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Be Familiar with Top 5 Innovations in Medical Science in 2015

Be Familiar with Top 5 Innovations in Medical Science in 2015


Innovation and technological advancement have opened new windows in healthcare for exploration and more result oriented researches.  Top notch 5 technological innovations in medical science and healthcareseem to have opened newchapters foryou tohave more sophisticated and multi-directional systems tocontrolincurable germs, bacterial infectionandreduce therisk ofprematuredeath. 



Nanobots are minuscule robotic elements.  These nanobots will perform as white cells to build up immune system, fight with germs and ensure the good body resistance.  Though people have not got such awe-inspiring mini-robotic cells to use, in near future, it will be the best medical appliance for a patient to prevent   devastating diseases.   Nanobots will also be multifunctional to do different jobs   including the oxygen supplying, in blood, preventing   diseases, and delivering assistance of chemotherapy to the narcotic cells.  So it will be easier to reduce the side effect of carcinoma, infection, and body weakness.   There are other types of nanobots like Microbivore, Respirocyte and Clottocyte.

NXT Patient Room


Patients must not lose patience when they are taken to hospitals for treatment. Still, complexities in the maintenance of hospital/healthcare centers maximize hazards of patients and their family members.   The outpatient care units should be upgraded    to enable weak   and infirm patients to get good support.  NXT healthcare room is an innovative patient care unit which enhances aesthetic hospitality with easy accessibility to medical appliances.  Patients will be able to operate sophisticated appliances whenever they need assistance to move or call specialists/nurses for medical care. NXT Health is a futuristic innovative   patient care unit for you.

Holographic Images –Virtual Keyboard


Of late, scientists are more serious about the spread of infections in hospitals where patients go for recovery.   Researchers claim that hospital acquired infection is now a global concern as many patients, nurses and doctors staying in hospitals are affected by exposure to germs.   They have to use different devices,   operate computers and touch surgical elements.  For instance to check medical test reports or case histories of patients, they need to deal with keyboard and the mouse devices to operate computers.  These keyboards are dotted with invisible bacteria, and germs.  Easily a doctor or surgeon can be infected if   he is not careful. Recently, a virtual holographic visible keyboard has been upgraded to use it as a prototype.  You don’t need to use your fingers to touch the virtual holographic keypad or keyboard and mouse.   However, this futuristic prototype has not been introduced to people commercially till now.   This concept holographic model must give excellent safeguards to people to reduce fear of being infected during stays in hospitals.

Micro blood Test –Less Painful  

It is painful when a phlebotomist uses a sharp pointed needle to drill into the finger tip for drawing blood for medical tests. The patient has to bear such pain. Right now, Theranos blood testing lab has brought much innovative   tool   for testing micro size of blood cells.  A single tiny droplet of 1/1,000th size of blood drawn from the body of the patient will help doctors to complete the blood tests at the lab to detect the diseases.   It is much non-invasive blood test by using this innovative tool.

Mitochondrial DNA Transfer

In the UK, platitudes of debates, moral questions and cross examination have taken place regarding the importance of mitochondrial DNA transfer. This innovation in healthcare and medical science will help   people to do more effective childcare.  Children will be protected from various genetic diseases and infection through the mitochondrial DNA transfer.  It will be a trio contributor to give rise to a baby.   Two natural parents contribute their embryos in in-vitro fertilization.   The third party donates mitochondrial DNA to produce the baby. After birth this newborn neonate will be stronger with powerful body resistance.  He will have no genetic disorders.  However, this new system prods orthodox conservative families in Britain.  There is ethical issue about the legalization of this mitochondrial DNA transfer.   People have to decide whether they will prioritize conventional values, customs and tradition or they will be innovative to welcome such advanced technology.

Advanced technology must be used to develop the medical science.  Researchers must be assiduous with good groundwork to bring the innovation in their researches. In this connection, you need to track new updates and on-going experiments/researches to know about the process of transition in the sphere of medical science/healthcare.

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