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Assess Roles of GCC Nations to Terminate ISIS- Deep Analysis

Assess Roles of GCC Nations to Terminate ISIS- Deep Analysis


ISIS is an international terrorists group which has started a strong and powerful jihad to smash its enemies. It wants a separate Islamic state without any bondage to stoop to foreign rulers.  Surprisingly, this ISIS is getting support from large portion of people including foreigners.   Recent heinous crime in France unearthed the objectives of   ISIS to create chaos in Europe.  However, FBI and French    investigators detected   few ISIS agents who are Europeans.   It is amazing and the role of this extremist group is becoming significant to motivate common persons.  However, Pan Arab world is not satisfied with the mission designed by ISIS. Six GCC nations such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar have joined foreign force led by Pentagon to overpower ISIS to end the era of terrorism.  ISIS extremists torture common people severely. Women have lost their freedom to work in ISIS controlled areas. They are harassed sexually. They are not getting permission to earn their livelihood by going outside the houses.   Slavery, human exploitation and violence are spreading faster in ISIS occupied   pockets.   Therefore there must be a good move to eliminate ISIS hideouts from the world.

 How Has ISIS Been Formed?

Musab al-Zarqawi is a Jordanian national who is believed to have formed ISIS with different purposes.   This thug entered into Afghanistan as a wannabe to be a part of mujahedeen extremist group.  He fought with Soviet Union.  Howeverfinally he backtrackedJordanand decided toregulateregionalextremist groups to continuejihad against thewhite communities and especiallyShiitemembers.  He is an aggressive extremist.   With the sudden fall of Taliban regime, he decided to take shelter in Iraq. He also trained young Islamic people to become extremists to join his party.   In 2011, when American force started going back to US, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leading AQI again sparkled to form strong groups for jihad.  This AQI was rebranded in new shape of ISIS to invade enemies.


Objective of Pan Arab World with Intervention Force to Eradicate ISIS

Pan Arab allied force was fast to take the bold measures to control ISIS occupied regions after the increase in the casualties done by ISIS. In Yemen people don’t feel protected due to possible attacks and gunfire from ISIS extremists.

Saudi Arab has showcased prowess to retaliate.   This country is trying to give rise to a new Sunni Arab community for launching bold attacks to demolish hideouts operated by ISIS.  Abdel Fattah Al Sisi( Egyptian president) seems to havedesigned the planto request Saudi Arab to collect more strength throughcoalition force tobuildup defensive wall to deactivatetheISISguerillas.  

Fattah Al Sisi is being ridden in massive threat coming from ISIS.  In between, Ansar Beit in Sinai has found no better alternative than   subjection to ISIS to get relief from constant threat.  The meeting in Sharm el Sheikh was very fruitful to Pan Arab world.  It was a success to Saudi Arab to draw blue prints for gathering more arms and ammunitions from US allied   force.  

The Pan Arab world had had a number of futuristic plans with objectives to form the intervention force for self defense built up against the ISIS.  However at same time, the formation of intervention force was needed because of deactivating any antinational activity,   violence and infighting which could cause   severe damage to these GCC countries. 

Arab Spring must be deactivated by sending the intervention force.   On the other hand, therecent  deployment of Iranian troopsto supportextremistsforwhichSunniwas compelled to joinPan Arab must be handledboldly. The reason behind the urgent creation of the intervention force is to minimize the political influence of Ayatollah   who seems to have made tie-up with Iran.   

Pentagon  suspects that Iran is trying to be moiré powerful by manufacturing nuclear weapons to smash US in near future.  Pan Arab community with intervention force must be much bold to accept the tough challenge. ISIS is not a weak or small group. It spreads cross border terrorism and violence all over the world.   Even   Gulf nations are taking preventive measures beforehand to knock down ISIS force to the ground.

Donald Trump’s Remarks to Demolish   Radical Islamic States Want Media Spotlight

 In the US, there is massive repercussion about the role of Obama to destroy suck radical Islamic force to restore piousness in the world.  However, Obamahas notshowcased   virilityto start air strikesand moresevere   missile attack toparalyze theISIScontrolledhideouts.   

Kurdish in Iraq and Pan Arab’s intervention military force are much more effective   for demolition of all ISIS hideouts. 

Donald Trump has blasted at GOP conferences by condemning all GCC nations for   their debacle to kill ISIS agents to remove tension.  Pan Arab world is not prioritizing the task of annihilating the ISIS militants.  It will worsen the diplomatic relationship in future.   Saudi Arab will have to concentrate on the deployment of more troops to find ISIS spies to kill them on the spot.  Otherwise, America will stop dealing with  Saudi Arab and other allied GCC nations.  America will not buy crude oil from Saudi Arab because of the indifference  of this GCC nation to terminate ISIS. 

Finally, the US will change its diplomatic attitude when Donald Trump comes to power.  He has made harsh and devastating comments about the involvement of Islamic nations including GCC to indulge ISIS backed terrorist outfits. So, you will have to wait for the next snapshot to evaluate the role of GCC and US to paralyze the ISIS extremists.  Maybe, Donald will be more aggressive and forceful to treat Islamic countries if he wins in the upcoming presidential elections. 


ISIS must be isolated from the mainstream of Islamic society for the sake of peace restoration.   However if   Donald fails to get victory,  perhapsSanders or Betty White will have more suggestive tone tosit with GCC nations to tackleISIS extremists.

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