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Different Factors to Enhance Competition in Industry –Deep Analysis

Different Factors to Enhance Competition in Industry –Deep Analysis


The world is not fitted to the weak with low vigor to fight back. Competition is now soaring high in different fields.  Especially, in the world of business, even local traders with start-up business set-ups are facing a tough challenge. So, a company must change its business branding strategy to keep alive even in the adverse condition.   The recent survey reports have confirmed the unexpected increase in the competition due to the recession. That means, companies have to improve product quality, and bring flexibility in product shipment at cheap rates to satisfy customers. 

Competition Creates Space for Better Product Quality, and Business Improvement


The competition works as a booster to inspire or motivate an entrepreneur to expand business.   If he wants to be a owner ofa top notchinternational company with a profitspinningmachine to outperform his rivals, he needtocomparethe performance of his company with rivals.

Competition is the yardstick for an entrepreneurial community to evaluate the overall performance to create a new horizon for inventing more solid business/marketing strategies to accelerate the product sales.  

Well, a company should not opt for short lived achievement or success which is not long lasting. Example of this is Uber V/s Lyft. Futuristic view is Uber to go down due to its malpractices and misleading business strategy. 

After the good product sales for several days, there can be a disaster or downtime to hamper the growth of the business.

Therefore, a company should do research and table work to detect where the management still trails behind.  Other competitors must use these loopholes which are unmarked for long time.  However, competition provides a driving force to an employer or the management of the commercial organization to reset the business operating system borrowing more innovative technology to handle the complicated issues. 

Business promotion should be flawless and there will be little drawback to communicate with business clients.

Well, it is true that innovation in the communication technology has also kept other businessmen, local traders and customers as well in an integrated environment to support the deal.  So, you should identify the best zones for investment to expand your start-up company into the profitable portal with the brilliant scope to reinforce your company on a solid platform.  

There are some popular business competition panels like Richmond which rate the competitors located in America, the UK and other countries in EU. They grade the business growth rating and competition rates in the global business areas. 

On an average basis, the Richmond panel has recorded the 14.7 percent competitors in America and 19.3 percent competitors in the UK. This trend will increase with the introduction of more flexible financial stimulus to create more space for financers to choose different profitable industries for investment. 

Different Survey Reports about Competition Beating


82 percent members of this Richmond panel are unanimous that the competition in the market is due to the product quality evaluation.

Customers are not eager to buy products which don’t give guarantee for better quality.   They need qualitative products at reasonable prices.  Competitors are recruiting more skilled and competent employees who are responsible to manufacture good quality products. 

However, 77 percent experts of this organization feel free to claim that the maximum competition comes from within different states of Britain. 

EU and South America succeed to Britain in the case of competition.  

Experts  have observed that mainly three regions are very sensitive to higher competition.

These three areas are big sales or product marketing, prices and of course quality of service. 

Companies are getting switchover from the old fashioned marketing strategies to the more compact product promotional program.  They use the internet and optimized websites for customer management, product promotion, easy registration and delivery of information to customers.  They facilitate customers to log in for online chatting to know about products.  It will motivate customers to hit websites to buy products. 

84 percentmembers of this updated businesspanelare agreedthatcompetitionin R&Dareais palpablebecauseof observing the market.   These companies manufacture prototypes as a part of experiments to test the competition in the market.  They start surveys to gather comments and feedbacks of customers.  Then they analyze at their research labs before launching the products in the market in the long run. 

However, around 12 percent members feel that this is the fake competition as  the verdict is influenced by many internal and external determinants.

The competition is also becoming stronger in the online marketing.  More expensive business branding, and advertisement campaigns and exhibitions are held to outperform other organizations.  The competition in the digital market is attracting more financers to   make investment in   different spheres   including online SEO, site optimization, software development, content management and virtual market.


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