses. So, women in Saudi Arab must not trail behind.  Salman needs to modify the old law enabling women to have power to take the faster decision.   The car driving issue and female empowerment   must rip through this gulf nation. Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdel Aziz Bin Baz declared   fatwa to prevent women from operating cars.  He strongly opposed the participation of women to drive cars openly. It is a matter of fitna which must create discord and chaos in the reserved society. This fatwa is still active. So women are asking for the withdrawal of such cumbersome fatwa or embargo immediately.  

King Salman – More Pro-active to Do Social Reforms -Supporting Roles of Women to Drive Cars


King Salman is a good gentleman with transparent vision for faster social reforms removing the class division. He is also agreed to minimize the power of orthodox religious sects to reduce infighting and vandalism. Racial profiling must be controlled for the sake of proper social reform in Gulf region.  At the same time, he feels courageous and proud of declaring a lucrative financial stimulus amount to approximately $29.3 billion for people in Saudi Arab.   He has announced that state employees will get two months’ salaries with bonus including subsidies in utility bills.  He has already sanctioned SR10 million for upgrading the literary clubs in the Arab kingdom.  For subsidies in electricity, he has pledged around $5.3 billion to standardize the lifestyles of Saudi Arabian citizens.  At the same time, he is also planning how to lift the previous fatwa from women who are still not permitted to issue their driving licenses in their names to drive vehicles independently. 


Salman is a good social reformer and his conception about the female emancipation and gender equality deserve appreciation.  Saudi Arab is slowly coming out of the sepulcher to remodel the Islamic society in the fountain of technological innovation and ultra modern scientific reflection.


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