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Assess Importance and Commitment of Leadership in R&D

Assess Importance and Commitment of Leadership in R&D


Recently, many pharmaceutical companies in America hire more competent executives and qualified professionals who have appreciable transformational leadership expertise to control the team of scientists, chemists and drug analyzers in R&D. Companies need good leaders who should do the solid groundwork for their juniors to implement more growth oriented plans.  The company will have excellent opportunities to earn revenues with long lasting rapport with customers.  In defense, retail, marketing, telecom, crude oil and software development companies, the need for good leadership is prioritized for upgrading the R&D units for improving product quality, increasing sales of products and ensuring better product promotion in the market.

Borrow Transformational Leadership for Innovation in R&D

Within six years, the global pharmaceutical industry has had to suffer from the loss of $133 billion worth branded medications   due to the tough challenge from the generic drug manufacturing companies. People like to buy cheap generic drugs which work same way like branded medicines.   Therefore, multinational pharmaceutical companies have to do more innovative research to produce cheaper brand medication with good quality to outperform generic drug manufacturing companies.  Therefore organizations must feel the need to recruit for excellent   employees and senior executives with razor sharp industrial leadership quality.  Objectives of these specially trained professionals must have good leadership skill to invest their time for ensuring the faster development, and extensive research with the purpose of manufacturing more qualitative products. 

These employees will be committed to assist the team of researchers andscientiststo do more constructiveresearcheswith commitmentto generate innovativeideasto upgrade product manufacturing processes .   R&D units import advanced theories and technical knowledge. Then after proper data analysis and comparison, the transformation of these innovative concepts and technology is done to update the knowledge of other employees working in same environment.  Senior executives and project managers should do table work based on extrapolated research materials and facts imported from other sources.  They have to inspire researchers and employees in R&D to keep in touch with such technological innovation.   Frankly speaking, project managers have to be prompt and functional to integrate all eminent scientists, researchers, and quality analyzers to join the group to host comprehensive researches. Now, it is the responsibility of a project leader to take care of all these talented   professionals to work in much amicable ambience.  

Beforethe introduction of new products to themarket for usage,  there are a numberof steps which must becompleted byseniorexecutives and other employees of R&D. Truly speaking, time measurement , structural analysis,  deepqualityassessmentand good tableworkmust be   needed to  ensure the proper product   promotionin the market.  If companies take excessive time to launch products, it will have to estimate the side effect of such inordinate delay. R&D has overspent lot of fund to develop or manufacture products.  Therefore,   if the companyis not able to earn profit byselling   the products,  there will be severefinancial crisisor recessionwhichcanhamperthe   financial growth of the organizations. Therefore,  executives withexcellenttransformational   leadershipmusthaveeagerness andcommitmentto prepare qualitative surveyreports and contentto evaluate the product quality.

At R&D organizations, team leaders are found performing different tasks to guide a batch of employees or juniors in the workstation.  First of all, they are prompt to give rise to new ideas to use at the time of doing researches and comparison.  Secondly, he always tries to spot the loopholes of deficiencies which obstruct   the correspondence between the team of employees with the management.  A project leader should have better understanding with his junior associates. Often it is palpable that senior project leaders have the least technical innovation comparing to that of juniors.  In this case, the senior project leader must not suffer from inferiority complexity.  He will have broad mind to allow juniors to explore in the technical innovation. In this way, the relationship will be much better and more favorable to both management and the working staff members.  Project leaders must have solid suggestive tone to boost up talented juniors to express their views in a tension free manner. 

Importance of Leadership in Telecom, Marketing, Defense, Oil & Gas, Hi-tech, Software


The innovative transformational leadership and talent management are borrowed in major industries including marketing, hi-tech, telecom, defense, marketing, software, oil and gas.  Innovation in the teamwork simplifies the complicated   day-to-day tasks or assignments to complete.   Team leaders, project managers and HR professionals   should reconstruct the mindsets of employees in the light of innovation.   R&D organizations must be controlled by a team of experts who should depend on talented manpower. Efficient workers, researchers and scientists should explore to invent new strategies to produce qualitative products.  This innovation is a must to develop the research and development field. Project leaders and HR professionals have to be well versed with modern technological innovation.  They improve the way of doing researches at the labs.  More hi-tech tools, software and sophisticated web optimization applications must be introduced to upgrade infrastructures of R&D units of these different sectors.   Oil and gas industry must search for talented professionals   who will be determined to generate oil production at the upstream sectors.  In America, shale oil production companies have installed upgraded drilling machines, and    powerful oil pumping machineries. These companies need experienced and talented employees,   SAP operators and engineers. So the requirement for good team leaders, project managers with transformational leadership quality and HRs can’t be ignored.  

Team Leaders Should Be in Supportive Roles

Good team leaders and senior HR managers in R&D organizations must be found in supportive roles instead of showcasing their possessiveness to influence juniors forcefully.   They must give their tips, innovative plans, advices, strategies and different   sample models to working staff members to do vast analysis. This supportiveness acts as a stimulus for newcomers to explore for quick innovation in idea generating process.  However, the project leaders must not create a separate environment in the workstation.  Employees should not be isolated from seniors.  It is a compact teamwork and the project leader must have the smartness and swiftness to unite all his associates to contribute. However, team leaders must continue their meticulous surveillance to cross check or monitor the performance of staff members in R&D organizations.

In the conclusion, qualified project leaders should have multiple roles to play. He will be a key player to troubleshoot internal problems in the R&D Company and simultaneously will have to extend the boundary of activities to communicate with the outdoor environment covering market, consumers and business clients.  He must be a champion with innovation in the presentation of growth oriented ideas and plans to fuel up the vehicle of development. Team leaders should have intimacy with ultra modern IOT enabled technology to solve problems strategically using the most innovative technology.


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