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Is Saudi Arab at Political Stake of Losing support from US?

Is Saudi Arab at Political Stake of Losing support from US?


Mistrust which roams in dark alleys seems to have exposed its   mysterious fixture in daylight. The world is a solid stage for actors to perform different roles. What Riyadh thinks seems to be just a slanting reflection of previous encounters and breach of promise. 

Recent declaration of enacting the bipartisan bill to start litigation against Riyadh for its daring attitude to kill innocent Americans in 9/11th attacks has sparkled negative repercussion.  This bill will be devastating for GCC and Arab world.  Saudi Arab has reacted strongly by criticizing the whimsical decision taken by White House. It will further deteriorate the diplomatic rapport with Washington D.C.   However, Obama has left for Riyadh to find the solution.   His official venture to GCC must give rise to the final outcome to wipe out the resentment between two countries.


Bipartisan Bill Can Be Dangerous for Riyadh


Obama has already commented about the involvement of Saudi Arab in the 9/11th massacre in America.   He further   reiterated that Riyadh must be more harmonious with patience to deal with Iran.   It is also not a satisfactory answer.   Riyadh has expressed its resentment in this connection.  

GeopoliticalambiguityinGulf regionis becomingseverelytougher with thedrasticstepsmade bythe king of Saudito jugulatean eminent Shiite clericmercilessly. 

Iran has protested condemning    Riyadh for its heinous attitude to kill innocent people. Obama is also overwhelmed and he has requested Riyadh to behave like human beings. It is unpardonable. Saudi Arab must follow the guidelines of Human Rights Commission.  Merciless beheading can’t be supported.  Saudi Arab admits that   war is not cost effective but it is much more expensive to spoon feed the defense.  

However, due to acceleration of the evil power to jeopardize the existence of Riyadh, king has had to be bold with drastic measures to order commandos to behead few wicked urchins to warn the extremists.  Saudi Arab has the strong immune system to resist vandalism and onsets of terrorism.  Even duringcrisis,  this Gulf nationhas spent billion dollars toopen anew factory to manufacture missiles andgun powderto launchmore air strikes andground attacks todestructenemies.  

Saudi   joins allied force to tackle Iran backed extremists in Yemen.  Rebels in Syria are strengthened by Saudi force.  Assad’s role in Syria doesn’t give relief to Riyadh.    Spring Arab empowered by Riyadh is against Assad and the objective of Riyadh is to deactivate Assad for the sake of restoring political stability and nonchalance in Middle East. 

Geopolitical Disturbance – Saudi Arab Facing Real Challenge


Saudi Arab is beset with a number of issues and complexities. However, this Gulf nation is severely fighting back to remove barriers.  To be frank, Riyadh is changing its conventional diplomatic strategy.  

This Gulf nation uses OPEC to paralyze the shale oil industry in Texas and Dakota.  If the prices of oil go down, American oil exporting market must have backlash.  This drip in oil prices will certainly take the shape of year long recession forcing US shale oil companies to down shutters.  They will be bankrupt and weak economically. This geopolitical strategy will be harmful to Saudi because of its excessive  reliance on US force to combat cross border terrorism.   Obama has heated up the situation by calling Saudi Arab free riders to depend on foreign force to have control over the vast war ridden region.  So, it will be another episode of hidden cold war and suppressed resentment glowing surreptitiously.  

Saudi Iranian tussle generates the long lasting deadlock. The tension should not be overstepped to cover the vast Gulf regions or Arab World.  In a missive addressing US president, king of Riyadh has expressed his grievances over the indifference of Pentagon to tackle Iran.  Iranian force is getting new technology to engineer nuclear weapons.  

Obama’s support to Iranian force creates chaos and  Riyadh will never be boxed up inside the cul-de-sac. 

Riyadh is expanding its defense to become more powerful to regulate Gulf territory.  In Yemen, Houthis extremists are fuelled by Iran and Pentagon has not condemned the government of Iran for its interference to let the situation run down.  However, Hezbollah extremists are not getting any support or assistance from Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arab and Kuwait. 

The US and Germany have declared that Hezbollah is an international terrorist outfit like ISIS.  So, there will be no compromise to tackle this militancy outfit.  Lebanon can be invaded by Saudi allied force to shoot dead Hezbollah extremists.   For the first time, all GCC members and US are found in unanimous position to ask for air strikes to ruin hidden hideouts and dens of Hezbollah.

Obama’s tour to Riyadh must be a blended outcome with new avenues for peaceful negotiation.    American President announces that he must no support any terrorist or extremist group. However Riyadh must showcase softness while treating suspected persons.   Recent incidents of beheading are not hygienic for Saudi Arab to befriend others.   If bipartisan bill is introduced by White House, there will be danger for Saudi Arab to have more strain and turmoil.

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