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eBay versus Amazon

eBay versus Amazon

Which will be a better choice for consumers?

One position is that eBay sells low-quality goods.

It offers more risks to buyers while Amazon is a more professional marketplace. There are factors that consumers need to study carefully before making any decisions.

Comparing the Basics

Media and research organizations made a comparison of essentials for both eBay and Amazon a against the market surveys to find out the inventory that is more inexpensive. At the moment, eBay is a bit under-priced based on factors such as impact-free cash flow, top-line and bottom-line as well as indicators in capital expenditures.

Amazon is without a doubt in front of eBay when it comes to the quantity of active customers, revenue growth and transaction volume. Amazon’s Levels of profitability are incredibly low compared to that of eBay. Meanwhile, eBay has an asset-light business platform characterized by sunbstantial cash flows and margins plus a payment business that grows swiftly. Its business position for income growth is relatively strong.

However, the selling platform of Amazon is elegant but straightforward while that of eBay is quite unsystematic. The selling process of eBay is fairly complicated and is always regarded as a continuing process. In Amazon, you sell and put it behind after going over the documentation and finding your niche. Average Selling Price in Amazon is plainly higher for goods sold through Amazon fulfillment (for primary customers). Shoppers in eBay prioritize savings while those of Amazon are not particular about pricing.

Starters (small vendors who need more visibility) in eBay can be positioned at the bottom of search results. They can be overshadowed by top sellers and merchants who get more feedback because of the best match system of searching. In Amazon, sellers take turns if buyers are looking for a certain product. The buyers do not evaluate sellers while purchasing so the latter are assured of sales if the merchandising is being sold in Amazon.

Fees and Payment Scheme

At eBay, sellers can list items repeatedly until these are sold without any charges. It gets a 10 percent commission right away once an item is sold. This appears in a monthly statement. Amazon imposes referral and erratic closing fees. Referral and variable closing costs are based on the type of commodity you are selling. On top of these is an extra charge of $0.99 cents for every item regardless of the grouping. However, this is waived for vendors paying a subscription fee. The seller gets the final amount after all of these fees have been deducted.

You have to consider that eBay is a partner of PayPal which is the favored payment method on this site. Money is made available in the vendor’s PayPal account after a sale is made and the item is delivered to the buyer. As a seller, it is possible to sue the PayPal balance on eBay as well as other sites that accept that payment mode. Nonetheless, you are limited in terms of the amount that can be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis which can prove to be a cause of stress. With Amazon, sellers use Amazon Payment that deposits earnings directly into your bank account bi-monthly. In many cases reported, Paypal is known to hold your funds hostage. 

Ease and Customer Engagement

Internet shopping has become popular due to convenience and inventory. Some consumers may find eBay inconvenient because of the auction-style list. They have to wait for 24 hours or even more for the merchant to sort out and ship orders. On the other hand, Amazon is known for convenience. The $79 annual subscription with Amazon Prime entitles members to a free two-day shipping. That is why millions of shoppers choose Amazon for daily essentials. As a rule, buyers do not get engaged with sellers but this has changed recently since Amazon is now prone to press buyers into reviewing their transactions.

The feedback mechanism is very crucial for eBay. The interface positions its notifications box noticeably place and require feedback for finished transactions by flagging said products. As a matter of fact, eBay sellers strive to maintain faultless feedback. Hence, some request buyers to make a compromise with them in case of any disputes instead of receiving negative comments. 

Selling on eBay to international buyers perceives huge risk. Items not received due to delay in method of shipping are often reported. Fraud issues are on the rise from eastern european countries, reporting items not described. Other perceived risks are customers asking to ship items using first class mail to avoid paying custom duties and item is also not traceable is another big challenge at eBay. 

Products on eBay obtain their own listing with corresponding photos which are an essential part of the listing format. There should be an image uploaded into the listing. In case you are selling used or uncommon goods, multiple images are obligatory to acquire a following which can be time-consuming. Amazon products share listings which denote that several sellers with the same item can share the same list. Only one image is required for the item’s listings. The process of differentiating is done through the price or Buy Box.

Online shoppers know the divergent environment of these marketplaces. Their decisions will depend on the needs and preferences as well as the features of the products.   

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