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Edge Villa –Now Open for Entrepreneurial Exploration – Implement Dream Projects -Buy Land at Discounts

Edge Villa –Now Open for Entrepreneurial Exploration – Implement Dream Projects -Buy Land at Discounts


Be lucky to visit Nature Paradise or The Edge Village in Thailand is magnificent with luminescent natural beauty to attract true nature lovers. This fantastic Nature Paradise is located in Koh Chang Island in the gulf area of Thailand. It is a dream to a young heart to stay in such a glossy multistoried residential apartment to refine taste. The life will be much more dynamic through the encounter with the beautiful Koh Chang Marine National Park in Thailand. Right now, this immovable real estate property   is kept open for sale.  Visit the official website of the proprietor to have more information, colorful snapshots,   free quotes and regular updates. The transaction will be smooth and hassle free.

Location of Edge Village

Nature Zone is situated in the conurbation of the Koh Chang Marine National Park in the main island of Koh Chang of Thailand. Natural beauty and healthy climate are assets to people to stay peacefully at Edge Village.

Implement Your Dream Concept Projects- Buy Land/Apartment in Edge Village Thailand is one of the favorable places to investors, and businessmen to start business. This country is also fuelling up the leisure and tourism industry to bag more foreign currencies to reinforce the national   economic infrastructure. Koh Chang is the third largest islands out of 52 islets.   Its scenic luster, vast Blue Ocean and the superb crystal clear sky must renew mind of an oldie. This big real estate property   is a classic showpiece with touch of European and occidental infrastructural aesthete. So, buyers will be winners when they buy sophisticated apartments, and large space for starting any new business.   Prices of the freehold and unencumbered property in Edge Village Eco Development or Nature Paradise are extremely   competitive with discount offer.  The classic beauty of the residential apartment and eco-friendly building must make a newcomer joyous.   The gigantic infrastructure at Koh Chang Island stands on 2.5 ha or 25,000 sqm area.  It is a fully furnished and well designed residential housing complex with huge space for recreation as well. Freehold land can be used legally without any strict obligation.  Adam Pilecki , an authorized recommenderor agent, hasmade good comments about the location of thebuilding with higherlifesecurity.   The whole infrastructure at the Koh Chang Nature Park is very nice to watch. The interior and exterior decorations of the sky kissing building are awe-inspiring.   Moreover, there are all A+ amenities and world class facilities for customers. 

Overwhelming Outdoor Oceanscape with Beautiful Sight Seeing

The outdoor sight-seeing is artistically painted because of the large private 200 meter water bay. So couples can enjoy the honeymoon without spoiling thrill. The ocean front bay is cool and glossy.  A 30 meter high strong cliff ensures good privacy.  None will be over there for eavesdropping or tampering with private affairs of others. 

Good Investment Opportunity in Thailand

Thailand gives full support to investors to refinance tourism, leisure, wellness and accommodation/housing industries in this country.

Edge Village is a new sample model to aspirant foreign investors to implement dream projects buying the freehold land at the Edge Villa in Thailand They can use the large property and freehold land to restructure cluster of spa centers, departmental stores, healthcare centers, boutiques and in house corporate offices with modern equipment/indoor furniture. 

Use your entrepreneurial craftsmanship by implementing long term theme projects to expand the real estate, tourism, and leisure business.  This highly fashionable housing complex with unencumbered freehold land must be plus points to customers. 

Kho Chang in Thailand is a sprawling eco-tourism hub to welcome Europeans, Chinese and Russian nationals/investors to buy the property in Edge Village to open resorts. They will get huge revenues by investing money on housing and accommodation sectors. The Edge Village in Thailand is the best place for doing business mainly in wellness, beauty, and recreation industries. So, the Edge Village located in Thailand must encourage investors for financial investment.

Property Recommended by Adam Pilecki

The Main Agent In this connection, one should talk to the main agent or recommend-er named Adam Pilecki to collect Biz plans, site plans and other information to buy the real estate property and freehold land at Edge Village. Cool and amicable ambience with fantastic transport system will enable business tycoons to operate their billion worth business at the Edge Village. They must be given innovative ideas, theme Biz plans, and site maps to reconstruct wellness centers, ultra modern spas, and sophisticated luxurious eco-friendly resorts at the Nature Paradise.

Advanced Modern Amenities Available at Edge Village

• Security house

• Electric repairing and maintenance house

• Staff house

• Developeddrainage systems

• Deep wells for domestic usage

• Retaining walls

• Modern swimming pool

• Jacuzzi, and Sauna bath centers

• Air-conditioned wellness hubs for fitness

• Round the clock electric , drinkable water supply and fast internet system

Basic Amenities

A  single luxurious residential villa is adorned with 3 decorated buildings, a water pool and a small garage or car parking lot.  Every   opulent room of the apartment is equipped with ultra sleek wall mountable LCD television set, music system and classic furniture pieces.

Benefits of Buying Property in Edge Villa

• Just walking distance to reach Fisherman village encircled by super market, departmental storefronts, café. Restaurants and pharmacies

• It will take just 15 minutes to reachpopular Bang Bao sea front beachwhich is designedwith manyclassic kiosks and restaurants with mini bars

• Ocean frontluxurious boutique developmentopportunity

• Nocongestion

• No trouble to communicate withclients and local folks Easy Direction to Reach Koh Chang Edge Villa

• Reach TRAT airport to arrive at Koh Chang ferry boat station.  It is a 25 minute long trip to reach Edge Villa through car ferry. Buy Land and Furnished Apartment at Smart PricesAsking prices to buy freehold property at Edge Villa are $ US 6 million approximately.

However, the land owner or proprietor/seller is ready for easy negotiation.  In this connection, customers should hit the fully developed website to check the information with many   attractive colorful   snapshots, site maps and free quotes before buying the property. 

Contact Adam Pilecki for futher information. 

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