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Fatima had a gift box in her hand

Fatima had a gift box in her hand


I had been very busy lately trying to get a few things situated plus a series of car accidents. Do I call these 6 car accidents in 10 weeks a coincidence?

I would not do that mistake. Every time, I opened my eyes, it was a new Life. God was merciful. I think, I am aware why? Most people would have passed away if in my situation. But I opened my eyes with some injuries. Here I am back walking and writing to you again even though it hurts my hand to write. Pardon my spelling mistakes.

Many times in our life we put a lot of value on our lives. We are inward focused rather than helping or supporting others. Sometimes it just lack of compassion towards others and being thankful for what we have?  When is the last time, I taught a poor child to read or paid a tuition; even smaller things like paid for friends car's tires as she is struggling financially being alone or a being single parent? 

A friend reminded me this yesterday. 

It's not easy being a single parent with no to less income and on top of that some have big attorney bills in many circumstances. I know, I am making life is not sounding easy. But I promise you it can be, if you think and act outwardly. Bring Joy in other people's life. Sometimes a simple question ' How are you today? I am praying for you.' These compassionate statements makes a big difference.

Remember Prayer has power and word of God behind it.

Short Story 

75 years ago, we did not have land lines; barely any cell phone; no texting or Access to social media. Man relied upon snail mail. Remember.

Kindly allow me to share a brief story. 150 miles south of Riyadh in the desert lived a man. He was getting old and his job was to deliver letters. Jalal Abraham was poor. In 130 F heat, Jalal Abraham, would distribute letters and had to sometimes walks 40 kilometers for delivery. Jalal distributed letters and would get very tired towards end of the day. He often prayed to Allah to send him a confirmation of his servitude.

One day he was sorting the letter and saw a letter which was to be dropped 35 Km location. Strange thing was no one had ever written a letter to that recipient. Who was this person? Jalal wondered? Towards end of his day, Jalal dropped by and said ' Mail-man' . He heard voice of a girl saying coming? Jalal's eyes were focused on the door as he did not know who lived there? Anyways he waited and 20 minutes passed. Jalal called again ' Mail-man' , a girl answered coming. After another 25 minutes someone opened the door.

It was a girl named Fatima. Fatima apologized to make Jalal wait for 45 minutes but thanked him dearly. Jalal noticed Fatima seemed only 12 and had no feet the very reason it took her longer time to get ready. Jalal thanked Allah and went his way.

After two months another package came for Fatima. Jalal went to her house and repeated the routine. Fatima opened the door with a smiling face and greeted him. This time she had a package in her hands nicely wrapped. Fatima said I want you to open this gift, I have for you, when you reach home.

Jalal wondered what was in the package but left and reached his home.After prayers he eat dinner with his wife and shared the story. His wife, Mazina requested the package be opened. She was very curious. Jalal opened the package. In the package was a pair of slip-on and a Letter. The letter stated ' I Noticed the first time when you came you did not have any shoes or slip on. I felt bad you have to walk barefoot all day, hence this gift.'

Jalal and Mazina had tears in their eyes. They prayed to Allah for Jannah for Fatima. Fatima had no legs but she had compassion for Jalal walking barefoot all day. A few months passed and no letters came for Fatima.

Mazina said please this time go and check on Fatima, how she is doing? Mazina seemed worried. Jalal Abraham went to Fatima's home and was shocked. People around the house said for years that was a haunted house and no one lived there. But they had stories of a little girl, similar to his. They further submitted that Allah sometimes send his angels for people to touch their lives. 

Jalal's prayer for servitude was answered. He was thankful for God's mercy bestowed upon him and family.

Some thoughts 

Today is my beloved fathers birthday, April 16. The story is in celebration of his life. 

My Late father told me often' Serve the needy and poor and especially your mother when she gets old, you will go to heaven.' Times have passed and I always see myself holding or talking to an old person. I happen to enjoy their company more.

If you deeply reflect on this short story you would see why God always reaches out to the poor? Why he resides in hearts of the poor?

My beloved mother is getting old. Just being in her presence I see heaven in her feet. She says ' Dear Son, I am content. I want you to give up greed, anger and pride."

Those are precious words, my father often shared.  

My tears of Joy answers all questions.  

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