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Evaluate Socio-economic and Political Situation in Lebanon-Deep Analysis

Evaluate Socio-economic and Political Situation in Lebanon-Deep Analysis


Current Situation

Lebanon is a bullet ridden country with fragile socio and economic infrastructure.  Israeli force has occupied the Southern part of Lebanon. Over 100000 land mines and bombs have been detected by the national army. These landmines are unmarked   to explode any time.  So, people in Lebanon are not protected.  However, the continuous infiltration of asylum seekers and refugees to gather at the   borders of this country are putting excess pressure on the government to ask for financial aids to rehabilitate these homeless refugees.


Tourism Industry at Stake

The political gambling cripples the government. 

The relationship with neighboring countries like Syria and Israel is unexpectedly deteriorating.  

On the other hand, formation of Arab Spring is another episode to keep the higher authority of Lebanon on alert.


GCC countries are threatening  Lebanon not to sit with Assad to terminate rebels. 

Even GCC  states advise tourists not to visit this Lebanon on vacation.  

Many young tourists are held at gun’s point.  They are not allowed to gather visas and passports to enter into the mainland of Lebanon.  

The socio economic strength  of Lebanon mainly stands on the foundation of tourism.  The flow of foreign   currencies is now at ebb due to the fear and myth.  People are not enthusiastic to travel to reach Lebanon to spend vacation.

Therefore, developmental projects in many cities and rural belt of this country are affected.  

Situation in Lebanon

On the other hand, the immigration or infiltration issue is forcing prime minister of Lebanon to start conversation with neighboring countries for settlement. $3.7 billion fiscal deficit is not a joke. 

The electricity is available for 18 hours in cities and the condition in rural areas is more pitiable.  

Fresh drinking water supply is obstructed due to dearth of fund to upgrade the water supply. 

The economy of the country is now getting poorer with disturb political situation.   In between the expenditure has increased in this tumultuous and embossing situation. 

In 2013 the government recorded around  $1 trillion outlays.   Secondly, the drop in oil pricescompelledthegovernmentto givemore subsidies   to run water,  illuminatehouses andupgrade the power supplyto the far flung areas of Lebanon .

$1.2 billion deficit in 2013 is a burden to worsen the economic condition.   Al-Hayat, General Secretary of ABL in Lebanon has indicated the rapid downfall in socio economic situation in the country. 

In 2013, the country had to bear 5 percent drop in the products exporting and 1 percent nosedive in the importing industry.  Tourism and leisure sectors in Lebanon didn’t score up to the mark.  Foreign direct investment was overwhelmingly reduced with bottle-necked financial condition for Lebanese people to suffer from.  

In 2013, there was 2 percent drop in the flow of foreign revenues with sudden 12 percent hike in expenditure created problems for ruling party of Lebanon to escalate the percentage of growth/development in the country.

Infiltration of Asylum Seekers Creates problem for Lebanon to Bring Stability

 Food Crisis –Big Issue

Right now, over one million refugees are found sitting on open field, streets and highways in Lebanon. They have no roofs to have the shelter. Government aided organizations, volunteers, and orphanage society are co-operating with Government to help these refugees. In spite of having poor infrastructures, lack of fund and irregularity in supplying electricity, the rehabilitation campaigns are hosted to rescue these asylum seekers.

Syrian refugees prefer to reach the border of Lebanon for shelter and food.   They don’t want to go back to get the brunt of humiliation and threat from the Syrian rebels.   Due to the excess entry of refugees crossing the border for shelter, it brings   misery to local people residing in Lebanon. 

Food is not stocked to offer to refugees.   The deficit in supply of cereal is a bigger issue when the political deadlock, Syria conflict, and terrorism go out of control.  

Food is not in plenty and refugees have to starve.  There are many asylum seekers who have to turn the small urinals   into bedrooms for shelter.   Their children spend night in these small rest rooms  and parents prefer to stay outside throughout the night.  However, manypeopleadmit thatthelabor problem   has beenmanaged due to the availabilityofcheapmanpower   to construct residential houses andhotels incities of Lebanon. 

These refugees don’t claim handsome wages to provide service.  They are treated like slaves.   This cheap or lower labor is not the way to end the crisis. 

Religious Conflict Influences   Socio Economy and Politics in Lebanon


Shia Sunni religious conflict has also a sound impact on socio-economy of Lebanon.  These two Islamic sects live in different zones. They have enmity.  Religious profiling, vandalism and subversion are fueling up trouble and decreasing political stability in this nation.  Shia refugees don’t get similar facilities and equal status comparing to Sunnis and Christians.  Sunni population is bigger than Shia.  Over 80 percent Sunnis   live in Jordan, Saudi Arab, Lebanon and Syria.  In Iran around 90 percent Shia population is estimated.    So, Hezbollah is getting aids, technology, medicines and manpower from Iran. So Shia and Sunni people are also seen participating in regional functions, politics and social events.   The Shia minority is not able to be adjusted with Suinni brethren.   This religious difference accelerates the conflict to give rise to civil war. Shia people who live in Beqqa have no modern educational systems, schools, colleges and other facilities.  They are deprived of getting nutritious food.   On the other hand, Druze and other communities are welcomed to join social events.  They are given rewards. This injustice and   humiliation cause the resentment among Shia Muslims. 

Role of ISIS

ISIS or ISIL has the hidden plans to possess Baalbek, the city in Lebanon.   This region is the heart of Hezbollah.  In Lebanon, two Islamic sects (Shia and Sunni) are not agreed to end the dispute.  These two sects have different ideologies and they are often seen encouraging violence, infighting and racial profiling.   

Hezbollah is a Shia supported organization with anti-Zionist ideology to fight with Jews. Hezbollah doesn’t recognize Israel which gives shelter to Jews. This factional group is backed by Iran.   Many countries like USA and Saudi Arab call Hezbollah as international militancy outfit.  This religious factional community is struggling to possess regions located in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.  The showdown with ISIS or ISIL is imminent as Shia backed extremist group is not agreed to sit for finding solution through compromise.  

Hezbollah is fueled up by Tehran and it has resolution to wipe out Sunni and Jews in the world. In Lebanon, Hezbollah   has the active key role to build up force, participate in parliament and open new training camps to train youths for wiping out Sunni population and Jews. The anti-Zionist theory has influenced young  

Hezbollah rebels who have agenda to recover the land from Jews and Shia to bring peace from Heaven to the world. On the other hand, ISIS wants to expand its military force to occupy Hezbollah controlled regions driving all rebels out of the country.  This mission will be only fruitful when   ISIS extremists are able to defeat Hezbollah. 

In Lebanon, the larger majority of Sunni co-exists with Shia community.  The civil war takes place because of such racial profiling and vandalism. 

Shia and Sunni conflict is inflammable component to ignite religious vandalism in the country.  Hezbollah is a part of resistance movement which has revolted against Israel and Sunni sect. 

ISIS is engaged in gun running, supply of ammunition and technology to other rebels to destroy the   hideouts of Hezbollah.

Well, the socio political infrastructure in Lebanon is now different after the fall of the previous government. There is no government to operate Lebanon.  Refugees and asylum seekers who are coming from Syria forcefully enter into Lebanon. They are building up   houses to make  stays.  They   ask for food, shelter, medication, education and jobs.  The utility service, sewerage system and electricity are heavily disturbed or deactivated.   The fund or financial aids to rehabilitate   these refugees are either cut off or stopped.  The flow of foreign currency is obstructed. Few days back,   Saudi Arab has announced that Lebanon will not be financially boosted up.  About $4 billion worth stimulus has been cancelled by Riyadh to punish Lebanon for spoon feeding  Hezbollah supporters with money, food and aids.

Evaluate Syria’s Role

Syria’s  role must be scanned  meticulously vis-à-vis the spread of jingoism and religious profiling in   other parts of Lebanon, Syria, Iran,   Israel, Yemen and Saudi Arab. The ruthless and barbaric execution of 37 convicts in Riyadh including Nimr-a-Nimr (Shia cleric)   is a booster to sparkle the fire of vandalism in Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has charged Assad to back Hezbollah and its supporters.   Assad must have good mindset to talk to Riyadh   for peace. However, Assad is not doing his duty going out of ethics.  He is so much destructive for Riyadh.  Iran and Saudi Arab are lambasting each other. They are not   desirous of coming to a solution ending the year long resentment.  Gradually,   tension seems to be taking the form of civil war to destruct cities. 

Syria is now running through a transitional phrase. First of all, it supports ISIL because of controlling rebels who go against him.  Assad is a tyrant with heinous activities to snatch the power from common persons to live independently.  

Hezbollah is powered by Iran.  This factional group has opted for open jihad with anti-Zionist theory to suppress Jews.  It is also supported by   Shia. Now, ISIS has the only challenge coming from   Hezbollah.

Assad is plotting surreptitiously to aid ISIS to pressurize rebels. 

Even Russia supplies technology to ISIS to strengthen up its force to assist Assad for termination of all anti-Assad groups or dissidents in Syria. It is a complicated political gambling.  If Assad supports ISIS, Hezbollah will not sit with lethargy.  It will react by attacking hidden   ISIS hideouts in Syria. 

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister, is now in a new  shape   to speak differently.   In his statement, he explains that Russia   is always desirous and responsible to protect Syrian people. However it doesn’t mean that Moscow will send troops and weapons to protect Assad personally. 

This double standard statement gives rise to a number of question tags to harass people.  

First of all, will Assad be backed up by Russia in future?  Will Assad get support from other countries to control terrorist outfits? 

The political situation in Syria is taking another U turn with lot of possibilities for Assad to pass through the transitional phase.   In Aleppo, Syrian air strikes and ground attack seem to reinforce ISIS extremists.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah has the powerful troops. If Syria interferes in Lebanon, the main obstruction will come from Hezbollah.  It will be a serious political infighting and gambling for Assad.  

Ceder Revolution In Lebanon- New Horizon for Stability  

Syrian interference in Lebanon was not accepted by citizens who started their rallies against Syrian government.  The assassination of Hariri, the prime minister of Lebanon, disheartened  citizens of Lebanon.  In Beirut, people were seen squatting on the roads demanding the investigation to catch the culprits.

Secondly, they want new government which will be much more independent without depending on Syria. The 30 year regime of Syrian army in Lebanon must be ended. 

Ceder revolution was launched for peace restoration, displacement of Syrian army and the formation of more public welfare government without being supported by Syria.

They also ask for the returning of Michel Aoun, the prime minister of Lebanon who was banished or marooned.  

So, it is a new horizon for restoration of stability in socio-political structure of Lebanon.  Syria’s influence must be minimized with the creation of powerful administrative machinery.  America welcomes such a revolution in Lebanon.   

Mr. Obama Declared $254 Humanitarian Package for Lebanon

Mr. Obama has met Sleiman, the President of Lebanon to settle various complicated issues. Lebanon must have a good government for stability. Obama urges that without a government, a country can’t stand with resolution to build up the nation.   Therefore, Lebanese people should elect a ruling part y to have good governance.  

Mr. Obama has also declared $254 million worth humanitarian package to rehabilitate refugees who are thrown by Syria.

This displacement is expensive for Lebanon. However, with this financial support, Lebanon will be comfortable to assist refugees. Besides, $8.7 million will be given to Lebanon for buying weapons, restructuring defense and upgrading the internal administration to control insurgency.  It is a good effort to tackle the tough internal situation in Lebanon.

" It’s a great pleasure to have the time to meet with President Sleiman of Lebanon. He has shown extraordinary leadership through a very challenging period for not only Lebanon, but also for the region."

President Obama

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