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Five Unique Qualities that make you Indispensable at Work

Five Unique Qualities that make you Indispensable at Work


Job security is important. Unfortunately, nobody is assured of security especially in today’s milieu. You can get terminated anytime because of different reasons such as poor performance; delinquency; violation of company policies; reorganization; and, company insolvency. This is a serious concern. The key is to become a vital asset to your organization.




You must be productive. This can be accomplished by working fast and efficiently. Perfect your processes. Maintain a positive attitude to discover colleagues who will help you appreciate your job. See to it that you lead by example. You have to become a model that everyone in the organizations will admire and follow. Everybody will watch your actions so be careful about how you act and what you do in the workplace.


You should realize that everybody will observe things you say and do. So, be careful with your token actions and words. Likewise, know how to disapprove of performance without being critical. Distinguish between positive criticism and disapproving point of view. Learn how to listen! This is a skill that you have to practice constantly.


You can get better information by listening to what your loved ones, colleagues and co-workers tell you. Care for people around you. Care about the things they say and do. For instance, a subordinate gives an alibi for not performing a certain assignment. Care about what the person says. It does not mean that you have to tolerate this act but you can help deal with this issue if you show concern.


Five Qualities

At the same time, find out the things that you can do to become indispensable at work.


¶      Prove that you are prepared and capable of going the extra mile. In other words, you can perform more than what company owners and managers expect from you provided is given the time and necessary resources.


¶      Foment trust by maintaining confidence and stay away from rumor-mongering. Assume accountability for all your actions especially blunders instead of blaming your colleagues. You need to be candid and open-minded in dealing with other people particularly subordinates. Make sure to fulfill your promises and commitments. Inform your bosses and co-workers in case you cannot meet deadlines because this may affect the work and performance of other employees. Make an apology for failure to keep a promise. Remember that honesty is essential to trust.


¶      Work in partnership with your peers in any group undertaking. Swap ideas that can help all of you accomplish a certain task. Give your best and offer constructive comments that may help in the success of your venture. It is advisable to integrate some light moments in your work to make things easier for everyone. Commend your co-employees as a form of motivation.


¶      Enhance your capabilities in verbal and written communications. You can do these by articulating ideas very clearly and paying attention carefully to what others have to say. Keep eye contact during dialogues. Be careful in your choice of words to avoid hurting the feelings of colleagues. These people should know that you appreciate their opinions. Be professional and draw the line between personal matters and work-related concerns. Show interest in the points of view that your co-workers share. In the same way, communicate your own views in a polite manner.


¶      Help other employees to reach fame. Harnessing the capabilities of others can contribute to the greatness of your organization. Share the honors that you receive for any achievements, inputs and ideas with members of your team. In other words, acknowledge the contributions of everybody. Spend time to say thank you. Those who have higher positions should go beyond recognition. Small rewards will definitely motivate your subordinates to work even harder. This can be a very good strategy in developing strong working relationships.


Confidence Building

You need to build confidence. It is a great personality trait of a leader. Confidence is recognizing what you can do well. It is becoming aware of the value you provide and relating to other people. Confidence segregates people who are successful and those who are not. You can enrich your life by developing confidence. It is a basic skill that you need to be good at and develop continuously.


With esteem, you will stand out more in your job, your education and everything else you want to achieve. People will start to have a high regard for you. Simply put, you execute better at everything with more self-reliance. On the contrary, you tend to struggle all your life without confidence.


Wrapping up


There must always be a sense of purpose in life. It is important to comprehend what you want to achieve and the reason for this. Think of what you yearn for in life. Make sure to identify all potential problems that may prevent you from attaining personal and career goals. Then, come up with the probable solutions

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