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Assad- His Role in Syria

Assad- His Role in Syria


Assad is a tyrant and his merciless attitude will create havoc problems to hold Syrian citizens in high esteem.  He belongs to a respectable family. His father was a former president of Syria.  His elder brother named Bassel was spot-dead in a car accident. Still, this leader crossed all emotional barriers   and obstacles to become one of the honorable persons in the world.   During his last 15 year regime, he ruled the country boldly but many citizens have had nightmarish experiences. They unearthed the untold tragic history which seems to be still spinning in the air of Syria.

Assad Becomes Destructive to Control Rebels

Assad’s role is villainous and he is not lenient while treating dissenters.  Insurgency, hooliganism and terrorism seem to grow fast to rip through the cities of Syria.   Even ISISis getting shelter in this nation todo moredevastatingtable work and plotting toknock downEurope and arch rival   American force.  Assad is indifferent with nonchalant attitude to solve this gruesome issue.  

After coming to power, this middle aged leader was very much confident of building up the nation in a different way. He promised that Syria will be a powerful self reliant nation with lot of national building activities to implement.   There will be a new modernized nation which must give equal rights to expression.    Women will not be treated as scapegoats. Nor will there be any harmful effect of terrorism.  Syria will be a forerunner with a new set-up for investors to expand business.   Educated youths will get smart jobs. The national economy will be stronger.  Damascus Spring is the foundation stone laid by this aspirant president of Syria.   His vision enchanted citizens of Syria.

However, gradually Assad was found  backtracking by discarding all his previous promises.  He preferred to follow his tyrant father’s dictatorship mechanism to hold sway over the country. He used intelligence squads and police administration to trap his dissidents.  He oppressed those who raised their fingers against his government.  Syria became a slaughtering place where innocent people had to sacrifice their lives without any cause.  They were perished and ruined by this despotic ruler.   Human rights commissions and different NGOs observed the condition of victims in Syria.  Even media showcased the miseries and hidden vexation of citizens living in this country. They were knocked down and killed mercilessly.  Police forgot their ethics. This dictatorship must be ended to make Syria the Mecca of peace.   

Assad’s Neoliberal Principle Widens Gap Between Rich and Poor

Assad’s neoliberal principle also affected the people severely.  There was a massive lacuna between the rich and the poor.   Elite society was pampered by this Syrian leader in past. Therefore,   people struggling for justice want to oust this political leader to prevent the downfall.   Even way back to 2011, Arab Spring was formed to build up an anti-Assad community to end the regime of this political leader.    Rebels sought for support from citizens and they promised the departure of Assad   with the view to bring a democratic government to protect people from destruction.  Aleppo and Damascus are becoming hot furnaces because of counter attacks from rebels.  The situation is uncontrollable.  However, Assad didn’t feel worried and he deployed his commandos with sophisticated arms to wipe out the blockades built up by this tyrant leader.

Assad’s Barrel Bombs Destroyed the City 

Commission for International Justice and Accountability and human rights commission have once again vented spleen over the reckless massacre killing over 100000 detainees.  It was a heinous and barbaric crime.  Secrete files, documents and snapshots were surreptitiously taken out of the country for destructing all evidence.   Assad’s barrel bombs tossed up on the ground to destroy hospitals, schools and residential apartments.  Media directly telecast the episode of crime in daylight.  People were found  roaring with vexation and anger against Assad.  His Damascus Spring vision was completely failure.  People are gagged and kept silent. However, much to surprise, Assad is getting good support from Iran, China and Russia.   These countries   project Syrian president as a gentleman with excellent vision to make the country more democratic. 

According to Putin, Assad wants amnesty.   If the insurgents  join the campaign to tackle ISIS, president of Syria will be lenient to exempt them from severe punishment.   The ISIS brand must be removed and people should be unanimous to support him in fulfilling the mission.  However, many eye-witnesses of street massacre and violence in 2011 have not praised this leader.  In past in the name of handling terrorists, Assad blew   common persons and   dissidents. It is a   tyranny and Syrian rebels are trying to dash the president against the ground.

Though Australia showed soft corner towards Assad, other European nations have different feedbacks. Aussies launched nocturnal air strikes to smash the  ISIS controlled regions in Syria  after getting confirmation from Syrian president. 


Assad is still a horrible man to million people in Syria.  He should step down handing over the government to the suitable/much fitted leader to end the impasse. Assad must change his strategy to have full-fledged support from his countrymen and dissidents to give a realistic shape to Damascus Spring.



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