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Differences and similarities in Foreign policy of US candidates

Differences and similarities in Foreign policy of US candidates


American presidential nomination convention must get excessive media exposure worldwide.  A number of heavy weights are seen fighting for earning more votes from positive delegates.  Right now, two major wings (GOP and Democratic parties) in political arena are visible with caboodle of futuristic plans with vision to make America a topper in the world. Their foreign policies will be much more innovative to stabilize the situation in America and other parts of the world.  These political leaders have some similarities and dissimilarities in projecting their views about the roles of American government to establish diplomatic relationship with other nations like North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, Gulf nations and New Zealand.

Hillary Clinton with Her New Foreign Policy to Deal with China


Betty White is not a newborn baby to fight for being the next president in America. She is an experienced and talented maverick female political leader.   She has already divulged her intentions regarding foreign relationship with China. She has declared that she will handle China boldly as this country is growing powerful by reinforcing the defense to traverse the ballistic missile at White House.  China is doing injustice by spreading violence in Tibet, Hong Kong and South Sea.   This Asian country runs through a long term economic slowdown and internal infighting.  Hillary Clinton has condemned PRC due to its lethargic attitude to minimize the tension in South Sea. China is indulging racial profiling in supporting the infiltration of Han Chinese immigrants in Xinjiang province of North West of China. Uyghur Muslims are not satisfied when they are forced to accept Han Chinese people to reside in this province.   Hillary Clinton will change the foreign policy to become stricter to tackle Chinese issues.  There will be stronger vigilance to watch the movement of China.  Betty White has taken exception to the barbaric activities of Chinese government which tampers with women’s rights to give birth to babies. Women are not given their rights to make comments or take decision in settling issues.   They are living in a hell.  Children are tortured.   Innocent people are slaughtered.   The crisis in China is worse and America should showcase bossy attitude to normalize the situation in South Sea. Way back to 2008, she also urged to boycott China to host Olympic game in Beijing as this country pampered terrorism. It didn’t force Sudan to stop violence in Darfur.

Bernie against Strategic Silence of White House to Treat China and North Korea


Bernie Sanders, Democratic representative, is very serious when he opts for a change in North Korea’s foreign policy. This small country has violated the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty by testing nuclear weapons.   China stays close to North Korea. Bernie opines that China should be outspoken to create pressure on North Korea to stop nuclear tests.  China must not overlook its responsibility.   North Korea is becoming a threat to America. Pentagon will not be tight lipped. To stabilize the environment, China must assist Pentagon to remind North Korea about the nuclear non proliferation treaty to reduce the tension.  According to Sanders, strategic silence from the part of White House brews up resentment and tension.  Pyongyang is taking advantage due to such unprecedented patience of the White House to overlook the side effect of the nuclear tests in North Korea.

Donald Trump Showcasing Aggressiveness to Minimize Terrorism with Strict Foreign Policy


To be frank, Donald Trump is also nurturing the same foreign policy emulating the futuristic strategies of Bernie. This GOP or Republican leader has supported the views of Bernie when he evaluates the role of China to wipe out nuclear weapons.  North Korea is slowly becoming ferocious without nestling the altruism and humanity. Pyongyang has not done miracle by exploding mini nuclear bombs in North Korea.  It is a step towards genocide. North Korea’s imperialistic attitude must be controlled. Unifier has vented his spleen on Kim Jong-un for his maniac behavior to encourage vandalism, jingoism and tension in the world.  China has good relationship with North Korea.  If China is not found energetic and pro-active to pressurize Pyongyang to shut down nuclear test labs, US will be tough to handle China and North Korea in upcoming days. Trump showcases his ruthless and aggressive behavior while commenting on the devastating role of North Korea in conducting expensive nuclear tests. Kim Jong-un must not dare to rekindle tension by squandering money for nuclear tests. It will be a tough lesion for North Korea to learn from US as Gaddafi in Libya had to sacrifice his life meanwhile; Unifier seconded Japan’s activity to carry on nuclear tests after getting threat from North Korea. Unifier has the plan to withdraw army from Japan and South Korea if these countries support his views to harness North Korea. In this connection, John   Kasich, the strong Republican leader in America, has same principles in the matter of changing the diplomatic behavior with North Korea.

Kasich and Ted Cruz on Same Roost to Support Unifier to Spoon Feed Japan and South Korea


 Kasich wants White House to spoon feed Japan and South Korea’s defenses to teach North Korea a lesson.  US should not deploy any financial stimulus to North Korea. White House must not be silent. John Kasich has requested White House to concentrate on North Korea and design new diplomatic strategy or foreign policy to control Pyongyang. Ted Cruz of the Republican Party in the US has had same views when he analyzes the nuclear activities of North Korea.  He calls Kim Jong-un as megalomaniacal narcissist to give birth to the germs of terrorism. However, Unifier is a non-political candidate. He seems to be a charlatan. This leader in Republican Party has no previous experience in dealing with foreign policies.  His views seem to be less important as he has the basic instinct to generalize everything without prioritizing the meticulous data comparison and analysis. He is business tycoon to spend the whole day in to track real estate market.  He is not aware of the intricacies in foreign policies. He is suffering from illusion.

Donald Trump –Self Centered with Negative Mindsets against Muslims Affects Foreign Policy


 Donald Trump is orthodox with negative mindsets about Islamic countries.  He seems to be a neocon with modified ideas but his aggressive attitude towards Muslim communities can’t be justified.  In past,   when Gaffney was appointed by Pentagon during Reagan regime, he proved himself overwhelmingly hawkish with soft corner towards Russian KGB. He discarded his mentor named Richard Perle.   However, he was thrown out by Pentagon for his conspiratorial mindset.  After the cessation of Cold War, Gaffney was found pro-active to deploying his paranoia to Muslims.  Right now, a particular division of Islamic sect is supporting Gaffney to enforce Sharia law. Donald’s comments against   Islamic communities are baseless.  He should be strategic to modify his foreign policies by giving flexible options for more innovative table work to settle issues peacefully.  Islamic community members should not be involved directly to suppress ISIS. They must be educated and brought to normal lifestyles.  Instead of training them to wipe out ISIS, Muslims must be isolated from ISIS extremists through rehabilitation process. They need education, shelter and jobs to become more self reliant.  Muslim youths must be given social status to improve their lifestyles. Donald must be more constructive with transparency in his foreign policy to become a popular idol in the world.

Bernie Seems to Have More Constructive Foreign Policy over Hillary and Unifier


Finally, Bernie Sanders seems to have more sympathy for those family members who have lost their near and dear ones in Gulf war. Bernie didn’t forget to criticize the role of Kissinger in Cambodia.  He is an optimist with new foreign policies to stop war and bring smooth breeze of peace to the world.  Americans should have patience with unbreakable impetus to minimize crime, violence and racial profiling.  They should be united to end the confrontations which germinate another epoch of terrorism in the world.  Russia’s hybrid war strategy, North Korea’s nuclear tests,  China’s indifference to stop tension in South Sea and the threat coming from ISIS extremists have influenced Sanders uber. However, he wants to prioritize the peace removing all negative components of vandalism, subversion, terrorism and crime. 

Hillary Clinton is also an experienced President who has vast knowledge in foreign policy. She can spell out several names of heavy weights and big bosses who ruled the world using muscle power. She can’t sit for negotiation with ISIS extremists and Jihadists. However, she must be proactive, and innovative with dynamic theories to ensure better stability in establishing diplomatic relationship with other countries. Bernie can’t forget events of massacre and genocide done by international militancy outfits. He should not be lenient to let Jihadists and ISIS extremists go Scot free.  His foreign policies must be realistic with more promising plans to suppress tension at the borders.  To conclude Donald is an inexperienced political leader. He will have to go deep to understand the problems of grass root levels.  He is a business tycoon. So he must have leadership skill with resilience to manage cumbersome situation. He is a strategic leader with more innovation in thinking.  However, his foreign policies should be screened meticulously.

Sanders and Fast Lady will have to be more optimistic with dynamism to turbo-charge the engine of development of the country.  Betty White’s email scandal and Panama paper leakage must be advantageous to Sanders to win more delegates in other caucuses. However, Hillary must repair her mistakes to project herself in a more balanced way to lead the country. Herforeign policiesmust be brushed upby includingmore innovative strategies tosettle foreign immigration issues, regulatewar prone areas,  reduce terrorism andenhancesmooth stability in Gulfregions.

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