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 I questioned are we human?   Violence against Women Must Be Prevented

I questioned are we human? Violence against Women Must Be Prevented

In rural areas in Dakar, Senegal, it is a traditional myth that having a sex with a female infant can cure an AIDS affected man


Though everyyear , women emancipation dayis celebratedby hosting street campaigns, meeting and outdoorconferencesfor awareness, the condition of women inthe worldseems to be worsened.   Child marriage, female genital mutilation and sexual harassment are some of the severe issues which weaken women. They should be given rights to expressions and protest against injustice. 


Women Affected by Germs of Violence, Sexual Abuse, Torture and Exploitation


 Sexual assault is one of the barbaric issues to threaten up all innocent women.  Young college girls,   married women and female professionals who go for outdoor activities often face such sexual assault in broad daylight.  Women are harassed and then raped by wicked urchins. They don’t get protection from local administration due to corruption.  Stat reports confirm the gradual increase in the rape cases and sexual harassment. Women who belong to lower middle class are found illiterate with financial dependence on their husbands.

Especially, in African countries, the social status of women of lower middle class is unappreciable. They do menial drudgery just like slaves.  They are not allowed to take decisions. They are not educated as well. Therefore, torture and exploitation on women in the lower berths of the society are not reduced. 

Though new laws to protect women have been enforced, people are not responsible to do their duties.  

Fourth World Women Conference of Beijing

The conference has showcased miserable condition of women even in advanced countries. 

At this global conference, female activists, social reforms and representatives of human rights commission were present to explain the social, economic and political status of women in the world.  Physical violence, exploitation and sexual abuse obstruct proper development o f women. This insecurity and fear even force many female victims, raped women and wounded married ladies to commit suicide. 

In Middle East, women are neglected.  In Saudi Arabia, women have a long term fatwa or embargo regarding the car driving.   They are not permitted to have car licenses to drive vehicles.  

Prince of Riyadh is however trying to lift the fatwa permitting women to hold the steers to let their cars trundle on the road.

Child Marriage –Global Concern


Child marriage in Senegal increases.  The survey reports have given surprising data regarding the rates of child marriage.  For instance, 16 percent of women falling between 25 and 49 age groups are pressurized to marry during their childhood days. 

Family Code of 1973 was introduced.  However, girls have to give their consent to stay in their father-in-law’ houses much earlier before maturity.  They have no social recognition as they are illiterate with high responsibility to take care of their children.  

Around 60 percent women in Senegal are affected by domestic violence.  59 percent women in the families in Senegal are either raped or bruised with marks of physical wounds. 

UN women forum has declared that the current condition of women is deteriorating faster. The administration and judiciary systems   in under developing countries like Senegal, and Somalia are not powerful.  Probing and proper screening are demanded by various female emancipation and human rights commissions to empower women in poor countries.   Free labor bond, slavery, child marriage and severe genital mutilation of women must be stopped without negligence. 

ISIS Execution of women

ISIS recently executed 250 women in Mosul who refused to marry ISIS Jihadist. The women refused were killed in name of practice called sexual Jihad. In some cases families were killed too. Mosul is under control of ISIS since 2014. 

Stop Women Exploitation – Give More Power to Them to Survive

Myth, hallucination, hypocrisy, and illiteracy produce destructive side effect to minimize the possibilities of all round development of the society. Senegal is the role model to people to understand the various problems of women. 

In this country, women are victimized due to myth and lack of scientific knowledge  to do data analysis.  

In rural areas in Senegal, it is a traditional myth that having a sex with a female infant can cure an AIDS affected man.

It is a cumbersome myth and many girls have to suffer from painful intercourse.  Their genitals are mutilated if parents don’t permit such a practice of virgin cleaning. 

The administration and  intellectuals are kept silent. So, infant rape and sexual seduction are permissible in such a poor country in Africa.   People need good training and education to wipe out such century old myth for the sake of proper nourishment of women to live with prestige and honor.


Are you a human? 

Women are not commodities. They are used by corporate sectors, media and silver screen industry. Flesh trade is being spoon fed in China, Korea, Pakistan and India.   There must be a powerful remonstration enabling women to stand against violence and injustice.  They have to come forward to fight with corruption as well.  Men and women are two pillars to build up the nation.


Men should value women.   It is the social responsibility of people to let women move freely without fear.  They must be attached with main stream of the society.  Women are not personal assets. They are humans and they have abilities to cope with men in practical life.

Quote :  

Man in hunger for power has forgotten most basic duty to protect woman." - Amir Al Saud 

Old tradition should be buried in Senegal. Man from any nation in violation of women's self respect be brought to justice " - Amir Al Saud

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