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Democratic Race is in Sight - Hillary Clinton  Ensured Double Digit Win in New York

Democratic Race is in Sight - Hillary Clinton Ensured Double Digit Win in New York


In New York, Unifier and Hillary Clinton  have had the commanding lead over their rivals.  Bernie has been knocked down by Hillary Clinton by a prominent margin of 57% to 43% of the total 94 percent delegate votes.  Hillary Clinton has expected   the sunrise with the victory to start democratic race in America.  She is unbeaten   with unfathomable confidence to challenge her opponents.  On the other hand,   Unifier has also got victory by winning primaries in Ney York. Hillary Clinton  will have to defeat Unifier at the national convention during winter season   to become the next American President to guide the nation.   America must be great, powerful and elegant with a sound economic infrastructure.    

Hillary Fuels up Vehicle of Victory by Winning in New York over Sander

 Hillary even won Brooklyn borough in New York City where Sanders grew up.  So it is a surprising victory to Hillary Clinton who has also earned terrific support from Latino and African American communities.   She is joyous and excited to have won in the primary of New York.  This victory symbolizes the strong flawless democratic race in US.  She will improve the healthcare industry, build new houses for the poor and control vandalism strictly. 

Her foreign policies will be innovative to wipe out the cross border tension and the terrorism. She will also modify the immigration policy. The economy of America will be based on solid foundation.   Hillary Clinton  has appreciated her delegates and all citizens of New York primary for supporting her. She lives in Chappaqua   and she cast her vote with pleasing mind. She was not alone. 

This maverick and outspoken female political leader has impressed New Yorkers.  However, Sanders struggled hard to stay resilient.  In his opening speech, he hoped that he would get   overwhelming support and response from Black members. However, final results showcased that Bernie had got around 25 percent votes from Black members. 37 percent Latinos preferred   Bernie comparatively.   He backtracked to reach Vermont after the announcement of voting   result in this primary of New York. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton  couldn’t resist herself when she delivered her dynamic speech after the gorgeous victory in New York.  She told media associates that New York is the special destination for her to win. She was the senator to represent this city for eight years in past.  So, she has grown excellent intimacy and sweet rapport with denizens in New York. 

Hillary has accused Sanders for his lack of knowledge about the present economic status and position of the country. He is misinformed about even the main agenda of his own party.   The vote canvassing campaign of Clinton was powerful in the city of New York. Hillary Clinton  launched a good lead obtaining support from 1930 delegates including more than 1000 pledged delegates.  Mrs. Clinton bagged 487 super delegates.   On the other hand Bernie has got 1,223 delegates including 40 super delegates. For being nominated to fight for becoming American President, a Democratic Party candidate needs at least 2,383 delegates.

Hillary Clinton  Claims – New Democratic Race Almost in Sight


Unifier and Hillary Clinton  are both confident of their   success. Fast Lady hopes that the new era in democracy is in sight. She will bring a sea-change to mobilize the development o f the country.  Everyone will have equal status discarding gender bias,   racial profiling and class division. More jobs for youths will be created to wipe out stigma of unemployment.   The poor will have new homes to spend nights under strong roofs.  Brooklyn debate exposed few hidden thing to people for analysis.  Hillary Clinton  was traced more confident with seriousness to cross examine Bernie.  She accused Sanders mercilessly by recollecting the involvement of Bernie in breaking up big banking sectors.   In retaliation, Bernie clicked the snapshots of GS transcripts about the money laundering issues behind the close doors.    Hillary Clinton  must be answerable to the innocent people of America.

However, Clinton was outspoken and smart to ask Bernie to prove whether she has nexus with such clandestine episodes of money laundering.  Shewillreleaseallrecorded speechesin the form ofprintablescriptsaboutherGS speeches. 

Bernie ridiculed her by saying that that there was no clue about $200,000, $200 or any single cent to mention in her hidden speech. So there is ambiguity in Clinton’s statement. Bernie raided heavily but he was found in more relaxed mood.  Clinton was very serious and defied Bernie.  She demanded that this gentleman must have strong evidentiary gloss with proof to prove her indulgence in money laundering in past.  However, at this Brooklyn debate, Hillary Clinton  admitted the presence of systematic racial profiling in the administrative machinery.  

This racism is becoming stronger in job market,   industry and even in houses.  Sheneeds assistance and supportfromcountrymenandSenators to tackle the systematicracialprofiling andsycophancyto build up the country.

Hillary Clinton  should not be over saturated by winning in New York primary. She will have to store her energy to fuel up drive train of victory in other caucuses to have support from congressional districts of America.   However, New York is the foundation for her to nestle the vision of bringing an innovative democratic government to lead America.  

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