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 Israel Is More Realistic to Enhance the Democracy in the Country

Israel Is More Realistic to Enhance the Democracy in the Country


Israel is right now a good democratic state which provides different rights to women to protest against injustice. Unlike the dictatorship in Libya under the regime of Gaddafi, Israel welcomes liberty in thoughts. Women are allowed to cast vote and they are also permitted to go to schools/colleges for being educated. It is not an autocratic state. This country is now slowly opening its windows to welcome foreign countries for investing money to implement developmental programs. This nation must be well established with sound financial background.

Knesset Brings Mild Breeze of Democracy to Make People Liberal

Knesset is the parliament of Israel. Experts opine that parliament democracy prevails in this country. People are given power to elect their political representatives to form the government. However dispute hovers about the right of Palestine people who are under control of Israel. Earlier, these Palestine people had to refrain themselves from casting votes. They were not allowed to participate in the general election. Israel has declared that there is new law after the Oslo accord.

To be frank, people who have to live in the military occupied areas are not given rights to cast votes temporarily. However, it is not a matter of a year. These Palestine people live in the military occupied regions for over several decades.

However, Israel government has moved to modify the previous law to facilitate Palestine people to participate in general election. As per the Oslo agreement, these local Palestinians residing in the military occupied pockets are able to cast votes to select their own members. However, they are not allowed to cast votes in general election. It is the first initiative to upgrade their status by empowering them to choose leaders representing their own communities.

Recently, the law seems to be much more flexible to enable Jews working in other countries. In past, Jews representatives except those living in foreign land for business are given permission to participate in the parliament election to choose right candidates.

Jews members who live in different countries must be inside the land of Israel before commencement of election for vote casting. This exception has been extended by allowing Jews members to cast votes from anywhere through upgraded electronic system. This exception expansion is a good move. It establishes the right of all people irrespective of religion.

In Israel, racial profiling, gender bias and vandalism are not encouraged or triggered. The international relationship is also improving because of the leniency and flexibility in changing law.

Arab in Same Hierarchy with Jews

Jewish and Arab citizens are enjoying the same status after the modification of law. For instance, Abdel Rahman Zuabi was selected legally to serve at Supreme Court. He is an Arab by birth.

Salim Jubran who is the first Arab to get full-fledged permission to become the honorable judge of Supreme Court. So, slowly the breeze of democracy blows to bring more appreciable changes in the legal framework.

Minority communities, women and Palestinians will be given more liberty to express their views.

Arabs in Israel are far better than the living standards of their brothers who live in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Hamas are badly treated in Gaza and Arabs are exploited by the government. The right to equality and liberty has been legitimately legalized by the government of Israel.

Condition of Women in Israel Improving with Good Business Operating Opportunities

The condition of women is fast improving. Earlier, it is horrible as women were not allowed to participate in the social functions. They were not allowed to choose political leaders through referendum. Israel is now solving these sensitive issues by applying institutional force and administrative machinery to bring women to the main stream of the society.

In many Muslim states, women are considered to be second rate citizens. They are deprived of equal status. The transition gets speed with much scope for women living in Israel to have enlightenment. Educated WOW (women of the wall) is self-employed.

Many high profile conservative women run small parlors, garment showrooms and boutiques.

They start new business to earn money independently. The government of Israel also encourages young and married women to start business.

Short and flexible business loans are given to female entrepreneurs to open their start-up companies.

UN Must Do Cross Verification to Assess Condition of Women in Israel

Recent declaration of UN about the absence of equal status for women in Israel is baseless. This organization must change its mindset through deep probing. There must be even handed when they do surveys to evaluate the condition of all women living in Israel.

Israel Enhances Religious Tolerance

Religious tolerance is another yardstick for assessment of the role of a country.

Israel is tolerant when it identifies different religious schools and sects for recognition. This country is now flexible to Jewish, Arab, Druz and Christians to perform their respective rites/rituals.

People coming from different religious schools feel confident of expressing their views. They are not pressurized by the state to go to shrines, religions institutes and schools to have lessons from their religious mentors.

Gay and Lesbian Enjoying Equality in Status Israel is also a good place for hermaphrodite and transsexual communities which seem to be out of normal stream in the society, In this case, this country is much modernized and liberated. Lesbian and gay communities are allowed to mix together.

Gay and lesbians are not obstructed to claim their recognition. Tel Aviv, the popular city in Israel, is called “World’s Best Gay City”.

So the liberalization in this Middle East country is getting stronger with more opportunities for minorities, women and all religious minded people to thrive vigorously.

Israel supports democracy and it values the rights of people. Men and women have the rights to get justice.

Women are not tortured. So, international human rights commissions and UNO must send representatives to Israel to re verify the condition of women.

They must not fabricate fictitious stories under political pressure. They must not showcase high handedness while assessing the overall role of Israel in building up the nation in the fountain of flawless democracy.   

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