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Analyze Top 10 Issues Faced by Turkey to Rehabilitate/Relocate Refugees Coming from Syria

Analyze Top 10 Issues Faced by Turkey to Rehabilitate/Relocate Refugees Coming from Syria


The civil war in Syria has jolted the political stability of the country. Million innocent victims are isolated from the society. They flee as asylum seekers to find both shelter and food in other neighboring countries. Around7.6 million people are considered to be homeless without any life security. To be frank, ISIS refugees and asylum seekers are heading towards the border of Turkey. This condition will be worse if Turkey government will be indifferent to such high volume infiltration. Syrian asylum seekers are mostly widows, married women with children. They are mercilessly tortured by ISIS extremists. Therefore, it is now a menace to people who should have proper safeguards to prevent the brutal attacks of ISIS.

Challenges of an open door 

01. Turkey Needs More Support from Foreign Countries to Rehabilitate Refugees

Turkey has to accept the largest number of refugees/asylum seekers who have been brutally exploited by ISIS in Syria. As per the recorded number of total Syrian refugees who get temporary shelters in different small camps inside the territory of Turkey. Nearly six billion dollars are overspent to tackle these refugees who are not interested to go back to their home states due to severe infighting and civil war. In an open letter, Turkey president laments that his country is not getting positive response from foreign countries. However, many non-profit organizations including UNICEF and World Food Program are giving support to Turkey to handle these homeless people coming from Yazidis, Turcoman and Kobani located in Syria. Kobani is the small town which is under the control of ISIS. These extremists force local folks, and women to become slaves to follow orders of ISIS extremists. They try to escape and their preferable destination is Turkey.

02. Inadequate Financial Backup for Smooth Rehabilitation

One of the most critical problems faced by Turkey to deal with infiltration is inadequate financial stimulus from other nations. In a statement, the president of Turkey has declared that international organizations and non-government refugee rehabilitation centers must be socially obliged to assist Turkey to overtake the cross border infiltration problem. There must be more foreign currencies to reduce the cost of rehabilitating these Syrian refugees. These unrecognized strangers should be given food, education, clothes and training to mix with normal life stream of Turkey. Unfortunately, Turkey government was not ready to receive such large number of asylum seekers and immigrants from neighboring countries. If Turkey is spoon fed by other nations, the mission will be much more fruitful to upgrade lifestyles of refugees backfired by ISIS extremists.

03. Local Municipal and Central Government Are At Cross Roads to Settle Issues of Infiltration

Local municipalities and central government of Turkey are at cross-roads because of the legal obligations and other unavoidable issues to give placements to these unauthorized refugees. Local government of Turkey has to follow orders of Central government which has limited the power of municipalities to permit refugees to live in government run camps. Similarly, central government of Turkey directs all subordinate administrative machineries including municipalities to do strict cross verification before allowing refugees to make long stays in towns. Many Syrian refugees driven away by ISIS are forced to beg and spend the night under the open sky. So, the condition of these refugees is not appreciable.

04. Myth and Misconception It is now difficult for Turkey government to rehabilitate ISIS refugees due to the tension and myth.

ISIS is a group run by extremists. Recent bomb blast in Brussels, recurrent episodes of explosions, gun running and hijacking create panic in Turkey. People suspect the involvement of these refugees as they are closely connected with ISIS hideouts. They can be informers or liegemen to create political disturbance in Turkey. Local people must be made aware of the good aspects of such expensive rehabilitation campaigns.

05. Language Barrier Language barrier is another main issue to educate refugees coming from ISIS dominated regions.

Local schools and educational centers in Turkey are now well equipped with proper training materials, teachers and well planners to educate these refugees in their own dialects.

06. Communication Problem

Most outsiders who want shelters in Turkey are minor children, women and aged persons. Now, Turkey government is planning how to communicate with these illiterate youngsters who seem to be vagabonds roaming aimlessly in streets. They should be invited for more comprehensive table work. So, Turkey higher authority needs more qualified people and well wishers who will be cordial to talk to such newcomers.

07. Law Must Be Changed Turkey government needs to change the law for refugee rehabilitation.

Right now, there are restrictions to let untrained and illiterate refugees to make inroads into the provinces controlled by Turkey. So, the government should be lenient to understand the problems of distressed refugees who have horrendous experience while spending days with ISIS rulers.

08. Confusion about Proper Identification of Refugees Driven Away by ISIS

Turkey higher authority is confused about the legitimate recognition of these refugees. How long will they reside in Turkey? Will they be considered to be legal citizens of Turkey in future? How to identify these refugees thrown back by ISIS in Syria? All these serious issues become severe to force government of Turkey to do more workouts to have the right solution. In this connection, Turkey wants the interference of well fare organizations, UNO and other international refugee rehabilitation organizations to identify refugees.

09. Refugee Relocation Issue – EU Must Be Co-operative

Ahmet Davutoğlu, the prime minister of Turkey, has asked for refugee relocation or settlement backup from European nations. According to him, Turkey has already spent $10 billion to resettle Syrian and other refugees in the country.

So the pressure of infiltration is increasing due to extreme barbaric torture in ISIS controlled regions. Europe must take few refugees from Turkey for relocation. However, this country is agreed to enhance the flexibility in the visa linearization to enable refugees to be settled in other European countries. On the other hand European unions have declared that 3 billion dollars will be given to Turkey to manage refugees.

10. Geneva Controversy

Though Turkey has no problem to take back unrecognized refugees discarded by European Unions, Geneva Convention has many obligations to permit Turkey to relocate these unidentified refugees. European Union must probe how to solve this issue empowering Turkey to resettle refugees who are not recognized by European Union.


Turkey should be bold with optimism overdrive to end the controversy. Refugee should be treated as humans. They must not be terminated under the feet of soldiers. ISIS is spreading fire of violence. Turkey must make altruistic approach to relocate helpless unfortunate refugees/asylum seekers from Syria.     

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