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Hezbollah- Anti-Zionist Extremist to Operate Lebanon- Is It Threat to Western Countries?

Hezbollah- Anti-Zionist Extremist to Operate Lebanon- Is It Threat to Western Countries?


Hezbollah is an anti –Zionist militancy group which spread its influence different states of Lebanon.  Hezbollah believes that they are fighting for peace. It is a party of God/Allah and it is not an anti-Semitic extremist to kill Jews for political reason.   Hezbollah   extremists have opted for jihad to control Jews in Lebanon.   Hezbollah is inspired by Shia’s ideology.  In Lebanon, this extremist militia has become powerful to influence people to elect representatives to form the government.   

A Snapshot about Formation of Hezbollah in Lebanon


Way back to 1982, Israel attacked Lebanon and snatched a strip of important place controlled by SLA.  This militia was actually supported by Israel to disturb the local government. However, Israel force possessed this pocket and planned to go ahead to obtain more strength to rule the country. In between,  Iranemerged asahiddenspy withintention todeployarms andgunpowderto Hezbollah   supporters to putpressure onIsraeli occupants.  The rivalry snowballed into bloodshed melee, violence and political disturbance.  Hezbollah reinforced its para-military troops which seemed to overtake national army of Lebanon.  The strong commandos and military force of Hezbollah participated into a number of battles to smash Israeli troops and foreign invaders to protect Lebanon.  Hezbollah has formed Jihad Council and Loyalty party to join the Lebanese parliament.  It tries to mix with  local people.

Even Hezbollah communicates with local television channels and electronic media   to spread   anti-Zionist messages.   They want to launch more awareness campaigns making people aware of the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.   They are not anti-Semitic to terminate Jews individually. They have broad feeling and they are anti-Zionists to go against Jews. It is a religious sentiment instead of boosting up any political interest or personal revenge. 

People need to understand this delicate difference in these two ideologies.  So Hezbollahrebels dolot of anti-Zionistpropaganda andcampaigns inLebanon to revolt against the nationalizationof the establishment ofJews ethnic sectwhich claims a separatestate for Jews.

Even Hezbollah has mobilized their intimacy and interest in Holocaust denial. It is a new theory which was adopted by Hitler supporters to fight with Jews.   Holocaust deniers never admitted the extermination of innocent Jews people in Germany. They claim that Jews were just shifted from Germany to other countries.  They had no intention to kill Jews in Gas Chamber.   Holocaust deniers want to call them revisionists instead of Holocaust deniers. However, the reflection of Holocaust revisionism is visible to energize the principles of Hezbollah to force Israeli troops to leave for Lebanon. 

Right now, instead ofrushing towards Israel to wipe outall Jews, Hezbollahchoosesthe defensive anti-Zionistjihad torestorelost places controlledoroperated by Israelis. 

Status of Hezbollah - Resistance Movement or Terrorist?

Hezbollah and Amal are two major political wings in Lebanon.   These two political parties support Shiite Muslims.  Amal controlled South of Lebanon whereas Hezbollah prioritized  three important areas to run their own administrative machinery. 

Hezbollah became popular in Beirut and Beqaa valley including Hirmil zone.   Gradually, Hezbollah entered into the Parliament  through general election.  This party won 14 seats out of total 128. What is the present status of Hezbollah?  

Many countries in Europe and Middle East call Hezbollah terrorists. However, Arab World brands Hezbollah as the resistance movement militia which is also seen participating in national army of Lebanon. It is not an extremist party.

However, in 1995 Pentagon declared Hezbollah as terrorist outfit which had the nexus with Al Qaeda.  

The US doesn’t support any militancy group or extremist which grows hidden   understanding with ISIS. US government lambasted this anti-Zionist party for its notorious activity to involve in Beirut bomb explosion in which    many American officers were killed.

Reaction of Western Countries to Call Hezbollah Terrorists


The close intimacy with Imad Mughniyeh   jolted the UK to urge the EU to shortlist Hezbollah as the extremist group to instigate terrorism in the world.  1994 AMIA bomb explosion in Argentina increased the possibility of the presence of Hezbollah suicidal squads to turn the Jewish cultural hub into debris by exploding powerful bombs. Western countries and American society reacted strongly to terminate this extremist group from Lebanon. 

Finally, Saudi Arab is determined to wipe out Hezbollah  extremists in Lebanon. Iran is backing up this resistance movement group because of accelerating its power to destabilize GCC nations.   Saudi has highlighted the embedded connection between   Hezbollah and ISIS extremists to give rise to tension and political destabilization. 


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